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New Friends
Name: New Friends
Series: Spells Inside a School
Written by: LolitaG

Previous chapter: Basic Magic
Next chapter: Under Construction

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As she leaved me alone, I felt something cold was tickling my neck... And then I tried to be brave. "Who are you..?"I said to that 'Creature'. "Hi. My name is Ginger Newson. And this is my friend Hermia Capp. Are you a new student?"That 'Creature' said to me. "Yes, I am a new student. My name is Angela Pleasant. And I have a sister, Lilith Pleasant. She ran away somewhere to... That way."I tried to be Friendly, and I think it works. "Oh, no! We're in big trouble! That is the boys' toilet, gosh, we are in a huge terrible trouble!"Hermia panicked, I assumed that she's a Neurotic. "What..??!! Boys' Toilet?!" I screamed, then ran to chase Lilith. "Angela, wait!" Ginger called over. "Fabulous shoes first, then run! It'll work!" "Oh, thanks." I'm relieved that Ginger's actually friendly. "Whoa, this shoe is surely.. Whoa...!!" I'm shocked that the shoe made me fly upside down! How embarrassing! "Liliiith..!!!" I called. "Wh-wh-what is that?!" Lilith was Creeped out seeing me flying, upside down. "Fabulous Shoes. You gotta follow me. You're running to the Boys' toilet!" "Ooopsie. Oh my god o my god OH MY GOSH! This made me in shame!"Lilith mumbled. "C'mon! I'll introduce you to my new friends!" "Okay Dokey!"Lilith skipped to meet Ginger and Hermia. "Hermia, Ginger, this is Lilith, my twin sister."I introduced her to my new friends. "Um.. Hi."Lilith said. "Nice to meet you, Lilith Pleasant!"They said. "Ginger, you totally embarrasses me! I'm flying upside down, this is all Fabulous Shoe's fault!" I yelled. "Oh, sorry about that. That must be not yours. Every student in this school had each of its fabulous shoes. "Cool! I wish I can stay awake until 11:00 PM!" Lilith wished. "Nuh-uh. 1st graders can only stay until 20:00." A girl in black and purple dress pointed out.