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Pleasant Days
Name: Pleasant Days
Series: Pleasantview Stories
Written by: SebasV96
Release date: July 6, 2012

Previous chapter: Don's Love(s)
Next chapter: The Less Fortunate

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Pleasant Days is the third episode of the series Pleasantview Stories. This episode takes a break from the Goth/Caliente/Lothario triangle and explores the Pleasant family, a stereotypical "trying-to-be-perfect" upper-middle class family who have deep, deep problems.



Lilith snapped awakee and shut off her alarm clock. Another long, dull school day.

She got up and made her way to the bathroom she shared with her twin sister, Angela. No sign of her. Lilith began trying to brush her tangled mess of hair, when Angela strolled in.

"Out of the way, Lilith," she said, shoving her sister aside. She rolled a brush through her hair, snapped on a glittering silver hair clip, and achieved a flawless hairstyle. She adjusted her floral green sundress, dabbed at some microscopic imperfection in her makeup, and flashed a brilliant white smile at the mirror before pushing Lilith again and strolling out of the bathroom.

The girls' parents were already sitting at the dinner table downstairs.

"Good morning, dad, good morning, mom!" Angela said cheerfully as she skipped downstairs.

"Good morning. Angela!" Daniel and Mary-Sue said cheerfully. Mary-Sue had been busy on an important phone call with her work supervisor, but put the phone down long enough to greet her golden child.

"I'm making omelettes for you, guys!" she schmoozed.

"Thank you, dear," Daniel said. Angela went off into the kitchen while Mary-Sue continued chatting to her supervisor on the phone. Daniel slowly reached his hand over to hers and grabbed onto it. Mary-Sue pulled away and gave him a look without even halting her conversation.

Daniel began to flirtatiously caress his wife's shoulder, but she put down long enough to hiss, "Not now!" and smack his hand away. She continued talking to her supervisor about work and schedules. "yes, yes," she agreed. "Oh, sir, I would love to take on Saturdays! Yes, you know it's a pleasure to work for you. Great, so now my workdays include Saturday, too! Great, see you soon, sir!"

Now that she was done, Daniel leaned in for a kiss, but Mary-Sue pushed him away and began working on some documents she had laid out on the breakfast table. "Not now, Daniel," she said. "I just got a few more work days so I have to begin organizing and preparing for the workloads. Oh, how I love my job!"

Daniel sighed and turned away, rejected and depressed. Lilith came downstairs.

"Good morning," she gumbled. Daniel continued sulking and Mary-Sue continued working. "I said 'good morning,'" Lilith repeated.

Both of her parents muttered a quick "Hi" without looking at her, and Lilith took a seat.

Angela strolled in with a plate of piping hot omelettes. "Breakfast is ready! Here's one for mom, and one for dad, and one for me! Let's eat!"

"What about me?" Lilith asked.

"You can make your own food, Lilith," Angela said angrily.

"Yeah, stop depending on Angela so much," Daniel agreed.

Breakfast went on as usual: Angela and Lilith arguing, Daniel trying to flirt with his workaholic wife, and Mary-Sue busy filling out political schedules and documents for her internship job. Before long the carpool arrived for Mary-Sue, as did the school bus for the girls.

"Bye, dad!" Angela said.

"Bye, sweetie," Daniel replied.

"Bye, dad," Lilith muttered.

Daniel ignored her and turned to Mary-Sue. "How about a goodbye kiss?" he asked her.

Mary-Sue walked away, got into the car, and left. Daniel was heartbroken, but there was no reason to fear. He quickly went and took a nice, hot bath. Then he brushed his hair, put on his nicest sweater and jacket, and lit the fireplace in his bedroom. He scattered a few rosepetals around the bed, and brought in champaign bottles.

In a few hours, the door to the Pleasant residence creaked open.


"I'm in the bedroom."

He waited as he saw a figure enter his room. He grabbed her and pulled her close. The two began making out. "You're better than I thought," he said.

"I'm sorry I didn't do this earlier," she apologized. "I've been so busy!"

"Shh, dear," he soothed, kissing her some more. He helped her unhook her bra, and she took off his pants for him. The two began a passionate make out. "It's alright," he soothed. "I know you have a job to do."

"I just don't want you to think I don't love you," she sighed. "I do, Daniel, I do."

"I love you, too, Kaylynn," Daniel said to his maid as he enveloped her in even more kisses. The two began WooHoo, just as the school bus pulled up in front of their house. Just as the girls got home from school, Angela announcing that she got an A+ while making sure to emphasize Lilith's D. They strolled in, looking for their father, and followed the noises coming from the bedroom. They walked in; and quickly ran out. Neither had seen them. neither had noticed. But it was undeniable: Angela and Lilith had just caught their father in the midst of his affair.