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Name: Introductions
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/19/12

Previous chapter: Sweetheart
Next chapter: Vamprocillin-D

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The bus was hot, loud and way over crowded, but it was more exciting than being yelled at by Elvira. I was pushed into a seat and nearly smashed a girl’s face into the window

“Hey! Watch it!” the girl said and shoved me off her. Her face was red and her odd lilac eyes had tears welling up in them.

“I-I’m sorry.”

The girl’s expression almost immediately brightened. “That’s fine! I’m Matilda! What’s your name?”


“Well Nisha, I haven’t seen you around school.” Matilda interrogated.

“My mom has homeschooled up until now.”

“So you don’t know anyone, great!” Matilda turned around and stood up with her knees in the seat. I did the same.

“Do you know anyone?” Matilda asked.

“Just Jessica Talon.”

“Well over there’s Kirby and Lotta sitting next to her. There’s Apollo but no one really likes him.”

“Are you really going to name this entire bus?” I cut her off. Mathilda shook me off with a smile and continued naming people. Morrigan, Lilly-Bo, Flo-Flo, Wogan, Tiara, Suzy and about twenty other people. When Matilda was done she started going on about priceless moments I missed in years prior. Finally the bus stopped at our school.

Before we were let off the bus, our bus driver made sure he properly introduced himself. He ended his speech with “Say your good mornings and have a ggggrrrreeeeaaat day!”

We were the last bus to unload and barely made it to class before the bell rang.

“Does he always give speeches like that?” I asked.

“Yeah. He’s been my bus driver for three years and I know his speeches by heart now.” Matilda joked.

When we entered the classroom I recognized a couple people from our bus who were also just arriving.

“Hurry now students! No loitering!” The teacher hurried me and to a table. All the tables were made up of four desks. Already at the table was a boy I didn’t know and a girl I’d seen in our bus sitting next to Wogan.

The teacher introduced herself (thankfully not half as long as it took our bus driver). She then explained we were going to tell the other students at our table about ourselves.

The boy turned out to be named Michael Sleep. Matilda giggled at his name but Michael didn’t mind. The girl introduced herself as Brigit Hemlock and explained how she was Wogan’s sister. Matilda took about five minutes to introduce herself as she kept getting distracted. I made my introduction short. When we were done I couldn’t help but notice the way funny way Brigit talked like I did before I got use to my fangs.