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Chapter I - Introductions & IguanasEdit

Introductions & Iguanas
Name: Introductions & Iguanas
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Duskey
Release date: August 30, 2010

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: The East Wing

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It was a dark and stormy night at Wiki manor. Not even a Sim with the Loves the Outdoors trait would be caught in this weather. (At least in Sims 3 fan fiction there's weather). A red luxury car drove up the curved driveway. It had white wall tires, a chromed front grill and round headlights. A figure only revealing her lower face in the pale moonlight could be seen through the windows. She was admiring the colossal sculpture standing in the middle of the lawn. A chilling and imposing sight for anyone taking the long trek up to the building proper. It had been created by the world renowned sculptor Barrotok van Helgan an de Leen from Simvaria. Rumors in prolific circles say that over a thousand PlumbBobs died in the making of the statue. It depicted a kneeling Sim, held down by the gargantuan PlumbBob on his back. "So true..." she whispered to herself as the car came to a stop in front of the mansion entrance. Her driver fetched an umbrella and escorted her to the door. The heavy brass lion head knocker was cold to the touch, even through her gloves. Steve came to the door: "Ah, Miss Bleeh come in. What a dreadful weather we're having tonight, almost remids me of home." She smiled and started to remove her coat. "Let me get that miss". Steve took Bleeh's coat and continued: "Of course, this wouldn't really be like back home, since it'll probably clear up in the morning". Good old Steve always knew how to make Bleeh smile, if only for a little while. "I trust my brother hasn't arrived yet?" she asked to keep the smalltalk going. "Quiet the contrary miss, his lordship arrived early yesterday morning. Said he had finished his contracting business early and couldn't wait to be back home". "Oh, I see" Bleeh said with a worried smile. That was odd. Liron usually dreaded family gatherings and only showed up as to now lose his inheritance. To think he was the legal heir of Wiki mansion. With that last thought she accidentally let out a slight scoff, which Steve obviously noticed as left eyebrow was raised an inch. As a gentleman and servant of the house, he did not comment. If there was one thing he had learned in his many years of serving the Duchess of York, it was to keep his mouth shut and ears closed.

The doors at the top of the huge winding staircase of the receiving hall opened and out came mother. "Ah Madam Alice, good evening" Steve bowed. "Mother". Alice hurried down the many steps to greet Bleeh. "Where's Dhad?" she asked her mother as Steve received Bleeh many many bags of luggage from her driver and wobbled up the stairs to the guest rooms. "He's in the study with your brother, shall we go meet them?" "Sure". They barely took two steps though, when there was a knock at the door. "Ah, your driver must've forgotten a case" Alice said, I'll just get it, but the man at the door was hardly the fine-mannered and well groomed driver. Bleeh turned around to see and gasped: "Duskey". "Happy to see me, niece? Hah hah hah" he blurted out. "Oh, welcome. We weren't expecting you, please come in" Alice said with a smile as phony as an anti-wrinkle cream. Duskey was wearing colorful shorts and a shirt which would even have been rejected a Hawaiian tiki shop for being too tacky. "Well well well, Wiki manor, it's been awhile" He took a deep breath "Aaah yeah, that stench brings back memories". The women in the room were scowling towards this unwelcome guest, but before any of them could speak up, the doors to the east wing went open where Linkita, the maid, announced that: "Mr. Dharden & Mr. River will see you in the study now".

To be continued... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN... Oh wait, there was an iguana too. Drat, I forgot it :p Duskey(talk) 21:41, August 30, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter II - The East WingEdit

The East Wing
Name: The East Wing
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: LostInRiverview
Release date: September 1, 2010

Previous chapter: Introductions & Iguanas
Next chapter: Sinister Siblings

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The large oaken doors creaked open slowly, to reveal the handsomely-furnished east wing great room. The ceiling, vaulted and dark, towered overhead as Miss Bleeh, mother Alice, and the thoroughly unwanted Duskey stepped inside the door. Across the expansive room towered three long, dusty windows. An errant streak of lightning lit up the night sky, filling the dimly-lit space with an eerie white light, though only for a moment. A large fire in an even larger fireplace crackled, as if announcing its presence, and its bright orange glow reached out into the room, though it was barely able to penetrate the darkness of the massive chamber.

