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not going back- the sequel to let me apologise by storysims13Edit

Raven ran again. Home this time. But this time Deputy Lark Doshling was coming too, and he was a marathon runner so it wasn't a problem to run.

When Raven stopped in front of her home Lark gasped. It was crappy in all ways. The paint was peeling, the roof shingles sucked, and the windows looked like a 2 year old installed them.


not going back cover picture- flaming and broken hearts with devil creature

"We travelled all the way here just for this oh my gosh are you crazy this is a dump holy guacamole," Lark said.

"Well aren't you a bit rude, Tobias took all the money to gamble and Mother and the baby are probably eating bread and olives and butter with peppermint tea everyday which must be horrible because Mother hates tea and-" Raven was cut off by Lark.

"Your sentence lasted forever. Now I'll knock on the door."


"Yes please! Who is it, I am Lois Parlor. Let me place down baby Jonas."


Lark knocked down the door and picked up Raven. Raven was then carried in by Lark.

please mother don't hurt meEdit

"MOTHER I HATE YOU!" Raven shrieked dramatically.

"Oh my God Raven, then shut  up," Mrs. Parlor said.

  • Haha cliffhanger! It's really short. Sorry. I got writer's block.. I'm using a different style. I'm using the "i hate grammar and spelling and super long sentences rock" writing strategy. So far, I love it.

xoxo ss13

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