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The Parker family is a big family currently with three generations.

Just the Two of UsEdit

James Parker and Joanna Parker were a young adult couple who lived up in the mountains in Sunset Valley near Stoney Falls. James started working in the Business Career as a Coffee Courier while Joanna started working in the Music Career (The Sims 3) as a Fan.


Not too soon after moving and settling in Joanna got pregnant and was placed on maternity leaf with James bringing in the money. After 3 days of watching kids TV Joanna gave birth to twins named Jared Parker and Jacob Parker.

Moving DayEdit

Once the twins aged into children and Joanna became preggers again and gave birth to a daughter named Julia Parker. It was about high time they moved in which they did into the empty house surrounding the Lofty Cerulean Pool.

The Nest is a Little FullerEdit

Joanna gave birth to a fourth named Jenna Parker and just before that she was promoted to Roadie. Also with James he was climbing the coporate ladder eventually making friends with his boss Gunther Goth, and co-workers Nancy Landgraab, Nick AltoIliana Langerak and Thornton Wolff. As well as Joanna friends with VJ Alvi

Final ChildEdit

Joanna finally gave birth to a son named Jordan Parker. This was also the last time Joanna was placed on maternity.

The Nest is a Little EmptierEdit

Julia and Jenna aged up into children then teens and Jacob and Jared aged up into teens then young adults. So before they moved out the Parker family took a family photo and Jared joined the Music career and Jacob joined the Medical Career (The Sims 3).

Cindy and Sandy WrightEdit

After one day the Parker twins moved into the Modernehaus in which Cindy Wright and Sandy Wright the Wright twins moved in. The couple of twins got friendlier becoming romantic interests then boyfriend/girlfriend and later fiances. By that time Jared was a Roadie and Jacob was a Bed Pan Cleaner

I DoEdit

Cindy works in the Culinary Career (The Sims 3) as a Kitchen Scullion at the Little Corsican Bistro and she and Jared had Thursday off so the two had a wedding party with friends and family to become Mr and Mrs Jared Parker.

'Til Death do We Part LitterallyEdit

Sandy works in the Political Career (The Sims 3) as a Ballot Counter so she and her fiance had the weekend off and got married at that time. Sadly Jacob's family went home to celebrate Jame's birthday into elderhood. Also Jacob and Sandy missed the wedding because Sandy's boss Vita Alto died of old age so they had a surprise visit from the Grim Reaper.

Pregnant x2Edit

Just after the couple of couples got married and tried for a baby resulting in a double positive

Jame's RetirementEdit

Just as James arrived home from Jacob's wedding he aged up and retired as a Power Broker receiving a $400 pension a day.

Catching UpEdit

After I was done with the Twins I went back to the Parkers. Jordan aged up into a child and he and his parents switched rooms. Meanwhile Jenna developed a romantic interest with Marvin Bunch the son of Lisa Bunch.

Birthdays and Birth DaysEdit