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Ran Away
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Ophelia's Mind
Ophelia's Mind
Name: Ophelia's Mind
Genre: Thriller
Created by: AsherÉire
Rating: G
Number of chapters: 8

Original run: 29 July 2012 - 3 August 2012
Status: Completed

Preceded by: Complications
Succeeded by: Insomnia (season 2 premiere)

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Ophelia's Mind is a fanon written by AsherÉire. It follows the mind-blowing discoveries of Olive Specter from the perspective of young orphan Ophelia Nigmos. It is canon with A Pleasant Story, and the stories link together in the first chapter of Season 2.


Ophelia Nigmos- Ophelia is a young woman who was orphaned four years ago. Since then, she has lived with her aunt Olive and is about to discover some of her darkest secrets.

Olive Specter- Olive is the creepy woman of Strangetown. She has a graveyeard in her back garden, and Ophelia is forbidden to enter...

Johnny Smith- Johnny comes from an Alien-Sim hybrid family. He has been constantly picked on by Tank Grunt, and has only found comfort and reassurance in his best friend, Ripp, and his girlfriend, Ophelia.

Ripp Grunt- Ripp has had it hard. His parents divorced five years ago, and 3 years ago, he lost contact with his mother. Will he ever find out why Lyla went dark on the Grunt Brothers?

Jenny Smith- Jenny is married to Pollination Technician #9 Smith. She often worries about the safety of her son because he is an easy target for bullies.

Pollination Technician #9 Smith- PT9 used to be one of the alien pollination technicians. Once he retired, he started a family. He has had the occasional disagreement with General Buzz Grunt, but Johnny and Tank hold the main Grunt-Smith feud.

General Buzz Grunt- the father of Ripp and Tank. He's had some disagreements with PT9 Smith, yet no one knows why.

Tank Grunt- the older brother of Ripp, He's a bit of a bully, and has beaten up Ripp multiple times.

Chapter 1: Why?Edit

A lot of people would think I would be permanently depressed or reckless considering I've lost my parents. That's not the case. I'm very shy, and I prefer to stay out of people's way. People wonder why I took Johnny and Ripp under my wing. Johnny is constantly bullied, but he does the right thing and laughs it off. His parents are fully aware of the situation. Ever since we were 12, he hasn't been able to escape the bullying. Six years later, nothing's changed.

Ripp, on the other hand, comes from a military-based family. His dad is a top-ranking general in the Strangetown Army. His parents divorced when Ripp was 13, and he lost contact with his mother when he was 16. Ripp has two brothers: one younger, one older. The older brother is called Tank. Or should I say, calls himself Tank. His real name is Thomas, but the name "Tank" stuck since he joined the rugby team. Everyone started calling him Tank.

Ripp has a younger brother, William. Everyone calls him Buck, due to the fact he always had a lot of energy as a toddler. Shame that stopped a couple of years ago. Buck's gained a bit of weight since then. Buck's always received a bit of easier treatment because he's the youngest.

And Ripp's real name? Robert. How Ripp gained his name is... unique. I think it's based on an incident in school, but I never actually caught the details. Ripp's always been classed as a loser, at least, until last year.

I never actually explained why Johnny got bullied. It's because Johnny's from a half-alien family. You'd think his sister got bullied as well. She didn't get many alien genes from her dad, making her look somewhat human. Johnny, on the other hand, looks somewhat alien. But he doesn't care. He's quite proud of himself.

So when did Ripp stopped being classed as a loser? A year ago, Johnny was having a bit of a hard time in class. He was picked on again. I turned to Ripp and I saw he had he fists clenched on the desk and his face had turned bright crimson. Before I could ask what was wrong, Ripp rose from his seat, pulled the guy away from Johnny and rammed him up to a wall. Ripp stayed relatively calm. I couldn't hear what Ripp was saying, but the guy looked terrified. When Ripp turned around, he shot a geeky thumbs-up at Johnny, and a cute smile at me. Ripp's a bit of a teddy bear. Some children tend to take out their anger at their little cuddly friend. That's just like Ripp, and, just like a teddy bear, he won't hurt you back. So he's been a bit of a target for bullies. But we always support each other. That's what friends do.

