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Out of Nowhere
Out of nowhere Cover
Name: Out of Nowhere
Genre: Adventure
Created by: DarkSuicune2000
Rating: K+
Number of chapters: 4

Original run: July 18th 2016
Status: Ongoing

Preceded by: Five Years Later

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Out of Nowhere was written by DarkSuicune2000.


Chapter 1: Two New ArrivalsEdit

October 12th, 2027

Gregory and Nia just returned from the hospital, with their new daughter, Melody in Nia's arms. They walked inside to their home. Lexi was anxiously sitting on the couch.

"Lexi, we did it," Nia said. "We have a baby girl!"

"Oh that's awesome!" Lexi said. "She is so cute! Wait, since you guys have a baby now, are you going to kick me out?"

"No, of course not." Nia said. "We can use you for babysitting."

"Haha!" Lexi laughed.

"Since Gregory and I don't have siblings, I guess you can be the godmother for her. You can be Auntie Lexi."

"Yay, a have a 'niece' now!" Lexi joyfully exclaimed. "So, you guys look pretty tired. Going to sleep?"

"I am. I just gave birth." Nia said. "That's painful."

"Yeah, and you don't need to wear those ugly maternity clothes anymore." Lexi said.

"I'll put the baby in the crib." Gregory said, then walked into Melody's room and put her in the crib. Lexi went to her room and slept. Nia and Gregory also went to bed.

5:59 AM

The next day, Lexi was practicing her guitar skills. Meanwhile, Nia and Gregory got dressed.

"Okay Gregory, my mom and grandma Carrie are coming to see Melody, so get dressed well." Nia said.

"I'll wear my red sweater with stripes." he said.

"Do you own any non-red clothes?" Nia asked. "Seriously."

"Well, my underwear is white." Gregory admitted.

Nia outfit dresstime

Nia's oufit.

"Whatever. What do you think?" Nia was wearing a pink shirt with a blue floral jacket.

"You look beautiful, as always." Gregory replied, then put on his red sweater.

The clock struck 6:00 PM

Then, they heard a scream from their living room. "Ah! What's this?"

Nia and Gregory ran out into the living room to suddenly see a tall brown wall with a door that wasn't supposed to be there.

Weird box

They inspect the weird box.

"What is it?" Nia asked.

"I don't know!" Lexi said. "I was just practicing guitar and it just appeared!"

"I'll open it." Nia said. She tried to open the door, but it would not budge.

"Let me try." Gregory said. "I have been working out a lot." He pulled and the door was pried open.

Then a woman, with black hair in an updo, with a green old fashioned dress was standing there.

"Where am I?" She panicked. "What is happening??!?!"

"Don't panic!" Nia said. "Who are you? Where do you come from?"

"I... um... I don't..." the woman kept muttering. Her hands were shaking. She seemed to be freaking out.

The strange woman appears

Nia, Gregory, and Lexi talk to this woman.

"What are you wearing?" Lexi said, thinking her outfit was ugly.

"Lexi! Don't be rude!" Nia scolded, then turned back to the woman. "I am Nia Brandt. This is my husband Gregory, and my best friend Lexi. What is your name?"

"My name is Jadyn McCain. I'm 19 years old." the woman said, calmed from Nia's words. "I was just sitting in the common room when this box appeared. My dad told me not to touch it, but I couldn't help myself. I was too curious. Next thing I know, this happened."

"Jadyn McCain... I think I heard your name from somewhere before..." Nia said. "Where do you come from?"

"Oh heavens, what are YOU wearing?" Jadyn said, pointing to Nia's pants.

"Uh, my pants?" Nia said. "What's wrong with them?"

"When did women wear pants? And have... bright yellow hair, and completely rectangular glasses?"

"You haven't answered my question, Jadyn." Nia said.

"I am from Montana." She said.

"Why are you dressed so old-fashioned?" Lexi asked.

