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Not Feeling Anything
Name: Not Feeling Anything
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/22/12

Previous chapter: Cold-blooded Compulsion
Next chapter: A Lot to Grieve

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Nisha Neveah Slayer!” Elvira shouted.

Standing at the ally entrance was Elvira in all her fearsome glory. Erika Talon and another vampire stood behind her.

“Vladimir, I suggest you leave while you’re still in one piece.” Elvira sneered. Vladimir pulled himself up and shot some nasty glares at me and Elvira before running off at lightning speed.

“Erika, Ms. Hemlock. Will you collect Brigit and the girl. I have to speak with my daughter.” Elvira ordered.

“That girl’s name is Flo-Flo Chique.” I scorned.

“I couldn’t care less about her name!” Elivra growled and began walking away. “Come on, we’ll talk on the way.” I normally would have resisted but her voice was so calm it surprised me. I took on last look at Brigit and Flo-Flo before joining my mother.

“Why would you be so stupid as to fight a full-fledged vampire on a new moon?” Elvira interrogated.

“Oh so first I’m too soft and now I’m too reckless.”

“Nisha that is not what I meant.”

“Whatever! I don’t want to talk about it!”

“Nisha I know I’m not the greatest parent but I try. The least you can do is try to tolerate me.” Those words felt like a stab in the back. Maybe people who say the truth hurts are a lot smarter than given credit for.

“What’s going to happen to Flo-Flo?” I quickly changed the subject.

“If her mortal body survives by the time the transformation is over she will become a vampire.” Elvira explains.

“How is she going to cope? I mean none of her family are vampires.”

“I’ll talk to her when she’s conscious and enlighten her. And I’m going have a talk with that slimy Vladimir. If you should hate any vampire it should be him.”

For once I actually was appreciative of my mother. She kept the other vampires in line. Maybe she wasn’t all bad.

When we got home I ate a plasma fruit and went straight to my room. The lilac colored walls were eclipsed by painting after painting. It wasn’t until I was comfortably in my bed and drifting off to sleep did I remember my kiss with Michael. In all the chaos I had completely forgotten. I began replaying the kiss. Over and over again in my head.

They say when you’re truly in love with someone, there’s an unexplainable feeling that stirs inside you. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact I was part of the undead or I just wasn’t in love but I didn’t feel anything.