Chapter 2: The TrioEdit

I'm stepping into the school bus, and I see Johnny and Ripp together, chatting, you know, the usual. As I walk closer, I notice Ripp has a black eye and a few cuts on his face. I make some comment on how he looks a mess. "You really think this is bad?" he asks, pointing to his face. "You haven't seen most of the damage Tank has really caused." As he finishes his statement, he lifts he shirt to reveal his torso- there's a nasty shade of purple across his stomach. Johnny has stopped smiling. "He's so dead... he's so dead..." he says.

"Johnny, don't!" I say, the concern rising in my voice "You don't want to pick a fight with him! He's two years older and he will cripple you!"

"I don't care. He's given me a hard time, he picks on Ripp. I think someone needs to teach him a lesson." The rest of the bus ride involves me trying to coax Johnny out of his 'great idea'. It involves me pleading, bargaining, threatening, and much more. I really don't think I've changed his mind. In fact, I think it's only made him more sure to try and beat up Tank. My only hopes is that Tank doesn't turn Johnny into a little smear on the concrete.

Chapter 3: The NewsEdit

As I look up from my desk, I can hear my mobile vibrating softly on my bedside table. I look and I see there's a text message from Ripp and about 11 missed calls from him. I open the text.

Ophelia, as soon as you get this, call me! It's really urgent!

My mind leaps into action. I open up my list of contacts and scroll down to Ripp's name. I hit the call button and but the phone up to my ear. After a few seconds, I hear Ripp's voice.


"Yeah," I say. "what's seems to be the problem?"

"Haven you forgotten about this morning?!?" I remember about Johnny and my heart leaps into my mouth.

"Johnny! Is he okay? What happened, Ripp? I need to know!"

"Ophelia, it's not as bad as you think! Johnny did attempt to take on Tank, and he really went for him. Johnny's got a couple of cracked ribs. If you can, see if you can get to the hospital, ok?"

"Sure thing." I reply. I hang up and start to get ready, pulling on some shoes and a jumper. I can only hope Johnny is ok. Ripp said he was fine, but somehow I know something's not right. Maybe this will spark the Grunt-Smith feud into something bigger. I can only hope not.

Chapter 4: Hospital TripEdit

As soon as I get to the hospital, I'm greeted by Ripp. He takes me to the room Johnny and his parents are in. Johnny looks up and the pain vanishes from his face. I give a small smile to PT9 and Jenny, his parents. I sit next to Johnny and take his hand. When the doctor asks how Johnny gained this injury, I take a brief glance in Ripp's direction. He's blushing. I don't blame him. If I had a brother like him, I would be more than just embarrassed. Poor guy. Johnny manages to cover for him, and I'm sure I heard a small sigh of relief from Ripp.

When we're heading home, Ripp suddenly realises he's late. "If Dad catches me, I'm so dead..." PT9 speaks up. "That's OK, Ripp." he says "We're paying your father a visit." The colour drains from Ripp's face. He looks like a scared puppy. Perhaps Ripp is fearing another fight. Or maybe the General doesn't cope well with these conversations.

We pull up to Ripp's place. Johnny, Ripp and PT9 all get out of the car and walk up to the front door. The door opens and they're taken inside.

It's been half an hour since they went inside. I have to say, it's kind of awkward to be with your boyfriend's mum. Jenny has been trying to keep the conversation flowing, but in the end, I'm not in the mood.

After another fifteen minutes, Johnny and his dad return. "So," I say "what's the situation?" Johnny turns to me.

"Well... it's a long story."

I'm prepared for this. "I'm listening" I reply. That's got him. I bet it's something big.

Chapter 5: TrespassingEdit

Johnny was frozen. His eyes were pointing to the direction of his parents. I know what's up. He's not talking because of something his dad just found out. All this time, PT9 thought it had been an unprovoked assault. I don't think Johnny told them he started the fight. So now he's in a lot of trouble with his parents.

The car stops at my place. I get out and thank them for the ride, and walk up to the front door. I reach into the pockets and I realise I don't have a key to the front door. I'm not going to wake up Olive, but I really need to get in. I could go in through the window, but I think they're locked. Hm... I may need to stay outside for the night. Great.

