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Phil Goth is the eldest child of Mortimer Goth and Primrose Goth. He has a brother, Stephen Goth, and a half-sister, Tammie Bachelor. Naturally born avampire , Phil stands up to challenges with stubborn determination. He
is an opposite to his younger brother's personality which can sometimes trigger a few disputes. Normally shy and quiet, Phil was considered to be quite mysterious to others he wasn't considered to be close with (which is a majority). The handsome and smoldering face in the shadows leaving people in a curious stupor.



As a child, Phil grew up with his younger brother, Stephen, the only person in the world who really understood how his mind worked, which has given them a very tight bond. They played together and did everything together and Phil doesn't mind that Stephen was his opposite: smarter, playful and more outgoing. Phil tends to be passive-aggressive at most times and only Stephen would truly know. Phil had the habit of being unpredictable when angered, leaving his parents and brother in apprehension at the insane things he does. Both his parents had the sense of giving both of them a happy childhood, which is exactly what they did, well... a majority of it.


As soon as he aged into a young adult, Phil moved out bringing Stephen to live with him for the while. As soon as Stephen turned to adulthood, he had found life with Laurel Conklin and married her, leaving Phil to live alone in his big empty house. The walls seem to be getting tighter. His sanity's on the line of he doesn't find someone to open up to soon.