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Random household
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The Random Household
Name Random household
Members Cathy Cooke Roman West Germaine Ollie Oliver Tim Paris Hillington Lita Samul
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
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For the hub for the Random Household, go to The Random Legacy. For The current chapter (Chapter I), click here.

The Random household consists of 6 Sims, Lita Samul, Cathy Cooke, Paris Hillington, Roman West, Oliver Tim, and Germaine Ollie.

The reasoning behind the name 'Random' is that the Sims are all very unique and different. Each with a totally different outlook on life.


The Randoms started with Oliver and Germaine. Best friends as children and through teenage years. When Oliver moved out of his parent's house, Germaine was struggling to get by, he failed school and lived with his parents for years. When Oliver started taking note of this, he let Germaine move in with him. The two of them had no idea what they were doing. They both lived off of their young friend, Cathy, who practiced cooking ever since she was a child. They persuaded Cathy to move in, and her initial answer was of course yes. While the three lived together in their small house, they made some connections with the town, most notably their friendship with Roman, Paris, and Lita. Germaine once said to the three of them, "We're all struggling in life, and maybe it would be best to live together and try and work together through life." There was a pause, Paris and Roman inched tword the three and said "We're in" Lita still wasn't completely in. Oliver, knowing Lita so well, knew what to say, "It'll be fun to have 6 Sims, in one house, fufiling their dreams." Than Lita was on board.

Early Life TogetherEdit

At first, they seemed like they would never get through, their house was small and cheap. There was only one bathroom, the kitchen, dining area, and living area were all crammed into one room. They split the bedrooms between males and females. They could only afford the cheapest in furniture. After two days of getting used to each other, they started looking for work. Lita took up the Music career, so she could fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a rock star, Cathy, similarly, joined the Cultinary career, due to her great experience in Cooking. Roman became a politition, due to the fact that his parents were very strict and encouraged him to do something meaningful with his life, Roman loved them very much, so he decided to make them proud. Germaine and Oliver were the only two stay at homes, Oliver became a self-employed writer, while Germaine started farming produce to use instead of buying ingredients, which save them a lot of money.

Paris seemed like a sweet Sim, but it turns out she was a criminal, and she would steal and sell objects from other Sims houses. While the other housemates weren't to sure about her choices, they didn't say anything.