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Patricia Peterson
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When Patrcia married Arthur she settled into family life. Her childrens were born and the future is looking bright.
Name Patricia Peterson
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Ghost Ghost
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Patricia Peterson is a member of the huge and wealthy Peterson family. She is only Stella and Adam Peterson's daughter, making her a member of the 2nd generation of the family.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Patrcia was born in the Belladonna Cove. She lived in a huge seashore villa with her parents. She was mostly raised by her mother, since her father Adam was always working, who was obsessed with money. She learnt all of her toddler skills thanks to her mother, but was still best friends forever with both of her parents.

On her birthday her father was elecrocuted when he tried to repair a television. After his death she was only person who inherited his whole fortune.

Teenhood and UniversityEdit

She went to university as soon as she grew into a teen, and there again, she was mostly studying. She had the Gastronomy major, since she wanted to become a well-known cook. She also began to cooking a lot. She graduated with the Honors, and got back to Belladonna Cove.


When she came back, most of her mother was very old and soon she is gonna pass awayof beauty. After her mother died from old age, she sell their villa and she rent an apartment at Cornerstone Condominiums and bought an old building where she changed it into the restaurant and called La Purple Moon restaurant.

Patricia met Arthur Morrison at restaurant that she own, and the two shared the passion of having family. They eventually married, and they got four children: the twins Cordelia and Kent, and another pair of twins Angela and Bonnie. Their happiness was long-lived: Her restaurant was called the best in town, her children's grown up without problems they got into private school then a narssistic Cleveland family move in and start rivarly with them.


When she turn elder together with her husband Arthur, she was still happy of it that she already got grandchildren's her children's grew up into the adult and got married (except, Angela who is obsessed with her political career) she that she's too old to still keep her restaurant so she decided to sold it to Cleveland's, after that she bought a big mansion on Twikki Island and go there for vacation with Arthur and spent there whole week. When they come back from Twikki Island, few days later her husband passed away from old age, Patrcia was saddened about his death, she couldn't and she doesn't want go outside her home, her children's and grandchildren's try to cheer up her and buy her the oven that she always wants that present make that go outside the Cornerstone Condominiums and starts with her whole family watched stars that night and suddenly satellite crush on Patricia and that ended up her life.