Illuminated before the flames were three men, apparently absorbed in conversation of a mysterious nature. The first, a grizzled older gentleman wearing golden-rimmed glasses, sipped some dark beverage as he spoke in low tones towards the man on his left. This man, with his noticeably younger face, looked up as the oak doors were closed, and he saw the dark young woman who was his sister. Expecting some sort of greeting, Lord Liron of River placed the rifle he had been holding beside his chair, and prepared to address his sister. However, Miss Bleeh paid no notice to her sibling, instead directing her attention towards the third person sitting beside the fire. The third man looked up from the conversation and noticed the woman, and his face fell.

“Miss Bleeh,” the stranger timidly spoke, “it’s… good to see you.” “Mother?” Bleeh asked, attempting to hide her emotion, “what is he doing here?” “Don’t you remember? Young Archibald Andrews is staying here this week,” mother Alice responded. At that point, Archie rose from his chair and moved towards Bleeh. A look of disgust briefly passed over Bleeh's face, but she knew that she was forced to keep her true feelings hidden from the guise of her mother. Alice continued, "Yes, mister Andrews is here to assist us in preparations for the wedding, remember? Bleeh, your dress arrived today."

The betrothal of Miss Bleeh to nefarious Mister Andrews was a well-known fact in the nearby town of Simswiki, whose gossiping residents gleefully spread increasingly far-fetched tales regarding the unhappy couple to any person who would listen. The sordid affair captured the imagination of even the youngest residents, with most people feeling quite apologetic towards the young woman, though none dared to question the actions of Miss A. Morris; it was widely believed by most individuals that Madame Morris ruled Wiki Manor, and the entire town of Simswiki, under an iron fist. Even in an era when betrothal is rare and generally unaccepted, the actions of Madame Morris were not questioned openly by anyone. Why is this? Let's just say that those who have ever questioned A morris have ended up disappearing from Simswiki forever.

At Alice's mentioning of the dress, Lord Liron and Duke Duskey return to their conversation, making sure to speak quickly and in whispered tones to avoid eavesdroppers. Each glance, at intervals, at the young Mister Andrews, or at Miss Bleeh, but both continue to whisper.

What are father Dharden and brother Liron planning? Does it have anything to do with Bleeh's upcoming wedding? Is it a plan to save her, or to cause further distress? And why did Alice do what she did? Is she really as bad as the townspeople think? And what will Bleeh do, with her wedding day quickly approaching, to get away from the awful Archibald? —Preceding unsigned comment added by LostInRiverview (talkcontribs) 23:57, September 1, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter III - Sinister SiblingsEdit

Sinister Siblings
Name: Sinister Siblings
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Duskey
Release date: September 21, 2010

Previous chapter: The East Wing
Next chapter: Secrets

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Archibald Andrews the 3rd of Fanville rose from the comfy leather chair, grabbed his cane and humped towards Lady Bleeh, facing herself trapped with her back against the door. Alice exclaimed: "Why Mr. Andrews, your leg?". "Worry not my dear, a hunting accident, quite unavoidable". As Steven passed through the room brandishing a silver tray filled to the brim with exotic fruits, Archibald grabbed a half-cut peach and feasted on it on his way to the new terrified Lady Bleeh. The juices from the fruit ran down his heavily bearded chin and he extruded grim sounds as he muffled the words: "But fear not, me Lady, I am fully capable of performing all marital duties". Just as he was about to reach for Bleeh's hand to kiss it, someone opened the door behind her and she fell backwards. It was Linkita, but she quickly caught Bleeh. "Hola Senõrita, los que se apoye en las puertas de apoyarse en el aire" she said as she chuckled and put Bleeh back on her feet.

Dharden rose from his seat: "I believe that covers our introductions, don't you think? Now come, we all have much to discuss" everyone gathered around a high table in the library, which was unusual since normally only lower coffee tables were present here. Father Dharden went on to explain: "Now as you all know, the Wiki Fortune is dwindling. The world is changing in ways our dear founder could never have dreamed of, we need to take action, which is why I've called you all here." Archibald winked at Bleeh as Steven was gathering empty wine glasses from the table. He clumsily knocked over one of the glasses and the remaining wine spilled all over Archibald's tie. "By the gods" Archie yelled. Dharden looked up from his speech clearly quite annoyed. Duskey bellowed out a thunderous laugh and Lord Liron comforted the Lord in his own snide way: "Fear not Archie, I'm sure we have some old carpet clippings lying around you can have in exchange". Dharden then suggested that they continued in the morning since it was getting late.