"What do you mean?" Jadyn said. "I just bought this a few days ago."

"I can't comprehend what self-respecting women would wear that." Lexi said, sarcastically.

"Maybe I should call someone about this..." Nia said, then took out her cellphone.

"What is that?" Jadyn asked.

"It's my smartphone?" Nia asked. "Doesn't everyone have one?"

"Let me see this smart-phone." Jadyn said, then Nia let her hold it.

"What is this? A tiny, television set. You can hold it?" Jadyn looked at the object with curiosity.

"Wait, she doesn't know what a cellphone is?" Gregory said.

"And she dresses like my grandmother 70 years ago." Lexi smirked.

"Does that mean-" Nia paused. "Jadyn, you know you're in California and the year is 2027."

"What? No! That is not possible. It's 1946." Jadyn claimed.

"Guys..." Gregory said, shocked. "The box is gone. And I think we have a time traveler on our hands."

"Wait, the box is gone?" Jadyn said. "NOOOOO!"

The box disappeared

"Waaaaaaa!" Suddenly, Melody began to cry from her room.

"Um, okay. Nia and Lexi, go give Jadyn something to eat." Gregory said. "I'll go to Melody."

Gregory went into the bedroom and Lexi and Nia guided Jadyn to the kitchen.

"So, I am 81 years into the future..." Jadyn said. "Wow, it is 2027. I can't imagine what has changed since then. This is exactly 100 years after I was born in 1927."

"Wow, that's amazing!" Lexi said, taking a seat at the table. "So, how did you learn to time travel?"

"I didn't. The box appeared in my living room and I was so curious. Now I am here." Jadyn said. "Thank you so much for helping me."

"Of course," Nia said. "Here is a leftover grilled cheese sandwich."

"Thank you." Jadyn ate it up. "I hadn't ate yet."

"You're welcome, hey, check this out. Put your dish in our dishwasher." Nia said.

"Whoa. A machine that cleans your dishes for you." Jadyn put the plate inside. "This is amazing..."

Jadyn discovers dishwasher

Jadyn discovers the dishwasher.

"Your home is so futuristic for me..." Jadyn walked over to the stove. "Look at the stove!"

Check out the stove

Jadyn touches the stove.

"Okay, Jadyn, come sit in the living room now." Nia said.

"Okay..." The three girls sat in the couch.

"So, tell us about yourself." Lexi said.

"Well, I live in Montana. I'm 19. I live with my mom and dad. In a few months I will be married to my fiance, Gerald Tanner."

"That name sounds so familiar. Your fiance is Gerald Tanner, and you will be Jadyn Tanner..." Nia said. "Oh my gosh, that is the name of my late great-grandparents."

"Wait, do you think that I am your great-grandmother?" Jadyn asked.

"Well, there's one way to find out. If you ever had a kid, what would you name it?" Nia said.

"If I had a boy it would be Carl. If I had a girl it would be Carrie."

"Well, Carrie is my grandma's name!" Nia said. "You look just like her, too!"

"Really? I have a daughter in the future?" Jadyn said.

"Yeah, she has long black hair, and green eyes. Just like you." Nia told her.


"Oh, I will get the door. Stay here guys." Nia went to answer the door.

It was Gregory's best friend, and neighbor, Dominick Klein. He had brown hair, a beanie, some facial hair, and a green shirt on.

Dominick Klein

Dominick Klein, a neighbor.

"Hey Nia, Gregory left one of his shirts in my house. I'm giving it back to him."

"Okay, thanks Dominick."

"Also, I heard you had your daughter last night! Congrats!"

"Okay thanks!" Nia tried to shut the door but Dominick walked in.

"Oh hi Lexi. Hi random girl that's wearing old lady clothes." Dominick greeted.

"Oh my! Who is this handsome man?" Jadyn said, walking to him.

"Hi, I'm Dominick." he said with a happy face.

"You are quite the handsome young man, Dominick." Jadyn said. "I'm Jadyn."

