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Refurbished Free Street 1
Party House
Type: The Sims Bustin' Out
Owner: Predator household
Value: §130,000-140,000
Unfurnished lot value: §35,000
Furnished lot value: §135,000
Size: large
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Predator household
Number of bedrooms: 1
Number of bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: SimValley
Refurbished Free Street 1 is actually based on a very expensive, but beautiful, low 3-day bill mansion created by 2014ChevyGirl back in July of 2015 that takes up the old Frutti family house. At first, the regular family was deleted, leaving behind the empty house on its home lot. Then a new family, the Predator family as the members are Corithian, Chase, and Blaze Predator, move in to start their new lives. The old house began to grow after the new residents gained enough money as they proceeded through their careers. Like a newborn, the four-room house "grew" into a "paradise-like" seven-room mansion as it is much like Malcolm's Mansion in Continue. But this mansion has a warm, welcoming lobby or walk-in room, leading to the east-wing is a kitchen with its own dining area separated by a wall with three "Butch-butch" counters, a comforting Othello bathroom beside a deluxe bedroom suited for three, but has three vibromatic heart beds, an antique Armoir, love seat with a big TV and Libindinex Spa. The west-wing has a great-sized living room with just about all the entertainment suited for a living room. Parred off is a small, but fully functional skill unit where the new family finished off with charisma and logic. Connected to the room is a "pool-room" with an air hockey table, red pool table, a couple chairs, stereo, and ping-pong table. Outside is almost a resort with an outside pool, benches, outdoor DJ equipment, Slush rush bar, tiki torches, abdominator, and tesla coil that gets sold when the family has filled their mechanical skills. The mansion is scouted with greenhouse windows, in and out, has a mini garden out front with burglar monitor systems. The mansion also has tiki torches, but no other additional lighting as this helps keep the 3-day bills each day to its standard 1,200-1,500 simoleons. The main music played there is Hip-hop. The mansion is also known to parties in Free Play, as well as parties going off during play in Continue. When the property was first torn down and then the new shell was put in with new flooring and wallpaper, it consistently costed about 35,000 simoleons. After filled with all the items needed: it costs around 130,000-140,000 simoleons, making it the most expensive, yet affordable house on the block.

What Goes On There Edit

Usually the men living there are having fun and finishing up on their skills. The player normally has them using the excersize equipment while another is practicing at the synthesizer or DJ Booth. Oftentimes the player has one creating special effects and quick learning as he's working on his mechanical skills. When they are not working on skills, they are usually making dinner and eating it, or else going for a dip in the pool while another relaxes in the spa in the bedroom while watching TV. Corithian could be often found dancing on the dance floor at sunset to night time while Chase is synthesizing at the organ while Blaze is often found scratching at the DJ Booth. When the sun rises, the mansion is a paradiso in the loneliness of the morning to late afternoon as the men living there will be working. But when the sun begins to and is setting, it is a lively frat house with four or more sims as parties are thrown there.


  • Other versions of this property maybe bigger, smaller and/or cost more or less
  • First "recreational" design by the current author
  • Lot became experimental
  • Often times, sims from Continue come to "move in" but are instead NPC's.