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 Paramilitary Zombie Killers are introduced in Zombie Apocalypse: Dangerous Journey and possibly other articles. In the fanon version and original work, they are eight, highly trained men who fight and exterminate zombies to protect Clara Madicia and the people residing in it. The men wear special uniforms that are partially zombie-proof, but they can still be damagd and contaminated. The fanon and original work contains eight men who are Sebastian Anders, and seven others with unverified last names: Samson, Nathan, Kendrick, Eric, Chris, Jack, and Andrew. The eight men wear body paints in order to disguise themselves and fool the zombies they got to exterminate. They each got their own room in Clara Madicia. But when Chase calls for their service they join up in the suiting room and work with each other to get dressed and have everything in order.