"Oh thanks, Jadyn, but I'm gay." Dominick said.

"Well, I am gay too. It's a very gay day. And I was gay when I saw you." she said, putting her arm on his shoulder.

"Uh..." Dominick was so confused. "Okay well, I better get home." Then he left.

"He was so cute, haha!" Jadyn said.

"Wait, your great-grandma was gay?" Lexi was shocked. "How did she reproduce your grandma?"

Nia facepalmed...

"No, back in the 1940s, the word gay meant happy." Nia said. "Now, gay means homosexual."

"Oh, ew. Do you know what I learned from the newspaper? All homosexuals are child molesters and immoral." Jadyn said.

"That's not true, but you're missing the point Jadyn. My mother and grandmother will be here any minute to see my daughter." Nia said. "We need to hide you, go in Lexi's room."

"Oh okay, Lexi, let's go to your room." Jadyn suggested.


"Hey Nia! It's your mom!" yelled Harmony.

"And your grandma Carrie!" Carrie said.

"Alright. Time to do this." Nia said.

Chapter 2: My Daughter is Older Than Me...Edit

Lexi and Jadyn walked into Lexi's bedroom. Jadyn looked around. The room had a bed with red checkerboard sheets, and end table with a makeup kit on it... Next to that were some windows with red drapes, a white couch and a mirror. On the other side, there was a wardrobe with some shoes, and above her bed were posters of a guy on a guitar.

"Who is on those posters?" Jadyn asked.

"My favorite singer, Justin Bieber," Lexi replied. "He's very famous."

"He's not very attractive..." Jadyn commented.

"What did you say about Justin?" Lexi said angrily.

"Uh, nothing at all..." Jadyn nervously replied. "He's so... interesting."

"Anyway, come sit on my couch." Lexi said. "I'm going to give you a makeover!"

"Wait, a makeover?" Jadyn asked.


"Oh thank you!" Jadyn said. "My parents never allow me to wear makeup or pretty dresses. We don't have much money so I wear my mom's old dresses. That includes this ugly thing." She pointed to her black, ugly dress from the 1920s.

"I get it." Lexi said. "For my middle school dance, my mom made me wear her dress from the 1980s."

"Hehe, so what shall I wear?" Jadyn wondered.

"Here, let your hair down." Lexi suggested. "It's more common to have long hair these days."

Jadyn let her long black hair fall down. It looked similar to Nia's hairstyle, only it was black.

"Now, I will apply some makeup." Lexi applied blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. "And I have a great dress for you. Go try it on now!"

"Okay!" Jadyn took the dress and went into Lexi's bathroom. When she came out, she looked so different and very modern. "How do I look?"

Jadyn's hair was down, and she wore a modern white dress with a blue jacket.

"You look fab!" Lexi said.

"What?" Jadyn said, confused.

"Fab is short for fabulous!" Lexi said. "Look at yourself in the mirror."

Jadyn's makeover

Jadyn's makeover.

"Wow, I never looked so good before!" Jadyn said. She looked at herself for a long time.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Gregory, Nia, Harmony, and Carrie were watching TV and Gregory was holding Melody.

Family sees baby here

Gregory and Nia show Nia's mom and grandma the baby.

"Oh, I can't believe I am a great-grandmother already." Carrie said. "It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to your father, Nia. Then you were born..."

"Thanks Grandma, I'm so sorry that Grandpa Victor has died..."

"Oh, you don't need to say sorry dear. It was his time." Carrie said. "I'm so happy to still be alive, but I feel so old..."

"Oh grandma, you're only 75 years old." Nia said. "Not that old!"

"I guess,"

"Plus, females live longer. The female expectancy in the USA is 81 years and for males it's 76 years." Nia said.

Suddenly, the door opened to Lexi's room and Jadyn ran out.

"Hey Nia, check out my new outfit Lexi gave to me!" Nia said.

