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Ran Away
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Summary Edit

Erica had loved playing The Sims. Always she would play The Sims 2. Little did she know that her Sims were very well alive, and loved when they were played. When she stopped playing they would get freedom and when she returned they would go back to normal. They could also see outside the computer. Ali was a child Sim that Erica enjoyed. Until one day Ali sees Erica with a box that says The Sims 3..... Ali knows what Erica is gonna do, and leaves the game through the plumbob to stop Erica from installing the game but instead she gets lost and has to somehow uninstall The Sims 3 and reinstall The Sims 2. But is The Sims 2 really getting old?

Chapter One Edit

At 11:00 PM.

Erica's Mom sat back in her chair.

"Honey...I know it's Saturday tomorrow but....can you please turn off The Sims?" she asked. "It's Sims 2," Erica corrected, not taking her eyes off the screen. "I promise I'll turn it off at 12:00 AM."

At 11:59 AM.

"Hey Mom?" Erica asked.


"You know how I said I would turn off the computer at 12:00 AM?"


"I'm pretty sure I meant 1:00 AM."

Erica's Mom groaned again.

That was when Erica's little brother (who was supposed to be sleeping) ran down the stairs and slammed the laptop shut.

"Mommy said to go to sleep!" he said.

Said Mom groaned and dragged both kids upstairs to bed.

"Well that was rude," said Ali who was now staring at the giant keyboard in front of her.

"To think she could have been playing with us right now," said Ali's twin sister Cali.

"Well she can't be playing forever," said their Mom with a small smile. She was remembering how the first thing Erica had done was create her great-great-great-great-great times-a-lot grandmother.

This was frankly her largest family.

"Well, at least the first thing she'll probably do tomorrow is play with us!" said Ali.

"Actually she is going to Walmart tomorrow, I overheard her," Cali pointed out.

Ali groaned, having no idea the new replacement Erica would find in that store.

Chapter TwoEdit

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Ali wished that she couldn't here the clock ticking outside the computer. It only reminded her how long this was taking.

Finally the door opened.

Erica ran in as if her speed was set to 3.

"Omigosh, I'm so excited to install this!" she said.

Hmm, must be a new Expansion Pack, Ali thought.

Curious, Ali peeked outside to see what the "Expansion" was. The box said: The Sims 3.

Ali pondered this for a moment until it clicked in her mind.

They were being replaced.

Panicking, Ali did it.

The it that opened up the hole in the plumbob. The it that she had been forbidden to do.

"Ali!" said her Mom, not noticing what Erica was about to do. "You are not allowed to leave the game.

Ali didn't listen but dived into the hole.


Ali landed in Erica's home screen. Luckily, Ali could only be seen in game so Erica wouldn't be able to see her.

But she was to late.

Erica pulled the plug, uninstalling The Sims 2.

The little pop up asking what Erica wanted to do with The Sims 3 Disc, popped up.

Ali pressed the x.

"Strange," said Erica but 'luckily' she knew how to make it pop up again.

2 buttons appeared, one said "Run" the other said "Cancel".

Ali ran to press the Cancel button, but Erica moved her mouse towards the Run button, accidentally shoving Ali into SimPE.

Erica pressed Run.

Chapter Three Edit


Ali landed in a bunch of paper-like material.

Where am I?, she thought.

She looked around and saw she was in SimPE.

It looked weird and confusing.

"SimPE?" Ali asked, to no one in particular.

That was when the events caught up to her.

"Oh no! Erica must be installing The Sims 3! And everyone else is stuck in a disc..."

Ali imagined her family, every Sim created, stuffed in a tight disc. It happened to Ali once, Erica transformed Mrs. Crumplebottom into a vampire, so she had to uninstall and reinstall the game. Ali had gotten stuffed into a disc and accidentally kissed Alexander Goth. It was so awkward.

I gotta get back there, Ali thought, trying her best to push away that memory.

"I sure wish my family was still here..." said a distant, female voice.


Ali ran to the source of the voice and found a female girl.

Her animation didn't look 3d, but Isometric.

Then it hit her.

This was a Sim from The Sims 1.

Chapter Four Edit

"Y-your from The Sims 1," said Ali.

"And your from The Sims 2," said the girl in a perky tone. "Congratulations," she deadpanned.

"But how are you-?" Ali started.

"Let me guess, your Erica's favorite sim, and you did the same thing I did. You left the game but you were to late."

"Uh, yeah," said Ali. "But, I really need to get back there."

"Five years!" said the girl. "I've been trapped here for FIVE 'STINKIN Years! And ya know why? Because I'm worthless! I'm old! Yes I'm a child but I've been here for what? FIVE YEARS! You're old too! You have to accept facts! EA, will always make things better than us! So just deal with it!"


"Uh..." Ali didn't know what to say. "Could you at least tell me your name?" Ali squeaked.

Suprisingly, the girl seemed to calm down. "Cali," she said. "My name is Cali."

Ali felt like she had when she first saw the Grim Reaper.

"C-cali?" she asked, carefully.

"Yea," she replied. "And you are..?"

Now that Ali thought of it, Cali did look similar to the other Cali. That made Ali like her more.

So, Ali eventually managed to work out a compromise with Cali.

"We, should just be careful of the trash," said Cali.

"What?" Ali asked. "That harmless trash bin?"

"Oh it's not harmless. The trash is actually really big in real life. Once your in, you can't get out, and everything in there fades eventually...forever."


"Oh..." Ali said. "Nice to know."

She thought back to when she'd seen the trash, it'd only been a quick glace, but now that memory seemed ominious, and scary.

I'll do this, Erica, she thought. I'll do it for you.