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The Tricou; a pre-made family so rarely regarded and even forgotten by many, few people query its death. I bet some of you didn't even know about its existence. The demise of this family is mysterious, and its background, even more mysterious, as family members don't have any biographies about them and almost no memories about their past lives. I've been pondering about their deaths for sometime, and with information I acquired from this wikia, this fanon will reveal the true story of their doom. Stay in tune.

Background Edit

According to the Tricou Family's wikia page, at the beginning of the story they're rich. However, many of the story elements (relationships, order in which the Tricou are killed, etc.) will contradict to the family's actual memories. I can't tell you anymore information as it will spoil the story, but like I said, stay in tune to find out what happens next!