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Chapter VI - Prisoners, Detectives and Killers Edit

Prisoners, Detectives and Killers
Name: Prisoners, Detectives and Killers
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: BobNewbie
Release date: February 27, 2011

Previous chapter: Down the Tunnel
Next chapter: Return to Wiki Manor

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Bleeh awoke with a start, and as soon as she did the pain got worse. The back of her head was pounding, and there was a numb sensation on her toes and fingers. The tiny light bulb hanging from the roof gave her dear light, yet the light stung her eyes. The room itself was small, and, excluding the chair she was tied to, completely unfurnished. She tugged at the straps that held her down, and each tug made them hold her tighter. She looked at the grey metal door at the side of the room and let out a long croaking sound. A thousand questions spun in her mind. There were the normal ones, who, what, where, when and why, and beyond those were sub-questions, each desperately wanting an answer. She jumped as far as she could in her chair when she heard someone speak behind her. She listened to make sure she wasn't hearing things. "Its not the truth. It isn't. But it isn't a lie. It can't be." No, she wasn't that mad. There was someone behind her, and by the way he spoke, he may have been talking to himself. Bleeh listened to the endless amounts of nonsense he spoke. "Hello?" The question made him silent. Bleeh looked to her side as a tall blonde man with piercing blue eyes came around to face her. "What the heck is the cake no lie the cake no lie what what?" Bleeh's head must have been done for, because she understood none of what the man was saying. He sighed. "What is your name?" Bleeh took a while to remember her full name. "Lady...Marie...Harriet...Clementina...Blehna, but you can call me Lady Bleeh." The man put out his hand, like he was expecting the tied down Bleeh to be able to shake it. "Never mind," he put his hand down,"I'm Bob The Zombosis of Wonderland." He started snickering, as if the joke was funny. The door flew open and hit the wall with a bang, and the man was silent. Bleeh tried to move her head as far away from the entering light as she could, with little results. The British man entered, followed by three others. Two of them were tied together, with one behind them, holding a rifle aimed at their backs. The man named Bob ran and hid behind the chair Bleeh was tied to. Suddenly, the British man yelled: "Drop!" Both that were bound to each other by the waist with a rope did so. The man spun on his heels, exited with the rifleman and slammed the door shut, slightly less violently as before. - Bleeh looked down and the new guests in the room. She realized that the two were Linkita and Duskey, both looked exactly as they had the night before. Linkita and Duskey gave a shy smile when they saw Bleeh, but both looked away simultaneously, like they had failed at something. Bob stood up from behind the chair, and screamed "Mana Loka Sezwe!" before going down to hug Linkita. "Hey Bob," said Linkita, who spun her finger around her head,"How have you been?" Bob jumped up before screaming something about a magazine in the drawer. Duskey struggled to get up. When he did, he walked like a Sim who had just been resurrected; way too casual for someone who was in an unbelievable situation. He took out a small shard of glass from his pocket and free her from her rope chains. Bleeh tried to lung at him, but was too disoriented and he caught her just in time. "Please," she said,"I just want some answers."

Investigator Turner felt the wind moving along her back, making her shiver. That was the only time she ever shivered; lack of heat. She never shivered because of fear. She couldn't. Is she did, people would see her as a weak detective. If they did that, she could lose her job. Her job, the one thing more dearest to her then anything. Secondly came Richard. Investigator Ranaun. Her partner. The one who was always with her, always helping, always bickering. They were friends, partners in fighting crime. Batman and Robin, though there was no sidekick. Both were important. She sneezed and heard Ranaun approaching to her from the woods, which was lined with leafless trees, each large with branches that seemed to try to grab you. As he entered the abandoned parking lot, Investigator Turner asked:"Did you get anything?" He came closer to a comfortable distance to talk, and nodded. "According to Miss. Guerreiro," he took out his notebook,"she saw two armed men enter the residence across her, and escaped through the side door. She says it was too dark to see much, but its not impossible that the woman came out with them." Turner sighed. "Did she tell you anything about the missing woman?" Ranaun nodded again. "She said the woman, Misses Katherina Arrieta, was almost always in her house. She says she never came out, and had only seen her have guests two times in the last year." Turner turned and started walking, and Ranaun caught up with her. "Do you think that this and that guy who got shot are linked, maybe?" Ranaun looked down slightly. "That man, he...after we interviewed him, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was...his condition turned critical. He...didn't make it." Auror also looked down, only slightly. The emotion on her face and the pace at which she was walking stayed the same. When she came to her 1928 Model A Tudor, she jumped in and stared before he. Ranaun climbed in the other side and closed the door carefully. When Turner stared like that, it meant she was thinking in extreme concentration. She could ignore all her needs and just sit like that for hours. Ranaun took his phone out of his pocket, which was vibrating. He flipped it open. "Investigator Richard Ranaun, how can I help you?" He moved ear further from the phone when a man boomed: "You can help me by getting your butts down to the station A.S.A.P." The man hanged up just as suddenly as he called. Turner wasn't completely oblivious, and has heard the call. She put the keys into the ignition, turned, and sped away.