Most of the people retreated to their rooms, but Archie and Lord Liron of River stayed by the fireplace. "Don't you think you're laying it on a little thick?" Liron asked the grimacing heir to the Fandom fortune. "What would you have me do? The taste of that fruit and purposely putting my weight on my bad leg was all I could do from wincing from that shrill harpy. Explain to me WHY this is necessary." Calmly Liron suggested that Andrews tie would dry faster if he stood closer to the fireplace. As he moved in, Liron grabbed Andrews' neck and pulled him very close to the fire, seething with rage: "I've explained it to you a million times. It is Alice's wish that our two families unite, we need each other. We need the Fanville Fortune and you need a wife with a title" Archibald retorted: "What's in it for you? Do you not see through Duskey's charade? As soon as your parents are out of the picture, what keeps him from sending you with them? Who's the heir then?" Liron loosened his grab and stared into the fire.

Meanwhile in the master bedroom. "Do you think they suspect anything" Alice asked her husband. "Of course not. We raised our children well, but we do still have some years of experience over them". "Do you think we're doing the right thing?" she asked again. Dharden took her hand and said: "Yes. In due time they will see it was all for the best, but truth be told, I hadn't expected Duskey to show up so soon. He must be broke again" "Mmmm, perhaps. Now let us sleep. You have a lot of explaining to do tomorrow". --Duskeytalk 02:02, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter IV - Secrets Edit

Name: Secrets
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: LostInRiverview
Release date: September 25, 2010

Previous chapter: The East Wing
Next chapter: Down the Tunnel

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True to Steve's prediction, the storm that had raged in the evening had subsided by sunrise the next morning, and warm rays of sunshine peeked through the heavy curtains of Bleeh's chamber. Bleeh awoke to the beautiful morning sun sitting low in the blue sky, and the sound of birds singing on the grounds below. Bleeh, anxious to be out with nature, dressed quickly, then quietly slipped out of the manor, so as to not alert the sleeping people within of her actions. It was during these private moments that Bleeh was able to fully appreciate the gravity of her situation - she was a pawn in a game; a game of wealth, control and domination.

The air outside was cool and humid, and the grass below Bleeh's feet was damp with the last night's rain. Despite the violence of the winds the evening before, the beautiful gardens below Wiki manor appeared as healthy and peaceful as ever. Bleeh smiled as she watched a bumblebee hovering over a flowering bush, while hearing the sounds of a babbling stream nearby. Bleeh walked towards the small brook, watching the glistening clean water pour over rocks and stones as it fell down the hill. Bleeh looked outwards towards the sparkling lake below, enjoying the serene beauty of the morning.

The rest of Wiki Manor would be awake shortly, so Bleeh left the beautiful lake shore and walked back towards the manor, while thinking up any number of things she could do to Archibald, if only given the opportunity. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by the sound of conversation coming from a dense strand of trees nearby. Bleeh, careful not to reveal herself to those secretly conversing, moved ever so slowly towards the edge of the woods, listening as closely as possible to what was said.

Brother Liron spoke first, in a cool tone. "She must not find out. If she does, all we have worked for will be ruined." "What do we do about... him?" asked another voice, that belonging to cruel Archibald. "He will not cause any more problems... after tonight," Liron spoke. "How did you find out about all this?" Archibald asked. "A reliable source, trust me. I would not lie to you, Archie. Just do as we've planned and all will go well. We'll have the money, and we will no longer have to tolerate that horrible woman. Now let's go, it's nearly breakfast, they'll notice that we've gone." With that, Liron and Archie moved from the trees and made their way up towards the Manor. Bleeh waited until she saw them move out of sight, then she quickly ran towards the manor as well, to avoid being spotted by the people inside. She quietly and quickly navigated the manor towards her chamber, and slipped in without incident. A few moments later, she heard a knock on her door, and the voice of Steve said, "Mademoiselle Bleeh, Breakfast will be served momentarily. Are you awake?" "Yes, I am. Tell them I shall be there shortly." Bleeh opened up her wardrobe to begin dressing, when a folded note fell out from inside. Bleeh read it quickly, then read it again. It said:

I will help you out. Please meet me in the Wine cellar at midnight.

Bleeh was sure that this note had not been present when she had changed her clothes just minutes before, meaning that someone must have known that she had left, and had snuck in to drop it off. But who could it be and, more importantly, could she trust them?

The day was uneventful, as Allison and Dharden were in town that day taking care of their business. Over the day, Bleeh silently considered the note. Who left it? Can they be trusted? How can they help her, and why do they want to help? Is this just a trap? And what are Liron and Archibald doing tonight? What are they doing and who are they doing it to? Bleeh considered all this as day turned into evening, then evening turned into night. Alison and Dharden went to bed, followed soon after by awkward Duskey. Archibald, eager to escape Liron's presence, soon retired as well, until Liron too went to bed, leaving Bleeh alone as the minutes slowly ticked towards midnight.

