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The Predator family is the current family residing in the new Refurbished Free Street 1. The family consists of three male sims who are Chase, Corithian, and Blaze Predator. As for their last name they dressed in either snake skin or alligator skin leggings. All three have black or dark red long hair, wear black v-neck T-shirts in jet black with black cowboy boots.

Background Story Edit

When these three moved in all they found was a small, feminine house that needed a much needed make-over. After getting what they needed they got into jobs and began to work their tails off until they had the funds to increase the house room by room, width by width, and length by length. Wallpapering was replaced and so was the flooring as the place was fixed to their standards. Day by day while the men worked on their skills the better the money they made and the better the house looked. By the time they had over one-hundred thousand simoleons they decided to get started on the new house bottom-up from a newborn to an incredible, seven-room man cave. Once they built it special "units" have been used to keep their moods and motives full, which helped them knock out their remaining skills. Once they had their skills, the Predator family became popular to not only Free Street, but also to the main unit of Bustin' Out itself. 

Trivia Edit

  • All three Predator members are triplets, but only one, Chase, can be identified.
  • Corithian was created last after Chase and Blaze, but it's said he's the eldest.
  • Blaze was created first, but he's instead the youngest as Chase remains as the middle.
  • Chase Predator has the same exact features as Peter Titus from Continue, but it's not known if he has any family relation to him or any family history with him.
  • They helped the Tutti family get as far as them after motivation and precision.
  • They also had Continue mode characters randomly "move in" with them.
  • Peter Titus was asked to move in as a roommate long ago, so he's a distant family member.