After getting a new case, Ranaun and Turner spent the rest of the afternoon at a mansion, interviewing a family and searching it for clues. The bride had gone missing, along with the maid and another family member. They disappeared in the evening, and gunshots could be heard. Ranaun investigated the building. It was hard, and it took him four hours before he could finally say he had searched the building from top to bottom. Not that far was the same place the man had been shot. Turner started losing her patience with the family, who were crying, yelling at each other, throwing accusations around, but mostly when the groom, Archibald Andrews, stormed out of the mansion, saying he had better things to do. Finally, Turner lost it, and told the family they had everything they needed.

Andrews walked along the dirt road into the deep forest, with fear of the unknown looming around him. He jumped higher into the air then a burning Sim when someone came from behind him, holding a shotgun. He had short cropped blond hair, with a smirk on his face. He walked closer to Andrews, completely silent, and tossed him the weapon. He then turned and started jogging, and seconds later he was lost in the mass of trees. Andrew's studied the weapon, and saw a piece of paper hanging from a string on it. He read the message, which was clearly written on a typewriter. "When you get the call, use this as we tell you. Hide it safe. If you fail to do as you are instructed, we will see you as an setback and possible weakness. We kill weaknesses." A thunder cloud loomed over him and obstruct the light of the sun, adding emphasis to the message he had just read. He slung the weapon over his shoulder, before muttering under his breath: "Don't have to tell me twice." -BobNewbie talkblog 08:51, February 27, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter VII - Return to Wiki Manor Edit

Return to Wiki Manor
Name: Return to Wiki Manor
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Bleeh
Release date: May 14, 2011

Previous chapter: Prisoners, Detectives and Killers
Next chapter: The Commotion

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Archibald knew he had to impress the family he was going to marry into, despite his mean spirited nature. What better to find his future wife? If he was able to find Miss Bleeh, everything would be better for him: He would be able to marry her sooner and gain more of her family's trust.

Archibald called the detectives who were investigating Miss Bleeh's disappearance, Investigator Turner and Investigator Ranaun. They told him what they knew about her disappearance. They had told Archibald that they discovered that Miss Bleeh was with someone named "Bob the Zombosis of Wonderland", though they had no idea where they actually were. Archibald instantly recognized that name, Bob was one of his classmates in high school. He told the detectives that their services were no longer needed, and they could report back to the manor for their payment. Hehe.

Archibald hung up and called the phone number of his former classmate, which, surprising to Archibald, was the same number as in high school and Bob had actually picked up the phone. "Who is it!??!?!" roared Bob, which was unlike his generally calm attitude that Archibald remembered. "Hi Bob, this is your former classmate Archibald Andrews the 3rd of Fanville calling to ask if you had any idea where my fiancée Lady Marie Harriet Clementina Blehna, commonly referred to as Miss Bleeh, is" Archibald responded with. Bob told him that she was with him and after Archibald's pleas also gave him his address. Things were coming along quite nicely for Archibald, by noon he would likely have Miss Bleeh back.

"That call from Archibald was pretty suspicious," Investigator Turner said to her cousin Investigator Ranaun. "Yeah, I know, but we may as well get on our way to get our paycheck eh" responded Investigator Ranaun, which his cousin agreed to.

They got in their car and on the way there Investigator Turner got a call from Madame Morris, Miss Bleeh's mother, asking if they were any closer to finding her. This made what Archibald had said to them feel even more suspicious. Once they were done talking with her, they were very worried that something bad would happen, but tried to ignore their instincts.

