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Night of the Living PlumbBob
Name: Night of the Living PlumbBob
Genre: Horror
Created by: BobNewbie
Rating: PG13
Number of chapters: 11

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Night of the Living PlumbBob is a spoof of the famous zombie film Night of the Living Dead. It follows the tales of survivors when zombies attack Sunset Valley. Together, they must find a way to escape town before they are overwhelmed by hunger, fear and the monsters that were once their friends and family.

All characters included are included in The Sims 3. The story went on for 11 chapters, and ended in October 2011.

Chapter 1 Edit

Agnes felt the cool weather finally succeed in making her tremble. The Sunset Valley graveyard was an...unpleasant place to be at, even though it was called the Pleasant Rest graveyard. She and her good friend Xander Clavell were on their first date, and he had decided that it would be much easier to get to the spot he wished to take her to by going through the graveyard. An air of terror and awkwardness loomed around the couple. Agnes stopped for a few seconds and stared at the pond; the moonlight giving it a beauty not usually seen during the day.

"Xander, have you ever seen a," Agnes started, before realizing she was alone in the dark graveyard. The plumbBob above her head went red as she felt an urge to go to the bathroom. "Xander?" she called in a shaky voice. "Xan..Xander?" Agnes jumped and fell into the pond in shock as a groan sounded behind her. She got to her feet, soaking wet. Xander was bursting with laughter.

"You should have seen your face! Classic! Like there was a dead man behind you. Pfft. You..." just as Agnes was about to interrupt, a figure came from behind Xander and grabbed him by the arm. Xander screamed before it took him to the ground. Agnes got up and darted for the gate of the cemetery. She could see more slow moving figures behind her. She got out and was relieved to see a car waiting for her just down the rounded hill. She got to it and yelled for help. The Sim's behind her were shambling slowly, but might catch up to her in do time. She continued to pound against the window of the yellow taxi. Suddenly, the door fell open, and revealed the body of a young ginger hair woman, her body pale and blood visible on her neck, going down her arm. Agnes let out a scream.

Chapter 2 Edit

Everywhere there was chaos.



Agnes ran across Central Park with them right behind her. They were slow; limping even, but didn't stop. Agnes saw a car run over one and it just got up again.

"Help! Help!" yelled Agnes, the theater right across the road. She looked left and right; smart move, as a car swerved violently where she could have been standing. An old Sloppy Jalopy. The driver inside screamed, before crashing into the wall of the Supermarket. Agnes started again. She ran faster then she had ever in years. She passed the adds for films that never seemed to change. She passed the ticket box. She ran and shoved herself against the theater door shoulder first. It obliged and opened. Quickly, she swapped the outdoors and moonlight to be inside in the darkness. With a final slam, the door closed.

Darkness consumed her.

Chapter 3 Edit


Marty Keaton's voice echoed faintly off the walls of the diner. Outside, at least a dozen of the pale green and grey skinned things were desperately trying to enter. Their prey was close, yet the glass of the windows taunted them.

The glass wouldn't hold forever.

While Marty and Jamie Jolina tried pulling open the back door, Connor Frio and Christopher Steel worked on keeping the front door shut. The barricaded it with everything there was to find. Chairs, tables and even broken plates that lay on the ground.

The stench of the room was unbearable. Flies swarmed around nabbing at strewn food containers and the fridge, which emitted nothing less than a foul odor.

"Jamie!" Marty said, hearing one of them clawing at the backdoor. "We aren't getting out that way. Connor, Christopher," he looked at them, both dragging the final available table to the door. "Try stacking some stuff and try opening the door on the roof. Hurry!"

Connor jumped back as one of them broke the window. It look at him with demonic eyes. Suddenly, it jumped through the frame, faster and more acrobatic then any of them have proven to be capable of.

The monster tackled Connor to the ground. Jamie screamed. Marty looked on hopelessly as more entered.

Christopher fell to the ground and wept in fear.

Chapter 4 Edit

Moonlight cast over the yellow school bus. Nearby, the water of the beach rippled serenely. An uncanny sight, for sure. A school bus parked in the sand of a beach at the middle of night.

Another uncannier sight was the three people's neighbors trying to get their flesh.

Now, at least five of the once friends moved slowly but steadily to Gwen Glover.

She looked nervously to Holden Wonzy, who was desperately working with the engine, trying to get it to start. Erin Kennedy stood her ground, trying to fend the monsters off with violent threats as though they'd understand her.

"Holden!" Gwen screamed, as one of them tried grabbing her. It was easy enough to dodge, but another came from the other side. Gwen gave a kick to its side before sprinting away. Erin wasn't as lucky, and was relying on (possibly improvised) Martial Arts to defend herself as they surrounded her.

The engine roared to life and the headlights suddenly illuminated the beach. Holden grinned with relief, though his joy melted away as he saw that there were more, about a dozen, of them running-slouching towards them. He yelled at Erin and Gwen to get into the bus. Gwen reacted quickly enough, but as she stood at the steps she could see Erin disappear into the crowd of the undead, her eyes wide with fear and shock.