"Jadyn, you were supposed to stay in her room!" Nia said.

"Oh, sorry..."

Suddenly, Carrie stood up, walked over to her and said.

"Wait, Mom?" She said.

Chapter 3: Maywood GlenEdit

October 13rd, 2027

"Oh my goodness, Nia, she's onto us!" Jadyn said.

Carrie and Jadyn meet

Carrie and Jadyn...

"What is going on here?" Harmony said. "Who are you?"

"I have to come clean." Jadyn said. "I am-"

"This is Lexi's cousin Gertrude." Nia interrupted. "She is visiting for the weekend."

"Oh, I'm sorry then." Carrie apologized. "But, Gertrude, you are the spitting image of my mother, but she died 20 years ago."

"Yeah, but, I'm not your mother. I am Gertrude." Jadyn played along. "A regular woman from this time period."

Nia facepalmed.

Later, it was October 14th, in the morning. Nia walked into the living room where Lexi sat on the couch. Nia took a seat next to her.

Whats up girlfriend

Nia with Lexi.

"What's up, girlfriend?" Nia said.

"What's up with your outfit?" Lexi asked.

"What's wrong?" Nia asked.

"You're wearing a blue plaid shirt with a blue hoodie over it. Should I explain anymore?" Lexi said.

"If you excuse me, maybe I want to stay warm because it is October, and cold." Nia replied.

Suddenly, Jadyn walked in.

"So, girls, I chose my own outfit. How do I look?" Jadyn asked.

Jadyn walks in now

Jadyn's odd outfit.

Lexi stared at it. "Wow! You look like... you need another hour to get ready!"

"What's wrong with it? Isn't this what normal girls wear in 2027?" Jadyn asked.

"That's my clown Halloween costume." Lexi replied.

"Oh, help Jadyn pick out another outfit, Lexi. You're the fashionista." Nia said.

"I'm on it." Lexi said.

Jadyn walked out. She was wearing a red sweater with a red skirt. Nia knew that this was an old school uniform from Lexi.

Jadyn in uniform

Jadyn in uniform.

"Lexi was so kind to give this. She said it was her favorite outfit." Jadyn said.

"Actually, that's Lexi's school uniform from when her mom sent her to a music boarding school. And she hates that outfit" Nia said.

"Oh, well, I still like it." Jadyn said. "Anyway, I need to some fresh air. Could you possibly take me to a park or something?"

"Sure, there's one called Maywood Glen that I love to go to." Nia said. "Come outside, wait until you see cars from this time period." They walked outside to see a blue car.

"Whoa..." Jadyn said. "This car is superb."

"Thanks." Nia said. "Let's go now."

They arrived at Maywood Glen.

In Maywood Glen

Maywood Glen

"What a nice park!" Jadyn said.

"Yeah." Nia said. "I spent hours here as a teen, and even as an adult. It was my safe space to read, write, and the quietness always helped me get inspired. And get away from the drama of high school."

"I see..." Jadyn said. "Ooh, there's a chess table. I love chess. I went to chess camp in 1945."

"Go play chess, I'll go on my computer and work on my novel. This will be my first one. It's called 'The Kiss Dare' and I'm almost done."

"Great, but one thing. What's a computer?" Jadyn asked.

"Just a future device." Nia said.

Nia computer Jadyn chess

Hanging in the park.

Nia began to write the last chapter of her novel, but then, she got an video request from her uncle, Jebidah Toadstool...

"Oh, I better answer this..." Nia said...

Chapter 4: How She ArrivedEdit

"Nia, it's your uncle Jebidah and I have some news." he said.

"What is it?" Nia asked.

"Well, I might have made a time rift in your house." Jebidah said.

"Yes, we saw it. Jadyn McCain is with us." Nia said.

"I knew it!" Jebidah said. "Mixing time travel trips made it into one."

"Please explain, I'm confused." Nia said. "You brought Jadyn here?"

