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Plummer Family
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Plummer Household
Name Plummer Family
Members Jared, Dustin, Noah, John, Oliver and Clinton
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Baker, Carpenter, Fisher, Gardener, Harper, Potter, Taylor, Warlock and Wizard
Lot 605 Middle Row
Funds §35,597
Net worth §149,882
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:The Genesis Project
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The Plummer Family was started by Dan Plummer, one of the Original 8. It consists of his oldest son Jared Plummer, one of Jared's oldest sons Dustin Plummer, Dustin's spouse Noah Plummer from the Gardener family, their twin sons John Plummer and Oliver Plummer, and son Clinton Plummer. Jared was sired by Chris Fisher. Dustin was sired by Connor Baker.

Sean Carpenter gave birth to Dan's middle sons Alex and Drew Carpenter in the Carpenter home, and Luke Taylor gave birth to Dan's youngest son Timothy Taylor in the Taylor home. As such, information about Alex, Drew, and Timothy can be found on the Carpenter and Taylor family pages respectively. Eric Gardener gave birth to Jared's other oldest son Patrick Gardener in the Gardener home, and Jim Harper gave birth to Jared's youngest son Brad Baker in the Harper home. As such, information about Patrick and Brad can be found on the Gardener and Harper family page respectively.


After Dan found himself in The Genesis Project, he quickly developed his plumbing skills. He continued to do so even when he was pregnant. When he gave birth to Jared, he raised him as well as tended to his home business. Alex and Drew were born to Sean the day after Jared, which was fine with Dan since he didn't want to care for three boys. By the time Jared was a toddler, Dan had mastered his plumbing skills and was able to manage the home business somewhat. Once Jared became a child, Dan could focus on growing his home business some more while Jared played on his own. It was at this time that Luke gave birth to Dan's youngest son, Timothy. Dan was more than happy that he didn't have to care for another baby. By the time Jared was a teen, Dan was able to alternate running the home business and teaching Jared everything he needed to know. When Jared became a young adult, Dan decided to buy one of the lots that Tyler had to create a better hardware store. When Dan became an elder, the business was still small but a strong foundation for great potential in the future.

Shortly after Jared became an adult, he sired Patrick Gardener as well as gave birth to Dustin. Then almost a week later he sired Brad. Dan then died shortly after Dustin became a teen. Jared took over the family business and household. Not long after Dustin became a young adult, he got engaged to Noah and quickly sired John and Oliver who was followed by Clinton shortly after.


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