Season Two

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I TRY. SO HARD. I aged up. Stacey still hates me. I have no friends. Martha is dead. Sometimes...

I hate these promises.Edit

I hate promises. Someone promises to do something but it never comes true. I, Brianna Lily Creme, vow that I have never seen a true promise. If someone was to tell me a true promise, I would be delighted. Truly delighted. But nobody's done it so far.

Small ThingsEdit

Things are so small in life. Another thing quite small is a chapter. All it is, is a series of words that make something that makes sense. Must it make sense? No. Would it count as a chapter? No. I wonder. Why do people promise so many things to me if nobody's going to do it? I do not get it.

Cooking with ButterEdit

I use my toy E-Z-Bake oven a lot. Other sims say I'm kooky, loco, lala in the head, but I'm just a good chef.

After all. Is there a problem with being smart?

If there were I would be stupid. I would be an absolute moron.