"No!" Gwen said, tears running down her cheeks. "We have to go get her," she looked around for Holden, who stared at the sight above her at the drivers seat. He said nothing, but his lip pouted.

Then, the bus engine died again.

Chapter 5 Edit

11:32 PM. Gwen and Holden escape the oncoming undead by navigating around the beach. They cut through the houses near the beach and reach the theater, where they find Agnes cowering backstage.

11:45 PM. Marty, Jamie and Connor break free from the flooded diner, but are unable to save Cristopher in time.

11:59 PM. The two groups run into each other (literally). All take refuge in the Wolff family manor, which is completely deserted.

"I think they followed us." Marty said, looking out the window paranoid.

"Well, if they did..." Gwen started to say, but thought the last part was obvious.

"We shouldn't have come here. The only way back is the road, and if they come up, we're sitting ducks." Jamie's voice was amazingly calm in the eye being a human snack. She sat on the couch next to Holden, who stared at the blank television screen.

Conner and Agnes worked in the kitchen, trying to make a decent meal with the scraps available. They could, however, still hear and take part in the conversation.

"So, we stay here and wait for military officials?" Agnes called.

"Heck no!" Said Marty. "My wife is still out there. I'm not leaving her!"

"Calm down." Jamie said soothingly. "We never said we're leaving her."

Marty looked from Jamie, to the door and back again. "You're right. We're not leaving her, but we're not going to wait till morning to get her." And with that, he spun on his heals, walked out the door and slammed it shut, leaving the noise to echo through the night. Nobody went out to try to stop him.

Chapter 6 Edit

Conner and Agnes took guard while Jamie, Holden and Gwen slept.

They talked for a long while as they walked around the tranquil pool.

"The world has gone mad." Conner remarked.

Agnes smirked. "Really?"

Conner didn't reply. Agnes realized he spoke his mind to himself, not to her.

"What was-" he paused. Agnes followed his lead. The room was dark yet silent at the moment.

Agnes let out a shrill shriek as Connor was thrown back by the force of a feral creature. He landed in the pool. Agnes, by instinct, ran the other direction.

"GWEN! HOLDEN! JAMIE!" She called. "THERE'S ONE IN..."

Her voice trailed off in shock. Two more were walking down the road to her.

Followed by four more.

Followed by three dozen.

"" Her legs buckled. She tried crawling, but it felt like needles pierced her thin skin.

"Agnes!" she heard Holden call down from the balcony.

Seconds later, nobody could help her.

Chapter 7 Edit

"Jamie, Gwen, we...we have to get out of here."

The room was dimly lit by a small lantern that rested between Jamie and Gwen. The light danced over their exhausted an terrified faces. Holden had to fight of the desire to fall back and pass out; the bed on which he sat seemed so inviting.

Shivers like tremors were in control of Jamie's movements. She seemed to be more vulnerable then a few hours ago when the madness had started. "To where?"

Before Holden could give suggestions, Gwen chirped in.

"The main roads in-and-out are impossible to get through. There are no working boats around to go by sea, and it would be idiotic and in vain to attempt to climb the surrounding mountains to escape."

One of them banged on the door. Another let out a groan. Jamie's lip quivered.

"They're everywhere," said Gwen. "Down there...I looked out the window. You can't see the ground. How're we even gonna get from here to point B?"

"Easy." Holden said. A smile broke over his face. He jumped up and cheerfully said, "We're going to run."

General Ian Bowler walked into the office room. The world was shocked at the rumors that originated on the description on what was happening in Sunset Valley. The government wanted a solution, and the military wanted out to having to deal with the disaster. It was one of the most stressful nights of his life.

Bowler grabbed his phone out of his pocket and leaned against the wall for support. The phone looked awful, being basically a silver box with a broken screen and a set of buttons. But it came in use. It was specialized so that no being could either track it to a location, or record the dialogue that it beheld.

"Sih-s-s-s...Sir!" Bowler heard someone stutter on the other end. "It's Sargent C-"

"I don't care who you are." Bowler spat. "What's the report?"

The man on the other end chose his words carefully and took some time, giving Bowler a simple "it's bad".

"I realize that." Bowler was about to lose his temper. "Survivors? Have the military gone in for rescues?"

"They say they're pretty sure everybody's killed. And they also say that those zed heads are too dangerous to try to take care of at the moment."

Rubbing his eyes, Bowler asked what action the higher government were planning to take.

"They're gonna blow it all up. One bomb's gonna be fired...then...boom."

Chapter 8 Edit

Jamie, Gwen and Holden all gasped in shock as a taxi nearly ran over them. Behind them the Wolff manor loomed completely deserted. Below it the undead followed them.

The driver was none other then Gunther Goth. He started at the three, then at the hoard, then back.

"How the heck did you-" he started, not believing his eyes.

"Most of them are slow." Gwen said quickly. "It was easy to run through the crowed of them, though it was a risk."

