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Season 3 out of 5


Talk about TeensEdit

It's Bri!! Yes. Now. I am a teenager. I'd say I'm more social now, I've got friends of mine with connections to the owner of SimBook. They introduced me and now I'm a huge VideoSim simmer, I have my own blog: Brie Cheese's Blog, and I'm preparing for Sims University! :) See the three girls? I'm the one in the blue. Those are Amanda Wheel and Sarah Paige Panindroem, my besties.  Well.. I am so happy you loved + listened to my kid years, and I hope you stay for my mature years too <3

Meeting AmandaEdit

Oh my god, I say. Amanda is here. She says hi, and we run to my room and blast the music and run and do all kids of crazy stuff that you do when you see one of your most amazing bestest friends in the whole entire Isla Paradiso. Its adrenaline filled, I tell ya.

Walking InEdit

Instantly I notice Mrs Wall walking on our doorstep. I say hello. She tells me to tell my mother its time, and i do. My mum nods, gives me a purse filled with twenty thousand simoleons (that's where our money went!), eight hundred simpoints, and Lydia. I walk with Mrs. Wall into the car, and they drive me to Sims University, as I start spinning, sparkling, and yes- this was quite short- aging up.

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