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Reaper Family
Name Reaper Family
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Skelton family, French family, Hauser family, Yanez family,
Reaper family
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Reaper Family 2
With the death of Aricin and Sandi, Eloquence now holds the right to the estate and its fortune. Estelle knows something's wrong with her parent's death. Can she convince her grandfather to stop Eloquence's reign?
Name Reaper family
Members Grim Reaper, Eloquence Reaper, Estelle Reaper, Alexavier Reaper, Melchior Reaper
Lot 325 Oak Grove Drive
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
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The Reaper family is a fanon family created by Freedom50000. They consist of the Grim Reaper, his wife, Arabella and their descendants.


The Reaper family is the richest family in Sunset Valley. The rest of the town (with the exception of the family maid) is unaware that the household are descendants of the Grim Reaper. The Reaper fortune and estate is inherited to the current holder's oldest child (male or female). Eloquence Reaper is the current holder of the Reaper fortune and estate. Her son, Alexavier, is the next heir. Common traits within the Reaper family are Olive green eyes and dark hair.


Grim and ArabellaEdit

For many years, Grim lived peacefully with three other ghostly inhabitants, Thelma McCracken, Thomas Jewell and Fernando Pickard. The house they resided in was avoided by most of the towns people (besides the few unruly teenagers looking for a thrill who's imaginations were quickly put to rest).

One day, a young woman named Arabella Skelton bought the house having heard rumors of its haunting. When she entered the house, she immediately felt an eerie presence and when she entered the attic, she found herself before the Grim Reaper himself. When Grim was about to condemn her to death for discovering his existence, Thelma McCracken proposed they allow her to stay and take care of the house under their supervision she would not tell anyone. Arabella agreed and, reluctantly, Grim agreed too. Arabella began cleaning the very unkempt house and cooked both for herself and the ghosts, and perfecting her writing skills. She dreams to become an author.

After several months, Arabella began to warm up to Grim to the point where he trust her enough to allow her to go outside but she was still not allowed to leave the property. Grim quickly developed feelings for Arabella and when he admitted this to her, she realized she had feelings for him too. The two began a relationship and fairly soon, Arabella became pregnant with her and Grim's first child. Grim was outraged (and a little afraid). Arabella managed to calm and convince him that everything was going to be alright.

Arabella gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom they named Aricin Otieno Reaper. Aricin was a good and very bright child from the start. He cared for others and despised those who didn't. He spent most of his time either with his mother or his neighbor and best friend, Sandi French. Soon after Aricin was born, Grim proposed to Arabella who promptly said "Yes". When Aricin was a child his parents got married in the comfort of their home.

One night, a burglar broke into the house. Grim and the ghosts quickly scared him away but not before he got away with a TV. During the robbery, Arabella rushed to Aricin to try and protect him (though he was in no danger at all). After in indecent, Aricin began asking his mother about criminals then about cops and heroes. From that night on Aricin decided he wanted to become a hero and "stop the bad guys". A about a week later, Arabella discovered she was expecting her second child.

Arabella gave birth to a little girl named Avariella Miette Reaper.

To Be Continued...


Arabella- An Italian name meaning "beautiful alter".

Arcin- A Scandinavian name meaning "King's son" probably named because his father is the king of death.

Sandi- Derived from Alexandra meaning "defends man".

Avariella- An American name meaning "small strong woman".

Eloquence- is the art of speaking or writing fluently.

Estelle- A Latin name meaning "star".

Alexavier- Another American name meaning "Protector of the new house".

Melchior- A Polish name meaning "A king".

Family TreeEdit

Reaper Family Tree


Grim Reaper

Arabella Reaper (Deceased)

Aricin Reaper (Deceased)

Avariella Reaper (Deceased)

Sandi Reaper (Deceased)

Molly French (Deceased)

Eloquence Reaper

Estelle Reaper

Alexavier Reaper

Darrell Hauser

Melchior Reaper


Galleon Reaper

Meg Reaper


  • There are three ghosts that haunt the Reaper's house. Though the ghosts are not related to the family, Arabella put them in the family graveyard anyway.
  • Eloquence and her son, Alexavier are the only ones in the family with blonde hair. It is unknown where this came from since all the other members have either black or brown hair.
  • So far, every first born child (Aricin, Eloquence, Alexavier) was born before their parents were married.
  • The Reaper Family page is the 9,340th page on the Sims wiki.