"When Astrid and I were making the time machine teleporter, we wanted to go to to different places. She wanted to time travel to when you had the baby, I wanted to time travel to meet my grandmother as a teenager." Jebidah explained. "But when it started, the two travels must have converted. It sent a rift to Jadyn and she ended up at your house."

"How will we get her back?" Nia asked?

"I've set a rift to open in the same spot on October 20th 2027, at 8:00 am. Just make sure Jaclyn is there." Jebidah said.

"Okay, I just wrote it down."

"I gotta go now, I just wanted to let you know." Jebidah said. Then ended the video chat.

"Who was that?" Jadyn said. "Who were you talking to them on your mini-television set?"

"That was a video chat." Nia told her. "And, I was talking to my uncle, Jebidah. He is your grandson."

"Wow, it's just exciting me, that I have children and grandchildren in the future." Jadyn said. "I wonder how many I will have."

"You will have a daughter named Carrie, who has two kids, my dad Grant and my uncle Jebidah. My dad will have me, and Jebidah has two daughters, Astrid and Vicky." Nia said.

"Hm. Only one daughter, and two grandsons." Jadyn said.

A few hours later, Jadyn and Nia returned home from their trip outside.

"So, do you want to go hang out in the shed?" Nia asked.

"What shed?"

"The shed in our backyard. Gregory, Lexi and I converted it into our recreation room. It has a TV, a computer, my art supplies, Gregory's workout equipment, and Lexi's guitar." Nia said. "Plus, I need to go check on Melody."

Jadyn walked into the shed and saw Lexi watching TV.

"Lexi, Nia and I just returned from our trip." Jadyn said. "It was wonderful. We went a park, then we went to an art museum, then we went to the movie theater and watched a film. Although it confused me. I thought the movie "Dirty Grandpa 4 would be about a grandfather who has low hygiene, but I was not correct."

"You know, what's it like to be from 1946? Is it great back then?" Lexi asked.

"Well, it used to be." Jadyn said. "Before."

"Before what?" Lexi asked.

"Well, things were great for me in 1946, but a few months ago, my mom was in a car crash and died." Jadyn replied.

"That's horrible." Lexi said. "But I can relate. My dad died in a motorcycle crash when I was 5."

"Oh, Lexi." Jadyn said. "I am so sorry."

"It's okay, Jadyn. That was a long time ago." Lexi said.

"Ever since my mom died my dad hasn't been the same." Jadyn said. "He has been drinking alcohol, I'm afraid he will become an alcoholic and start abusing me."

"That's terrible." Lexi said. "But I mean, you'll probably be fine. You'll get married, and have a daughter someday."

"Maybe I can ask my daughter now, she's still here, so I can learn my future!" Jadyn said.

"Oh, I don't know." Lexi worried. "That doesn't sound like a good idea."

Meanwhile, in Melody's bedroom.

"Hello Melody." Nia said. "with this whole Jadyn thing happening, I haven't had much time with you but I'm here now." Then Nia snuggled and played with Jadyn. "Aw you are so cute."

"Waah!" Melody started to smell bad.

"Oh no," Nia could smell it. "Diaper change..."

Chapter 5: AstridEdit

Astrid was in her new job at the marina store. She was with her coworker and friend Candace.

"I love this job so much!" Astrid said.

"How could you like it?" Candace asked. "This whole is one stinky task after another! We had to clean seagull poop off the docks yesterday!"

"I know! I'm tired of having to be clean all the time to please everyone. As this job, I get to be truly myself. While I clean of bird defecation." Astrid said enthusiastically.

"You're such a slob, Astrid." Candace said, pulling her red hair back. "Now, our boss says we have a 2 hour break, so I'm going to the Glo-Smoothie place."

"Glo-smoothie? What's that?" Astrid asked.

"It's the newest smoothie shop that sells smoothies that glow." Candace said. "The only downside is that your pee glows, but they're working on that."

