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Plum(b)bob PD
PlumbbobPD Logo
Name: Plum(b)bob PD
Genre: Mystery, Crime-Drama, Comedy
Created by: LostInRiverview
Number of chapters: 10

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"In any case, it's time for a new story."

Plum(b)bob PD (abbreviated to PPD) is a crime show created by LostInRiverview. Originally intended as a one-off joke to wind down PlumbBobs & Prejudice, it was subsequently developed by DanPin and became a full-fledged series, set after the events of P&P.


Main CastEdit

  • Liron I. River - The Chief of Police of the Sims Wikiton Police Department and leader of the task force.
  • Kay Ay - A lieutenant from the big city, Wikipediopolis. He is highly skilled in sniping and ambushes.
  • Dan Pin - An officer who is dedicated to his job.
  • Ben C - The task force's tech expert.
  • Delta - The mysterious robot given to the police department long ago.

Recurring CastEdit

  • Cadet Syde - A cadet fresh out of police academy. He is very eager to make the world a safer place.
  • Dr. Hannah - The task force's resident medical examiner.
  • Lost - A forgetful man who looks oddly like Lord George.
  • The Llama - A mysterious figure who has connections to Liron's past.
  • The UNCYC - A task force who deals with international affairs.

Episode GuideEdit

  1. Pilot - The team is introduced and stumbles upon an “accidental” electrocution that leads to an underground trolling ring, which makes Dan go undercover. Meanwhile, Liron receives a mysterious package.
  2. Law - Syde returns from a trip to Sunset Valley about the ILS5 case. The team follows on the lead, which leads to Syde and Dan going on a wild goose chase around the city.
  3. Uniform - Coming Soon
  4. Mission - Coming Soon
  5. Bullet - Coming Soon
  6. Badge - Coming Soon
  7. Officer - Coming Soon
  8. Bail - Coming Soon
  9. Protection - Coming Soon
  10. Duty - Coming Soon

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