She had made up her mind. Mysterious notes left in dressers are simply too untrustworthy, Bleeh decided, and at ten minutes to midnight, she went to her chamber and soon fell asleep. This sleep was short-lived, as Bleeh was soon awoken by a pair of arms grabbing her, just as a hand covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

"Miss Bleeh, we have no time!" The voice of Linkita, sharp yet quiet and speaking perfect English, hissed at Bleeh as she struggled to break free. "Bleeh! It's me. I am not going to harm you, but you need to come with me." It was no use, however, as Bleeh continued to struggle. "Bleeh, I thought for sure that you would have found my note." At the mention of the note, Bleeh stopped fighting and sat still. Linkita lifted her hand from Bleeh's mouth, and whispered, "We have no time. If you want help, we need to go now. You can stay here and let whatever happens happen, or you can quietly get up, and we will get you out of here." Bleeh hardly needed any more persuasion, and soon Bleeh and Linkita were moving quickly towards the cellar.

As they approached the door of the cellar, Linkita stopped Bleeh, and knocked three times on the cellar door. The door slowly opened to reveal a completely dark room. Out of the darkness stepped Duskey, who smiled meekly towards Bleeh as he motioned both of them into the cellar. "How much time have we got, Linkita?" Duskey asked, just as a lone gunshot rang through the manor.

"Go!" Linkita shouted as Duskey pulled Bleeh into the cellar, and Linkita slammed the door. As soon as the door closed, Bleeh fought Duskey and freed herself. "What is going on!?" She shouted. "Shhh!" He hissed at her. "I will explain everything, but first we have to get out of here," Duskey said as he grabbed a flashlight, "follow me." He walked to a wine rack and pulled out a dust-covered bottle half-way, turned it, then slid it back in, causing a popping sound. Duskey moved towards the edge of the rack and carefully pulled it away from the wall to reveal a secret hallway. "Follow me if you want to live," Duskey said as he entered the tunnel. One thing was clear to Bleeh - she'd rather go down a dark tunnel following a creepy man, than be shot by some unknown foe. Bleeh took a deep breath and took a step into the passage...

-- LostInRiverview talk · blog 21:30, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter V - Down the TunnelEdit

Down the Tunnel
Name: Down the Tunnel
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: LostInRiverview
Release date: January 16, 2011

Previous chapter: Secrets
Next chapter: Prisoners, Detectives and Killers

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Bleeh followed Duskey down the tunnel, the only light visible being the light shining in from the cellar behind them, and the bright light cast by Duskey's flashlight. As they moved down the tunnel, the sound of wood sliding against stone echoed down the tunnel, and all light from the room behind them was blocked out; Linkita had pushed the rack back against the wall, concealing their escape route. "Be careful here - the ceiling gets much lower" Duskey said as he crouched down lower. Indeed the tunnel, which was upon entry tall enough to stand in (barely) was now getting smaller. Duskey, standing taller than Lady Bleeh, ducked first as his hat threatened to touch the ceiling of the dank corridor. Bleeh noticed, as she began to duck, a feeling as if they were moving lower - the tunnel was going down. Soon the rough tunnel floor was replaced by steps cut into hard bedrock. It was clear that the tunnel led straight out of Wiki manor but Bleeh was not sure where it went, and Duskey did not seem eager to tell her. The tunnel continued to move downward, and started curving towards the left, then towards the right. Bleeh was unsure how far they had walked, how far down they had traveled, or in which direction they were going, but she guessed that they must have left the manor's grounds by now. How long it took to dig such a long tunnel, and who was responsible for it, Bleeh could not even begin to fathom.

The pair walked in silence for minutes as the tunnel gradually leveled off. At the bottom of the final step, the ceiling raised noticeably and Duskey and Bleeh were able to stand fully upright once again. At this point, Duskey stopped. "Bleeh, We're about to go to some place very important." "Duskey wait! What's going on? Where are we going?" "Bleeh, I'm afraid I don't have time to explain. We're running late as it is. All I can tell you is that you need to be quiet when we get inside and you need to act like you've agreed to everything I'm saying. Your safety is at stake - do you understand?" Bleeh thought for a moment, "Why... what's going on? I have to know!" "Just be quiet," Duskey said, "and keep your cool." At this, Duskey walked a bit further down the tunnel, casting the light of the flashlight on stone steps leading up to the ceiling of the tunnel; the ceiling was made of wood here. Duskey pulled Bleeh along and knocked three times on the wooden ceiling. A moment later, it flipped open, bathing the tunnel below in the glow of a fire. Duskey and Bleeh stepped up through the floor and into a shabby house, filled nearly to capacity with dozens of people, all sitting silently with grim expressions on their faces, all eyes turned first on Duskey, then on Lady Bleeh whose face was one of confusion and worry.