Holden wheezed for air. "Can we...can we please get into the car?" he said through breaths.

Gunther grunted approval. "Hurry."

Less than a few minutes later they were speeding through town. Everywhere the zombies were present; even at the steps of City Hall, where smoke exited the windows. Gwen asked where Gunther's family was, yet he remained silent.

"I'm sorry." Gwen said, trying to comfort him. He ignored her sympathy.

"Wait." Holden said. "Stop the car. Stop the car!" Gunther asked what the problem was, slowing down the vehicle.

"Is that a gate?" Holden asked. Indeed, a massive barred-wire gate stopped them from driving out of town. Holden cursed.

"Now what?" Jamie asked.

"We climb, of course." Gwen said, climbing out of the car. Holden and Gunther followed. The car was a sanctuary on wheels, and Jamie continued to sit in the back seat.

"You sure about this?" Holden looked up. "I mean, it's pretty high."

Gwen smiled. "Don't worry."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" She screamed, thousands of volts of electricity running from the tip of her finger through her body. She fell down. Stayed down.

"No!" Holden yelled. Tears formed in his eyes "Gwen! No!"

Chapter 9 Edit

"Holden." Jamie whispered. Stillehouted against the daybreak horizon, a large plane grew larger as it neared the Sunset Valley's once pleasant beach.

Jamie sensed its approach to herald not salvation. Only death.

Gunther sat in his car, staring deeply into time and space. He was lost to his thoughts; oblivious to the oncoming danger.

"Holden," Jamie whispered again. Through the morning fog, she could see him crouched over Gwen's body has she had left him four hours before.

"Please," she begged. "We have to go."

He was a forlorn sight, really. His hair was dried with blood, all of which not his own, and his hands were pale. Gently he stroked the body before him's hair.

Gunther exited his trance slowly as the droaning of engines became clearer. He looked around him, confused, and looked to Jamie for closure. She had none.

"Where are...they?" he said, noticing the lack of undead.

Jamie looked down. "Most of them might be scared of the gate."

"And him?" He coaxed his chin to Holden.


"Tell him to get over it."

Jamie looked up quickly. "It's not easy, okay? Losing someone you love."

Gunther stood and walked to her. Within seconds, he was less than a few centimeters from here. Their eyes were perfectly aligned.

"You think I don't know that?" Gunther asked.

"Gunther, I..."

"You think I don't know how it feels to lose someone I love!?"

"Please, I just..." Jamie gave up mid-sentence. She stared down at her feet, hopeless.

Gunther froze for a few moments. When Jamie looked up again, he was looking over her shoulder into the fog.

"Was Gwen really dead?" he asked. Jamie nodded slowly - clearly unsure now that she was being asked.


Jamie turned around. Where Holden was a few minutes ago, was a puddle of blood. It ran along the length of the wire, until it was out of sight.

The woman that was once Gwen Glover had gotten him.

Chapter 10 Edit

For countless minutes they ran on foot. This was their final hope for survival and it gave Jamie more energy than mere sleep could give. And yet, the effects the night of fear, terror and heartbreak had had on her had taken its toll. She felt like she was flying - flying over the miles of earth she was transversing.

The barbed wire fence was seemingly endless. It sped past her as though it was a train. A train keeping her from crossing the railway tracks.

"Jamie!" Gunther was coughing now, no longer able to breath right. He fell to the ground with a heavy sigh. "Please, it's no use. The gate goes around the entire area."

But Jamie wasn't listening. She knew what she was doing was in vain, but she wouldn't just go out. A minute later she turned her head. She couldn't see Gunther anymore, but could catch some of the undead limping after her. To her side the town was dark now - no lights shone. Here and there a scream was still audible, yet they were now few and far between.

She froze. Overhead something shot through the sky. It was the plane she had feared. But she wasn't scared anymore.

"A...plane..." she said, almost childishly. Then, louder with each repetition, "A plane! Plane! It's a plane!"

She collapsed on the ground with tears freely streaming and a smile formed on her face.

"A plane..."

Epilogue Edit

"Guys," Devin started, the exhaustion clear on his face. "we need to do something. We're not gonna be able to make it up here much longer."

Barry and Caroline nodded in uncanny unison. Both of them looked reserved and distant on an equal level, but eventually Caroline broke the silence.

"How much food do we still have?"

Devin gave a glance at the door of the penthouse. They were outside, staring at the elevator and hoping for the power to go on - hoping to be saved. Behind the closed door Jeffrey and his wife, Lady, were arguing. That was part of the reason Devin wanted to leave the small safehouse they had constructed, the other being...

"We only have enough food for another few days. And it's not like we can just go into town every now and then to pick up some groceries, now is there?"

Caroline shook her head. "No, I guess that isn't gonna work out so well. But is getting out of Bridgeport with...with those things running it possible?"

Devin looked at her with unsure eyes trying to pass off a look of confidence. Perhaps he might have succeeded if his voice weren't faintly above a whisper.

"We're just going to have to find out."