I sitting on the porch, staring at this miniature graveyard. Suddenly, temptation kicks in. I quietly rise, and walk towards the black gate, and open the latch. I slip through and walk up to one of the many gravestones. Inscribed into its stone surface says "Here lies Earl E. Demise". Wait, that's one of Olive's husbands! And move to another. It says "Here lies Rigger Mortis". Another one of Olive's husbands, but I'm sure she didn't have this many husbands! And another says "Here lies Ichabod Specter". Ok, I'm getting really freaked out... those are all of Olive's husbands, but who are all these other people? I move to the others. There are different names that I don't recognise, like Melissa Sims, and such. Then I go to another stone and the name on it makes my blood run cold.

It's says "Here lies Lyla Grunt".

Chapter 6: BreathlessEdit

Oh no... no, no, no... this can't be... this explains why Lyla lost contact with Ripp... poor Ripp... I've got to tell him, but, I don't know if I can! I feel sick. Is Olive a murderer? No, no, maybe some of the extra gravestones from Strangetown Cemetery were moved here? But I haven't actually been to Strangetown Cemetery. I haven't visited my parents' graves. Now that I think of it, the look of confusion on Ripp's face when I asked him where the cemetery was explains it- there wasn't a public cemetery. I think this is the cemetery... Before I know what I'm doing, I'm on my feet and running to the Grunt household.

I'm outside Ripp's house. I pick up a small stone and toss it at Ripp's window. Nothing. I throw another stone. A few seconds later, I see the window open and Ripp's head pop out. "Ophelia?" he asks.

"Ripp." I say "could you let me in? I have something important to tell you."

Ripp groans. "Couldn't it wait until tomorrow at school? My dad won't be too impressed if one of my friends just turns up in the middle of the night."

I feel like crying. It's not like Ripp to not listen to me. "Ripp! You are going to let me in otherwise I'll let myself in. I ran all the way here!" Ripp looks down at the tear in my jeans. I tripped and the denim is starting to stain red. Ripp sighs. "Alright, Ophelia. We'll need to look at that knee of yours."

I'm sitting on the dining table with my trouser leg rolled up. Ripp is in the kitchen, getting some medical supplies. Tank is giving me the evil eye, and the General is looking exhausted and slightly irritable. "Som Ophelia," he says quietly "what was this important thing you had to tell us?" I take a deep breath and wonder how to reply. Ripp returns with a medical kit. He takes out a bottle of disinfectant and starts to dab my knee with a cotton ball. "Well, sir," I start "I couldn't get inside my house because I forgot my keys, so I decided to look at some of the gravestones in my aunt's back garden, even when I wasn't supposed to."

"And...?" the General questions.

"There was this one stone with- ow!" The disinfectant starts to sting. My leg kicks out and it slips off the table I hit Ripp in the stomach, right where his heavy bruising was. "Sorry, Ripp..." I say, feeling stupid. I continue. "The stone said... "Here lies... Lyla Grunt."" Silence. Tank looks shocked. Ripp looks like he's going to cry. The General looks guilty. I guess he's just remembered about the messy divorce he went through. I can hear rasping breathing and Ripp has collapsed to the floor. His asthma has kicked in again. Tank dashes off to get his inhaler. I leap off the table to reassure him. But there's nothing I can really do. I feel so guilty. I've probably damaged this family further.

Chapter 7: The Big DecisionEdit

It's too late for me to head home, so the General allow me to stay at their place for the night. It's the weekend, and we all like to stay at home during the weekend instead of living in our dorms. Well, everyone else does. I don't. I hate my home. I hate it even more now. I doubt I'd be able to look at it without feeling disgusted.

I can't sleep. I've been lying awake for a few hours. I've got too much on my mind. I hear foot steps and Ripp enters the room. He sits on the floor and leans his head back against the wall. I sit up. He doesn't register my movement. I quietly say his name. He looks up. I can tell he's really upset. I get up and sit beside him. "Ripp, I'm so sorry..." I say.

"It's OK Ophelia," he says "it's not your fault. I'd rather know what happened to her than wonder why she vanished off the face of the earth." We sit in silence. After a while, Ripp starts to speak again. "Ophelia?"


He takes a deep breath before continuing. "Well, after what happened to my mum and all, my dad says we may be moving away." Wait? Did I hear that right?"

"What? Ripp, you can't go! Things won't be the same without you!"