"The incident has occurred. If I am correct, their plan is going forward." Duskey said. "But what about Rosalyn? Is she safe?" one of the people asked, a middle-aged woman sitting in a chair near the fire. "I can only guess. I certainly hope so, as she is our only route into the manor. Now ladies and gentlemen," Duskey spoke louder and commanded the attention of the entire room, who up to that point had been focused on Bleeh. "we have succeeded in taking Lady Bleeh from the manor, where she was in danger. However, our job is not yet done. Bleeh has agreed to move with Alfred and myself to the city, where she should be safe until we can return. As to the arrange..." Duskey stopped as three knocks were heard on the door leading outside; any sounds which the crowd may have been making were stopped immediately. A tall man standing near the door pressed his ear against it, then opened the door as small an amount as possible and asked "Your business?"

The man at the door was pushed over by a momentous force, and the door flung wide open. Immediately, gunfire was heard, though it is unclear of which direction the firing came from. Bleeh witnessed at least a dozen darkly-clothed and armed men storm into the house, and saw some of the crowd inside fall to the floor, wounded. Without knowing, Bleeh was pulled down to the ground, then down into the tunnel from which she had just emerged. The man pulling her down quickly shut the door in the floor, encasing the tunnel in complete darkness. The man placed his hand upon Bleeh's mouth to prevent any sound from escaping, though one would need to be listening very well in order to make out any sounds over the horrible scuffle occurring in the room above. The gunshots had disappeared, to be replaced by indistinguishable yells and the sound of a brawl. Soon, however, the sounds died out completely. Bleeh and the man stood in complete darkness and complete silence as footsteps could now be heard on the wood floor above. The steps moved back and forth across the floor, stopping at this point or that point, before all steps had stopped.

Bleeh and the man waited for a moment before daring to open the tunnel door. The man pushed the door open slowly, as something weighed down the door, and looked into the dimly-lit room where not one person remained seated or standing. At least ten people laid on the floor, all appeared either dead, dying or unconscious. Bleeh could hardly contain her emotions, but The Man kept her quiet as he pulled her around the room and to a window near the door, forcing Bleeh to kneel down along with him as he peeked out the window into the area outside.

"We're safe, for now." The man said, speaking quietly but with a noticeable British accent. "They've taken many of the documents, I'm sure, and they'll be back." "What is going on?" Bleeh managed to whisper to the man. "The Alliance has been attacked, of course." the man responded. Bleeh remembered Duskey's words, and chose not to ask any further questions, especially under the circumstances. "We've got to move now while we still can." The man said to Bleeh, and she nodded in understanding. "Here's what we'll do. There's a kitchen in the back; we'll exit out through there. I have a car parked a few blocks down; we'll take that out of town." As he spoke, the man moved to the ground, towards the tunnel door, and revealed a secret lock in the floor. He pulled a key from out of his pocket and locked the door, then concealed the lock. When looked at, Bleeh noticed, the door did not appear visible; it would require close inspection in order to find the door, she thought. To be safe, however, the man moved to the side and pulled the folded-up corner of a rug over the floor, concealing it even further. After this, the man moved quickly towards the kitchen, stepping over the people lying there. Bleeh stopped, however. "What about them?" she asked, looking at a wounded young man. "We can't take them, we have no time." the man responded.

Moving out of the house was not as complicated as Bleeh imagined. There was no guard on the house, at least at the moment, and before long they were safely next to the man's nondescript black car. "Get in," the main said, opening the driver side door and stepping in. Bleeh was hesitant. "Who are you?" she asked the man. "We don't have time to talk right now, we have to go." Bleeh responded, "Go where? And who are you? And what is 'The Alliance'? I will not get in this car until I know." The man sighed, and spoke quickly. "My name is Alfred, I've been charged with taking you to the city and I will do so, even though plans are likely to change. Please get in now because we really do not have..."

A yell echoed down the road, and a gunshot was heard. "GET IN!" Alfred yelled, and Bleeh did not protest. Before Bleeh had even buckled in, the car drove off from a dead stop and tore out of town amid the sound of another gunshot...

-- LostInRiverview talk · blog 23:19, January 16, 2011 (UTC)