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Warning! Adult content up ahead! 

Evangelo watched as the ghost of his Mother, Vallery, go to the bathroom to shower. He sighed, he was getting use to seeing the floating yellow-colored ghost of Vallery already. He patted himself on the back and grabbed once of the suitcase and went inside the house.

As you can see, Vallery died in the fire when Evangelo was still as young as 10. It all started when...


"Now, Evangelo. Bring this to your Grandmother, you do know that she is sick" Vallery ordered her son, Evangelo nodded and accepted the basket that his mother was handing him "Be careful, and don't talk to strangers when you meet one okay?"

"Yes Mother, I promise" Evangelo happily said. He walked outside the door of his cottage and exited the house, he waved goodbye and went on his way.

He whistled happily as he skipped through the woods. 

Evangelo Red or called 'Little Red Riding Hood' by his villagers, is a 10 year old kid that is loved by all. He's a small yet brave and strong boy, and the most noticable thing of his appearance was all of his clothes are red. Red as a ready-to-be-harvested apple.

2 minutes have passed since he left, Evangelo knew that he was close to Grandmother's house. Just then, a rustling from the bushes came. Evangelo stopped from his tracks and paid attention to the suspicious thing that was going to emerge from the bush.

A man, in his 20s came out from the bush. He dusted his clothes and smiled at the surprised Evangelo.

"Why hello there, little guy. What are you doing out here in the woods?" the man asked.

"I am going to Grandmother's house, just up ahead" Evangelo answered as he pointed at the direction to where he says his Grandmother's house is.

"Why are you going to your Grandmother's house?"

"She's sick, I need to deliver this basket to her"

"You know what? How about you ditch that Grandmother of your's, actually I know your Grandmother. She was one of my friends, and she asked me to look after you. You come to my house and we will play a game"

"What kind of game?"

"Ah, you know. You take off your clothes, throw it into the fire, and join me on the bed"

This time, the man started to run his hands all over Evangelo's body. But before the man could reach his 'private parts', Mr. Hunter came and smack the man's head.

"Evangelo, are you okay?" Mr. Hunter have asked, Evangelo nodded his head, his body was shaking. Mr. Hunter could only hung his head and led Evangelo to his Grandmother's house. The basket, long forgotten.


Evangelo groaned at the memory. After that little incident, the Red family decided to move to Faeri Tail when the constant visit and attempts of rape of the man (known as Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad as his first and Wolf being is last name) But before they could leave, the man set the kitchen on fire. Unfortunately, Vallery died and only her ghost was the replacement.

Grandmother knew Vallery was a ghost, or she just can't accept the fact that Vallery died and thinks that Vallery was still alive,

Evangelo looked around and noticed Ever After by his side, Ever After looked at Evangelo and nodded. Evangelo smiled and resumed the unpacking the languages.

Ever After isn't a Red, he's a boy with no memories. His full name is Ever After Story and just as the same as Evagelo. The first day he came by their doorstep, the Red immediately took him iin and raised as their own.

"Do you like the house?" Evangelo asked, Ever After looked around and stopped.

"Yeah, I like it too" Ever After said as he wrapped his hands around Evangelo's.