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Perlanne Dortheimer
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Perlanne loves adventure. She never could stop exploring tombs ll around the world, unearthing secrets and pile up ancient artifact. This was used by her really evil sister Pâquerette, but Perlanne narrowly escaped and her sister died insterad of her. However, the latest tomb she is decided to explore is far more dangerous than any of those she has explored before...
Name Perlanne Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Dortheimer Family
Parents Pélagie Horsepurple, Roger Horsepurple Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Pâquerette Dortheimer
Romances Lucien de la Grange
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Pervenche Dortheimer
Trait Adventurous small Adventurous
Trait Brave small Brave
Trait Good small Good
Trait Loner small Loner
Trait Natural Cook small Natural Cook
Zodiac sign PiscesLN Pisces
Lifetime wish
LTW Great Explorer Great Explorer
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Frogs Legs Frog Legs
Fav Turquoise Turquoise
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Skin color Medium skin-TS3 Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Cause of death Fire
World Riverview
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Perlanne Dortheimer is a member of the 13th generation of the large and wealthy Dortheimer family.

Perlanne was born in Riverview to the crazy ghosthunter Pélagie Horsepurple and her husband Roger Horsepurple. She also had an older sister, Pâquerette. Perlanne had apparently no major problem with her, still...

Her mother's career fascinated her. At first, she was really scared of the ghosts Pélagie stocked in the cellar, but she learnt to overcome her fears. And after that, she was eager for scary adventures. She also was a really bright student and had great grades at school.

However, when she became a teen, she caught her father cheating on her mother with Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, and this greatly upset her. She had to tell it to her mother, who immediately suffered a massive breakdown (and that worsened Pélagie's already ramshackle mental health. However, she firmly refused to divorce her husband.

After that, she decided to take her mother for a vacation in Egypt, and she also invited her sister, but Pâquerette declined the offer.

In Egypt, while her mother remained at the camp, Perlanne was finally able to delve into the depths of many Egyptian tombs. She also regurlary wrote postcards to her sister, detailing her adventures and her future plans. However, one weird thing happened while she searched the famous Eyes of Horus in Abu Simbel tomb. While in the temple, she felt some unnatural, weird presence, that for unknown reason remembered her of her own basement. And when she arrived in the final room of the tomb, there were no precious artifacts in here, however, the dust in the walls clearly indicated that two, round things were clinging on the wall just a little time before her own arrival...

When Pélagie and Perlanne returned to Riverview, they learnt that Meadow and Roger disappeared into thin air. And townsfolk suspected that the two fled Riverview to be happy together somewhere else. This completely destroyed Pélagie that was forced to remain at home all the time, therefore quitting her successful job.

Perlanne continued her adventures during this time to get her father out of her mind. She particularly loved France, it's museums, it's Eiffel Tower, etc. She mostly enjoyed Champs les Sims' catacombs. She even visited Le Château de l'Amiral Landgraab. She narrowly escaped death in here when she almost stepped on three electrical traps in a row. She was also a skilled martial artist and no mummy could outmatch her in a fight.

The night after her return from her second trip from France, Perlanne could not sleep and she decided to go out for a midnght stroll. However, when she stepped in the living room, she tumbled over something. She got up and turned on the light. And she saw her mother on the floor. She apparently died of Old Age during the night. Perlanne was very sad and she and her sister buried her next to Pélagie's mother Gisèle. And Perlanne inherited of one half of her mother huge fortune.

One day, her sister, who was really fond of horses, bought a cute foal named Pénélope. It quickly grew up and became a really fast and gracious mare. The horse attracted a young jockey named Lucien de la Grange, and he fell in love with Perlanne. They got married in the blink of an eye, and Perlanne got pregnant. However, the wedding did not last long, as tragedy struck again when Lucien was found drowned in the swimming pool.

She gave birth to her daughter Pervenche and had to remain at home for a long time to take care of her. She therefore quickly got bored and was eager for adventures. And that's why she couldn't be happier when her sister announ ed to her that she discovered a secret underground passageway under their very house.

