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Night family
Name Night family
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Monty family, Summerdream family
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Members Ceres Night, Pluto Night, Celeste Night, Hermes Night, Ulysses Night, Carrie Night, Hercules Night, Matthew Night
Lot Nocturne Nights
Funds §§120,000
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Veronaville

The Night family is a big family in Veronaville. The family consists of newlywed couple Ceres, Pluto and their seven children. Six of them live at the Nocturne Nights manor, with the oldest, Zeus, studying at college. Ceres and Pluto previously lived in Pleasantview, but decided to move to Veronaville for unknown reasons. The family also has connections with the Monty family due to Zeus and Romeo Monty's recent engagement. Zeus is also friends with Juliette Capp, Hermia Capp, and Puck Summerdream. Like the Capp family, the Night family is matriarchal, meaning that the women control the household and pass on the surname.


Some of the members of the Bight family are named after figures in Greek mythology, with the exception of Celeste, Ulysses and Matthew.

Family treeEdit



In the Night family, instead of the wife taking the husband's surname, the husband takes the wife's last name, meaning that the family is matrilineal and that the head of the House of Night is Celes Night.

The line of succession to the headship of the House of Night is as follows:

  1. Celeste Night, daughter of Celes.
  2. Carrie Night, daughter of Celes.