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Noak Anderson is a Sim created by TigerJelly on The Sims 4. He resides in Willow Creek, living with Zac Jonas, Babs Jonas, Zac Jr Jonas, and Nick Jonas.

Backround StoryEdit

Noak was born to Lilly Anderson and Christopher Anderson. As an infant, Lilly and Christopher split apart, and Noak was sent away to live with Zac Jonas (who is now a superhero). Noak grew up to be a very strong and smart sim. As a teen, he met Emma Heart. He and Emma are currently now dating. Zac married a lady named Babs, and they had twins, Nick and Zac Jr. Noak grew overly attached to these boys, so when they died in a house fire, Zac and Noak were both depressed. Zac decided to split with Babs and marry another women, whilst Noak and Emma continued their relationship. Noak also now fights aliens in space.



Noak and Emma



Noak and his gf

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