Investigator Ranaun knocked on the door of Wiki Manor, with Investigator Turner right by his side. Madame Morris answered the door, and once they were in she felt something... strange. As if she recognized Investigator Ranaun from somewhere else several years ago. She asked what his first name was, receiving the reply of Richard. Madame Morris knew how she recognized him now, he was the son she let her brother Lord Morten look after, though after her brother tragically died in a car accident Morten's wife moved and brought Richard and his daughter Asora. She didn't want to let her long-lost son know this now, it didn't feel like the proper time to her to tell him such big news, so she just payed him and the investigators were off.

Archibald now had Miss Bleeh with him, after a pleasant time reuniting with his old friend Bob. Though he also had Duskey and Linkita with him, though they were in the back seats of his car. Miss Bleeh seemed quite worried, especially when Archibald mentioned that he would be able to "finally" marry her once they return home. Archibald just ignored her reaction, while Duskey was laughing at him.

By the time Archibald returned home, he could tell that Miss Bleeh's family would think of him as quite a hero now. Which, they did. A special breakfast was set up for the next day while Madame Morris was able to set up the invitations with her husband, though he didn't understand the significance of inviting the investigators to the breakfast. Not yet, anyways.

The next morning, each of the invitees awoke early to get prepared for this special event. Miss Bleeh had not slept all night, as she was a bit traumatized by the recent occurrences in her life. Linkita helped her to pick out what she would wear for the breakfast, though Miss Bleeh was more cranky than usual. She already didn't understand why a special breakfast was necessary, or why Archibald needed to be treated as a hero, and having not slept at all didn't help.

Later on, the invitees were greeted into the manor, including the investigators, and everyone took their places at the table. Everyone congratulated Archibald on his success in finding his fiancée while everyone after that continuously stared at Duskey's poor choice of wardrobe and questioned why he was even there. Finally, while the guests were finishing eating the first portion of the breakfast, Madame Morris announced one of the things she was the most excited to say, that Investigator Ranaun was her son and Investigator Turner was her niece. There was complete silence for several minutes, cut short by Duskey yelling "L.O.L. W.T.F. BARBEQUE" while Miss Bleeh almost choked on the juice she was sipping. Madame Morris invited them to move into the manor, and they kindly said they would need some time to think about it.

That hadn't had been the biggest announcement of the morning, though, as Madame Morris also later announced that there would be a wedding coming up, between her daughter Lady Marie Harriet Clementina Blehna and her fiancé Archibald Andrews the 3rd of Fanville. This literally made Miss Bleeh choke, and she was excused to her room and the breakfast was over.

Archibald joined her in her room and accused her of embarrassing him. Bleeh started responding to him... but then he pulled out his gun out of anger. "If you ever embarrass me again..."

--Bleeh(talk) (blog) 01:28, May 14, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter VIII - The CommotionEdit

The Commotion
Name: The Commotion
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Woganhemlock
Release date: May 15, 2011

Previous chapter: Return to Wiki Manor
Next chapter: Archibald's Return

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Archibald was always known for having a short temper, but never anything like this. He started ranting on about how he was embarrassed by Lady Bleeh, and how it was all a "total drama". Lady Bleeh tried to calm Archibald down, but it was of no use. He pulled his gun out again, and shot Bleeh in the leg. At this point, Duskey barged into the room saying he had lost his favorite checkered tie, and then saw the commotion that had occurred.

Duskey backed away, not watching his step, and fell down the stairs. At this point, the doorbell rang. Duskey got up off the ground, and opened the door. It was no one, and Duskey realized it was the ringing in his head, and not actually the door. He then realized there was a panic upstairs, and called Madame Morris to investigate the commotion.

They went upstairs quickly and quietly, and saw that Archibald had shot Bleeh. They told him to go away, as shooting people is banned in most areas of the house. Archibald stormed off down the stairs, and slammed the door as he left. At that point, Steve the butler came in, to say he was serving tea and crumpets downstairs, and he then overheard the commotion about Archie shooting Bleeh.

"Soo... the wedding's off, I guess?" he said. Madame Morris responded by saying it might be, but just because you shoot someone doesn't mean you hate them...

"So, what now?" said Duskey. "Oh right. Bleeh's dying. Get the whadayacallit. Medicine chap. The... the..."

"Doctor, Duskey", said Morris. And with that, Duskey went off to get the doctor.

Duskey returned several hours later, saying that the government needs to put money in healthcare. Fortunately, Bleeh was not hurt due to Madame Morris being a retired doctor.

The rest of the day passed in silence. Everyone was quiet, wondering why Archibald could lose his temper so quickly, and why he could hurt someone so deeply.

