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Promises redo

Season 1 of Promises

Promises- Season OneEdit

Mom tells me I'm not a normal toddler. Dad told me I'm special. I say I'm a kid. I have been a toddler for exactly nine months, one week, six days, seven hours, forty minutes, and twelve seconds. Thirteen now. Yes, I'm counting. It's weird! Mom is still a young adult. Dad, who cares about Dad, he's gone, not coming back. Mom promises he'll come back but I know these promises are just thoughts, dreams of Mom's mind. Sure, I'm smarter than the other toddlers I know but otherwise I'm not different. People say I am smarter than this or that but all I'll ever say is I can't explain it all. 

If I get sick I won't sneeze, and nothing'll happen in Springtime when Mom's sneezing and little baby Alice is crying. Oh, I noticed I haven't introduced myself, I'm Brianna Creme, yes I know I've got the silliest last name but I think I know a funnier one- Stacey Cakerbaker. Yea, I think mine's maybe ten? twenty? times better. 

I open my door, Mom's up and asks what I'm doing, so I reply that I'm going to Martha's house. Mom says all right, but first let's blow out your candles so you're a child? I know it'll help me but I can't help thinking about Martha and Stacey. I reply no and have Mrs. Cakerbaker pick me up so she can take Stacey and I to Martha's home.

Mom sees Hannah Cakerbaker and instantly wants to have a convo, so I tug on her leg saying no. She knows what that means and puts me in Hannah's car seat. I see Stacey and wave hi, Stacey waves back and smiles.

Martha TannerEdit

Hannah Cakerbaker pulls up at the Tanner household and I smile and thank her for the ride. Wearing my new winter clothes and holding Stacey by the hand I open the Tanner household door. Mrs. Tanner welcomes us in and I'm terrified. Martha is dressed up as Tragic Clown and I'm coulrophobic. I shake and point at Martha, saying I hate clowns. Mrs. Tanner puts Martha in her everyday clothes and I wave hi, still in my outerwear. I'm sweaty hot and I can tell Stacey is too. Luckily so can Mrs. Tanner and she undresses us.

Martha helps us upstairs and shows us her new room. Her room has a bunch of store content so I know that the Tanners are quite rich. All my room is: a crib, a high chair, a potty chair. I compliment her room and she gives me a check for five thousand simpoints and eight hundred simoleons, saying I needed it. Stacey agrees.

Just by looking at Stacey and Martha's faces I know they think I'm poor but my mother and I wear more store content than Martha's room has and everything in that room is store content. 

I point out my new robin-egg's blue highlights. The girls ask where it's from and of course I say my mother spent her bonus on it, because I'm not lying.

I ask them if they've been to Oasis Landing lately and they haven't, of course I have. I say I've been there. Their faces get red and they scream at me for being a bragging liar. I'm taken aback and run home in everyday wear, even if it's only a few degrees. 

The Imaginary FriendEdit

A few days after I started hating Stacey and Martha I get a notice saying Lydia wants to come out, so I put the little doll on the floor and suddenly it's a real friend. I use the simpoints and buy furniture for toddlers/babies and children so when Alice and I age up Mom will have some cool stuff. I show it to Mom, and she says: Brianna you are a truly talented artist, and I smile and giggle.

Lydia points out that it's my birthday, and I start spinning and sparkling. Suddenly I'm a child.

Check Season 2 If You Like This :)Edit