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Ran Away
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Name: Night
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire‏‎
Release date: 11 March 2012

Previous chapter: Dirk and Lilith
Next chapter: The One

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Dirk and Lilith stopped their making out and sat in silence for a few seconds. "That was awkward" said Dirk.

"You think?" They both started laughing.

"Dad!" Dirk shouted "What did you do?"

"Nothing! I didn't short out the fuse if that's what you're thinking!"

"Great. A Neighbourhood power outage." said Lilith. "Wait! I've just remembered Angela!"

The Hutchworth Home

"Come inside, Miss Pleasant" Angela laughed

"Such a gentleman!"

"So they say." Richie joked. Angela followed Richie up to his room. It was small, with a bed, a desk, a piano, guitar and a lot of books. "You play piano and guitar!" Angela exclaimed!

"Yep. And I write stuff too. Wanna have a look? Most of the grammar might be wrong, but I'm working on it. All the stuff's over there. Have a look at some of it and decide what you want to hear." Angela had a look through Richie's work and chose one that had no grammar mistakes. "This one, please"

"Sure" said Richie. He then looked at the piece Angela gave him. Poop! he thought. Why this one? This piece had Richie's thought of Angela written all over it! He sat himself at his piano and started playing, hoping Angela wouldn't pick up the meaning. After Richie had finished, Angela gazed up at him in awe. "Wow..." Then the power went.

"Great! Angela, you OK?"

"No..." she whispered "No I'm not..." Richie managed to blindly navigate his way to Angela. "Big secret... I really don't like the dark..."

"It's OK" Richie said, give her a reassuring squeeze. Richie felt Angela nugding into him. Her fear is really bad...

Three months later....

"Go on Richie! Show Lilith and Dirk that song you showed me!"

"Alright, alright!" Richie said. Wow, you couldn't say no to Angela if she really wanted it that bad. Richie performed again this time with Lilith and Dirk looking impressed. "Anyway, do you guys want to stay the night?"

"Sure" Lilith answered "Mum and Dad have gone to an important election anyway."

"As much as I'd like to," said Dirk uneasily "My mobile's dead, and this is kind of last minute..."

"Chill, Dirk. Got it all sorted out!"

So Dirk's dilemma was sorted. The four of them headed to the town pool. When the twins met up with Richie and Dirk on the other side, Angela nearly passed out. She was surprised of Richie's physical shape. Angela tried to avoid falling into the pool. She failed, dragging Lilith in too. "What was that for?!" Lilith yelled.

"Bit of déja vu again, huh Richie?"

Richie laughed. "Yes- but I'm not saving them!" They headed home and watched a movie. Lilth fell asleep first, leaning against Dirk's body. Then Richie fell asleep, followed by the others.

Richie slowly came back to reality. He woke up to find Angela asleep on him. He smiled and dozed off again. Angela did the same.