The next day, the sun rose over Wiki Manor, far from the commotion that occurred yesterday. As everyone went down the stairs to eat breakfast, the phone rang. Duskey answered it, and hung back up promptly, a look of terror on his face.

"What is it, Duskey?" asked Bleeh.

"He's coming back. Archibald is coming back to Wiki Manor"

--WH (Talk) 06:01, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter IX - Archibald's ReturnEdit

Archibald's Return
Name: Archibald's Return
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Random Ranaun
Release date: May 17, 2011

Previous chapter: The Commotion
Next chapter: Miss Guerreiro

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"Oh my God. We have to warn everyone!" yelled Bleeh.

Duskey, paralyzed with shock and fear, didn't respond.

After being shot in the leg, Lady Bleeh had to spend two weeks in bed in order for her leg to heal. If she was to move even an inch away from the bed, she would have to use a wheelchair. "Mother! Dhad! Anyone!" Bleeh continued to yell in vain for her family, as they were all downstairs, while she was upstairs. The Wiki Manor was very large, even Bleeh herself knew no one could hear her, yet she continued to yell to the top of her lungs, hoping a miracle would happen. One didn't.

The entire family was downstairs eating breakfast. Knowing how traumatizing last night's events must have been for Bleeh, they decided to give her some time to herself. They told Duskey to remain upstairs to make sure she was okay, and sternly told him not to talk to her unless it was an emergency. Naturally, they were glad to have gotten rid of him for one meal.

"I still don't understand why Archibald wanted to hurt Bleeh," said Liron. "They are fiances after all, are they not? Why would he spend time rescuing her if he wanted to shoot her?"

"Now now Liron," said Mother Alice. "What happened last night was strictly between Lady Bleeh and Sir Archibald, it's not for us to decide what was the cause, but I can tell you that they are definitely not fiances anymore."

Breakfast moved forward as usual. The family enjoyed their meal, made by their personal chef, Alejandro, and served by their butler, Steve. Just as the first course of the meal was nearing it's end, there was a knock on the door. Mother Alice excused herself from the table to answer it. She walked to the door and slowly opened it to find...

...Richard Ranaun and Asora Turner, wearing the best clothing they could afford.

"Why hello Richard and Asora, would you like to come in?" Alice warmly greeted.

"Yes, ma'am," said Richard. The two came in and hung their coats up by the door.

"We'd like to give our best wishes to Miss Bleeh. It's just mind-boggling how someone would do that to her." said Asora.

"Thank you, dear. I'll let her know" said Alice.

"And," Richard quickly included, "we've decided that we would like to move in."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Alice said excitedly. "We'll send out some help to pack all of your things just after breakfast, come join us."

Richard and Asora followed Alice to the dining room, and were greeted into the mansion by the entire family.

Bleeh had given up on yelling, and was now simply crying. Duskey was still frozen. Being in her room upstairs, Bleeh had no idea if her family was even still alive, and was waiting for Archibald to come and finish her off. They continued to stay in their respected states for a while, but Bleeh soon decided to try to warn her family once more. This time, by leaving the room.

Bleeh was laying in her bed while her wheelchair was in the corner. There was a back scratcher on the nightstand next to her bed. Bleeh grabbed it, reached as far as she could to get it to hook on the wheelchair, pulled the wheelchair next to the bed, and moved herself into it, careful not to harm her leg. Still getting used to the wheelchair, Bleeh started to move awkwardly. She zig-zagged away from the bed, and pushed the wheels as hard as she could to reach the door. Once she did, she opened it and proceeded into the hallway. It looked much longer now than it had before. Bleeh pushed so hard, her arms became sore. She moved as fast as she could, zooming past door by door. She reached the end of the hallway, slightly bumping into the wall. She turned the wheelchair and looked down at the two flights of stairs, looking as large as the hallway did before. Bleeh took a deep breath, pushed the wheelchair, and soared down the stairs.

The second course of the breakfast was over, and Richard and Asora had felt warmly welcomed into the household. Richard enjoyed Liron's and Dharden's childhood stories, while Asora loved talking about fashion and decorating with Alice. All seemed to be well again, until they heard a loud scream and various bumps on the ceiling and walls.

"Oh my God!" Alice yelled worriedly. The family quickly got up from the table and ran to the staircase, where Bleeh was near lifeless, laying on the floor. The family gasped at the sight.

"Bleeh! Oh my God, are you okay?!" Alice yelled. She ran to her daughter and lifted her head up. Bleeh struggled to open her eyes.