What Perlanne did not know is that Pâquerette was completely insane and longed for her mother's money for years. She did not know that she was hated by Pâquerette, who was after her part of the inheritance. Pâquerette was also the one who killed her father, his mistress and Lucien, adnd discovered years ago the hidden underground passageway she pretended to have found out minutes ago. She extended the passage and set up a deadly trap to kill Perlanne and get her part of her inheritance.

She began to explore the maze, hounded by her mischievous sister, but just some steps before the trap, into a rainbow-colored room, Pélagie's ghost showed up and informed her good-hearted daughter of the plans of her evil daughter. Seeing her plan wrecked, Pâquerette rammed on Perlanne and a big brawl ensued. After some minutes of fighting, Perlanne projected her sister through a purple door, that locked itself, imprisoning Pâquerette with no hope of getting out. Pélagie told that the only way to open the door was to cry upon her mother Gisèle's urn. However, Perlanne felt that her vile sister deserved what she got and Perlanne let Pâquerette die in her purple jail. She didn't even bother to take what remained of Pâquerette out of the basement.

After that, she sealed the passageway and swore to herself to keep this whole thing secret. And she told her daughter that Pâquerette left the town and would never return. Or at least she wouldn't come back for several years.

After hat she continued to explore unknown basements for the rest of her life. She never really worked, as her foreign relics collection were incredibly valuable, and her personally fortune was already enormous.

She raised her daughter to be kind and bright. Her worse fear was to see Pervenche become as nasty and evil that her wretched sister. This hopefully never happened.

When she became a young Adult, Pervenche's natural sense of business led her to an important position in MorcuCorp, that was owned by a distant cousin in Barnacle Bay. She also got married to the stylist Erwan Brégoët and got two children with him, Patricia and Paulin. Perlanne loveed her grandchildren a lot, but she had to admit that their crying kind of annoyed her. Perlanne was also proud to welcome her famous relative Hortense, who was on tour in the entire SimNation.

She narrated to her two grandchildren the story of her life, her travels and her mother's history. However, she kept Pâquerette's plans and death a secret. Still, she created a fairy tale on her own dealing about some similar situation to teach Patricia and Paulin about rancor, envy, greediness and ruthlessness and therefore to warn them about people like her sister without teeling her name.

Perlanne became an elder, and she heard the tale of her own family member Emma Dortheimer's tragic story. Emma was a young woman who was the fiancé of a wealthy man named Charles. He bought a large house for them, and he named it Ravenhearst Manor. However, after some unknown events, Emma disappeared for fuzzy reasons, and the legend tells hat her spirit still lurks under Ravenhearst Manor. She decided to puzzle out the mystery and to explore the mansion.

When she arrived in front of the rusted gates, Perlanne was shocked by the old manor's massive size and decayed facade. The manor was abandoned for a long time, and townspeople feared it a lot, because of the gruesome legends that surrounded it. The house itself as well as the furnitures were centuries old, dark and crumbling. Perlanne entered it and she was assaulted by the stench of the rotting furnitures. She began to explore it but she would never unravel the mystery surrounding the dark mansion. No one would see her alive again and her burnt body was found outside the manor's gate. No one ever learnt about HOW her body was brought here. She was buried in the Dortheimer's graveyard.

After her death, Perlanne still lingered as a ghost in the Riverview house, yet she couldn't tell her descendants about what happened in Ravenhearst Manor, as she did not remember anything about it.

Years later, her ghost was horrified to see that Pâquerette had returned, possessing her descendant Marlena's body. But she could not do anything about it, as Pâquerette, as soon as she noticed her sister's ghost, shattered her shrine in the very room Pâquerette died in, jamming her in the Netherworld. Some months later, when Pâquerette was finally and definitely vanquished, Marlena's cousin found her broken urn. She recognized it and collected back Perlanne's ashes, putting them in a new urn, Freeing Perlanne from eternally remaining in Netherworld. After that, she would remain in the mansion as a ghost, relieved to know that her sister was trapped forever in netherworld with no chance of coming back.