"I have no choice... I'll stay in contact, and I'll visit over the holidays..." Ripp breaks off. I think he feels that it's his turn to feel guilty. "I don't want to tell Johnny. He's like my older brother. He's always made fun of me, yet he goes for anyone else who does the same. He's the older brother I never had. Unlike Tank, who's a complete waste of space." Ripp stops again. I can feel myself drifting off...

Chapter 8: SeperatedEdit

I arise from my slumber and quietly sneak out out of the Grunt house, leaving behind a scribbly note of thanks. I slowly trudge back to home. The door is now open. I enter and I am immediately caught by Olive. She chews me out for about ten minutes before leaving me to my own devices again. I give up. The sooner I graduate and get a job, the happier I'll be! I hit the shower and get changed. I sit at my new computer and load up my Simbook account. I check my inbox and see two messages from Johnny and Ripp.

This is what I see from Johnny:

Hey Ophelia,

Ripp told me to forward this message in case his internet crashed again and you didn't get the message:

Hey Johnny/Ophelia.

Just to let you know, my dad's having a tough time. He recently found out what happened to my mum. She's dead. I think she died three years ago. My dad is feeling really guilty about everything. Johnny, my dad hated your dad because he thought your dad's "alien buddies" were involved in abducting her. Now he knows that's not the case and he feels guilty about his mistreatment.

Anyway, I know this is very last-minute, but we've found a little home in Pleasantview. I'm heading off to Sim State Univerisity where I'll finish my Junior and Senior years. My dad is going to be the general of Pleasantview Military.

This is even more last-minute: I'm leaving today. We'll be heading off at around three o'clock, so if you guys want to say goodbye, you can come along a bit before then. Johnny, make sure you bring your family too. My dad needs to tell you dad something, and Buck would very much like to say goodbye to Jill.

Peace out.

I sit and think about what I've read. Most of the message is directed to Johnny, but Ripp hasn't mentioned how he found out about his mother's death. I check the time; it's 11 o'clock. I decide to head over to Johnny's to see how's he reacting to this. Ripp and Johnny are like brothers. It's a shame.

I'm sitting in the front room with Johnny. Most of the conversation has been about Ripp's move to Pleasantview. When I mention about Ripp making new friends, the conversation strikes up a weird coincidence. "My dad has a friend in Pleasantview." Johnny says. "His name is Darren Dreamer. He has a twenty-year-old son called Dirk. He's just moved in with his girlfriend. Apparently, when it comes to the loss of a parent, Ripp and Dirk are in the same boat."

"Cool." I say unenthusiastically. "What's the time now?" Jenny walks in.

"It's quarter-to-three" We'll be heading off in five" she says

"Thanks Mum." Johnny replies. A quick wave of anger, possibly jealousy, comes over me. When the three of us are together, Johnny has always been the odd one out. It's not because he's half alien- it's because he's grown up with happy families. I've suffered, and so has Ripp. I can only wish him the best.

So here we are, outside Ripp's old house. Tank is in the car, being antisocial. The General is apologising to PT9 for all the trouble he's caused. PT9's taken it well, to the General's relief. Ripp is quietly chatting to Johnny and I. I can tell he doesn't want to leave us. Buck and Jill are standing awkwardly because Jenny's watching them. The General walks back to the car and quietly says something to Tank. Tank gets out of the car and walks up to Johnny. "Look Johnny, since I'm leaving and all, I wanted to apologise for beating you up and generally giving you a hard time."

"It's ok Tank. Friends?" Johnny holds out his extended hand. Tank takes it and gives it a brief shake.

"Friends." he replies, a big smile on his face.

"So," I say "this is it."

"Yeah" Ripp murmurs. "I'm leaving Strangetown for good."

"You know what?" I say as cheerfully as I can. Ripp's face shows interest in what I'm about to say. "I think it's time for something special before you leave."

"Yes?" he's eager to know.

"Group hug." I say with a big smile. So you've got three of the closest friends in Strangetown in a little huddle. It was the final goodbye. I nearly started crying, thanks to Jill, who started sniffling before bawling her eyes out. Before Ripp got into the car, he turned and gave us a cute wave.

That was the last Johnny and I ever saw of Robert "Ripp" Grunt. At least, for a while.