"M-Mom..." she said almost painfully.

"Honey, h-how did this happen? W-was Duskey taking care of you?" Alice asked.

Bleeh ignored the questions. "A-Archibald's c-coming back." she said ominously. A sudden feeling of terror filled the house.

"Liron, go get her wheelchair. Linkita, get me a wet washcloth. Dharden, help me lift her up." Alice sternly said. "Now!" They all did as they were told and Bleeh was laying in her wheelchair, with Alice carefully trying to mend her wounds.

Everything was going by so quick, none of the family members could comprehend what exactly was happening.

"Oh wow," a mysterious voice said. "Bleeh looks much more hurt than I imagined."

The family turned to the doorway and saw none other than Archibald standing with his arms crossed. He was covered with mud and was wet from the rain. He most likely spent the night in the woods by the manor.

"I could have sworn I only shot her leg. She must have been in so much pain, she tried to end her life." Archibald said, obviously trying to manipulate the family members.

"Archibald, you are not welcome here." Dharden sternly told him. Archibald laughed, ignoring the comment.

"I see the two townies have decided to move in here. Maybe they were the ones who did this?" Archibald said, being another attempt to manipulate the family. Richard and Asora glared at him.

"Archibald, we are serious. You must leave, now." Alice said.

"Do you really believe I'll listen to you? I won't leave until I get what I want. Speaking of which..."

Archibald reached into his coat and pulled out the gun he used to shoot Bleeh.

"Embarrass me, and I'll embarrass you." Archibald whispered under his breath.

He aimed it at her, cocked it, and pulled the trigger. Liron jumped in front of Lady Bleeh.

In a moment of disbelief, Alice grabbed the wheelchair, and ran as fast as she could, pushing the wheelchair out of the manor. The manor was on the highest hill in the town. Alice ran through the gate and heard gunshots behind her. When she made it to the road, she looked back at the manor, and saw Archibald running full speed toward her. Alice quickly kissed her daughter on the head and pushed the wheelchair down the hill as hard as she could.

Bleeh was barely conscious during all of this, but quickly awoken when the fast wind and rain hit her. Bleeh was moving so fast, she didn't know where she was; the area around her was a blur. It seemed as if she was moving for hours, when it was really around seven minutes. She continued to fly down on the sidewalk, until she abruptly fell when the wheelchair hit something. Unable to move, she was laying on the ground, in front of a house, when she heard footsteps running toward her.

"Oh my!" she heard a feminine voice say.

It was Miss Guilherme Guerreiro.

Random Ranaun (Talk to me!) 06:11, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter X - Miss GuerreiroEdit

Miss Guerreiro
Name: Miss Guerreiro
Series: PlumbBobs & Prejudice
Written by: Woganhemlock
Release date: May 17, 2011

Previous chapter: Archibald's Return
Next chapter: Awake

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"Come inside." said the stranger. Bleeh complied, as she would do anything to hide from the man who once loved her. She proceeded through the door of the quaint cottage. She thought it looked like a horrible place, compared to the luxury she is used to at the manor.

"Are you okay?" asked the mysterious stranger.

"I... I think so... Who are you?" Bleeh asked the woman

"My name is Guilherme Guerreiro", she said. "Who are you?"

"Lady Marie Harriet Clementina Blehna." she replied.

"Well, my lady, let's get you somewhere safe. Where do you live?"

"There." Bleeh pointed to the large manor house on the hill through the window.

"OK, I'll make sure you get there safely. I'll just get something. Be right back."

And Guilherme scurried off up the staircase, and promptly came back out with a raincoat and some biscuits.

"Here, eat this. It'll help."Guilherme said to Bleeh. Bleeh obeyed, and they set off on the journey up the hill to the manor house.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the house. Guilherme knocked at the door, where she was greeted by Steve the butler. Steve attempted to block Guilherme, but upon seeing Bleeh, let them inside. She noticed there was a stain on the floor, which she presumed to be coffee. It was, in reality, Liron's blood. Seeing her disgust, Steve brought her into the dining hall, where the family was waiting for news of Bleeh. Upon seeing her daughter, Alice threw herself upon Bleeh and hugged her. She then introduced herself to Guilherme.

"What is your name?" she asked Guilherme.

"My name is Guilherme Guerreiro", she responded.

A look of shock passed over Dharden and Alice's faces. It was their daughter they put up for adoption twenty years ago.

--WH (Talk) 07:02, May 17, 2011 (UTC)