"T.M.I., and that's coming from me." Astrid said.

Astrid went to her iPad and then clicked the FaceTime app. "I haven't seen Nia since her wedding, I bet that she's available to talk."

"Hi Astrid!" Nia said. "I heard you got a new job! What is it?"

"Scrubbing off bird poop in the marina store," Astrid said with pride.

"Astrid do you need help? Have you took your medicine yet?" Nia asked, with concern.

"Ha ha. But I actually enjoy this job," Astrid replied. "I get to be filthy and get paid!"

"Okay... Anyways, I just had my daughter recently." Nia said.

"I heard that. So, let me guess, you named her Astrid, just like you promised?" Astrid asked.

"What? No, I named her Melody." Nia told her. "When did I promise that?"

"12 years ago." Astrid said. "After we had our adventure in Sims 3 and during our truth and dare game. Don't you remember?"

September 1, 2015

"Okay Nia, we just finished you eating a cauliflower covered in chocolate and mayonnaise. It made me a little sick watching..." 15 year old Nia said.

"That was delicious!" 10 year old Astrid said. "It's like when I covered my brocolli and maple syrup. The best way to eat healthy."

"Whatever." Nia said. "My turn."

"Truth or dare?" Astrid asked.

"I choose truth." Nia choosed.

"You always choose truth!" Astrid said.

"Fine, dare." Nia sighed.

"I dare you to name your first daughter Astrid." She dared.


"Well, it's our girl code. You have to do it." Astrid said.

"Fine. But Ethan and I won't even have kids. I've already planned the next 20 years for us together."

"And I don't know, Nia, Ethan doesn't seem to be right guy for you."

"Oh please, we'll be together forever." Nia said.

Present day

"You broke the girl code!" Astrid said angrily. "You promised!"

"That was 12 years ago! I thought I'd be dating Ethan forever back then."

"I can't believe you broke your promise!" Astrid turned her video chat off.

"Nia, who were you yelling at on your "video chat" device?" Jadyn asked.

"My cousin. She's angry because I didn't name my daughter after her." Nia said. "By the way, on August 20th, at 6 am, you must be here to return to your time period. It will be like you never left."

"Good, I hope that my absence in 1946 is will not change anything." Jadyn said. "Well, I'm going to the shower. It's been a while since I bathed myself."

"Okay." Nia said.

Chapter 6: Different IdentityEdit

Gregory walked in the kitchen with gunk all over his hands.

"Hey Gregory, how's fixing the car going?" Lexi asked.

"Very gross." Gregory said, walking to the sink. "My dad never told there would be so much gunk in the car's tires. He worked on cars for 40 years already."

"And you never did anything with him?" Lexi asked.

"No, I was never interested." Gregory lathered his hand with soap.

Suddenly, Nia walked in. "Guys, why did all my stuff disappear from the rec room?"

Gregory and Lexi stared at her for a second.

"Who are you?" Gregory asked.

"It's me, Nia Brandt." She said. "I've only been dating you for about 10 years now, we have daughter... Did you hurt your head Gregory?"

"What? How are you in my house?" Gregory said. "I don't know who you are."

"Hey!" Lexi said "Back off of my man!"

"If you two are pulling a prank on me it's not funny." Nia said. "By the way, Jadyn is in the shower."

"How do you know about her?" Lexi asked, surprised.

"She was time traveled here." Nia said.

"Sorry, but I need to ask you to leave." Gregory said.

Suddenly Jadyn walked in wearing a bathrobe. "Hey guys, I love your shower. Oh Nia, did you dye your hair brown?"

"What?" Nia said, then looked in the mirror to see her hair was completely brown, not blonde. "Why is my hair brown."

"You know her?" Gregory asked. "Then can you please get her out of here?"

Nia took out her driver's license and read it. It was completely different. Her name was not Nia Brandt. It was Jenna White and her birthday, address, and picture did not describe Nia at all.

"I am so confused..."