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The Silhouette
Name: The Silhouette
Series: Of The Night
Written by: Freedom
Release date: 6/15/12

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Sweetheart

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The night sky was jaded with ominous gray clouds. Fierce winds tore apart the trees bit by bit. Only city storms could create winds this strong. Bridgeport was close. Soon the bright lights began to come into view. If it weren’t for the outline of the skyscrapers and buildings, the city could have easily been mistaken for something like the Milky Way. A dark silhouette sprinted across the bridge that connected the city to the rest of reality. The dark figure crept through the shadowy alleys of the city. It carried something in one arm and took extra measures to make sure it was not damaged. Finally the silhouette arrived at a gothic penthouse. The silhouette rapped on the door three times. A muscular sim with red hair and black roots opened the door. Her blood red eyes glowed with a certain hunger in them and her skin was as pale as a ghost’s. It was clear she was a vampire.

“Who- Oh! Your Highness!” The vampire gave the silhouette a curt nod “W-What are you doing here?”

“Elvira.” The silhouette acknowledged and stormed straight into the vampire’s house.

“I demand your assistance.” The silhouette commanded. The silhouette’s face was hit by the house’s dim lights. She was also a vampire with similar hungry blooded eyes but her hair was long and light in color, unlike most of her kind.

“Of course. Anything.” Elvira gestured to a chair. “Please sit.” The vampire reluctantly sat down. She began uncovering what she’d been carrying in her arms. She carefully removed the blanket and revealed a small infant.

Elvira came back with three plasma fruit in her hands. “You must be thirsty.” She handed and the other vampire the fruit and sat down until she had finished devouring them.

“What do you need from me?” Elvira inquired.

The vampire gestured to the infant. “I need you to take care of her.”

“May I ask why?”

“There are hunters in Downtown. They are killing of lots of us, very quickly too. The other Grand Vampires and I have agreed it is essential to protect the heir.”

“I am honored.” Elvira nodded.

“Indeed. And if I hear a whisper about you neglecting my daughter you will pay dearly.” The Grand Vampiress sneered.

“I accept.” Elvira promised bravely. The Grand Vampiress got up and gently handed Elvira her daughter. The infant’s eyes opened and wandered the room until they set on Elvira and smiled.

"What's her name?"