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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
Pleasantly Bewitched
Name: Pleasantly Bewitched
Genre: Fantasy
Created by: Isabelle87P
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: September 26, 2012
Status: Under Construction

Succeeded by: None

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Pleasantly Bewitched is a Fantasy Fanon which takes place in the Supernatural town of Moonlight Falls. In this Alternate Reality, the Pleasant Family are practitioners of Magic (In other words, Witches) with only Angela Pleasant as the sole non-magical human being. The family is best friends with the Aebi Family, and the Wives of the family develop a magical Portal which accidentally transports them from their dimension to Moonlight Falls.

The story is written by Isabelle 87P and told from the Household's Teenagers' Points of View. Much of the Pleasant Family's original Story is kept with a few modifications to fit in to the setting and plotline.

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