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Ran Away
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Name: Reunion
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherÉire
Release date: 6-7 August 2012

Previous chapter: Broken and Fixed
Next chapter: "What Do I Do?"

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Dustin had burst out of the house before Amy or Donnie could react. The couple started to jog behind him. Within minutes, Dustin was gone from sight.

When Dustin had run the full half mile to downtown he burst into the shop looking a state. He had tripped, cut his knee, twisted his ankle and grazed his hands. Only minutes before, Dustin had popped into another shop to pick up something important.

He limped through the crowd to the 'new releases' section was, and browsed through the different CDs... he came to the 'M' section and pulled out the last copy of Mona's single. He turned it over and looked at the track list. He recognised one title. He'd heard it many times on the radio. This song was like the equivalent to "Call Me Maybe" back in 2012. He admitted that Mona's song was a tad overplayed, but he loved it to pieces. And now he knew why. He quickly paid for it and got in line to get it signed. Dustin found it hard to stand up and contact with the cool plastic made his hands burn.

When got to the front of the queue, he could tell Mona didn't recognise him. His hair had grown longer and it covered most of his face. "So," Mona said. "who is this for?"

"It's just something I've picked up for myself." Dustin said, ensuring his voice didn't sound too excited.

"OK, do you want me to write your name?"

"Please." Mona looked up at him, a confused expression on her face.

"Do I know you?" she asked

"Er..." Dustin's eyes darted from side to side. Had he given it away? The big surprise he had rehearsed in his head whilst running?

"Your name, Sir?"

"It's Dustin." Mona jumped up immediately and gave him a huge hug.

"Dustin! Oh my goodness! I missed you so much! I had a feeling you'd be here! How's every-" Before Mona could finish her sentence, Dustin had kissed her. Everyone in the shop stopped and applauded. Near the entrance, a voice piped up. "Nice one Dustin!" he yelled. Brief laughter filled the air. Dustin turned to see that Donnie had spoken. He shot him a thumbs-up.

Dustin decided now was the time. "Mona," Dustin started "I've loved you ever since I tripped over your school bag and smacked my head against that desk five years ago. Two years later, I got the love of my life, even though I never deserved to." Mona blushed. She knew that wasn't true. Dustin more than just deserved to be with her- he had earnt every right to be with her. He continued. "Recently, you left, and it tore my world apart. I would stay inside all day and only venture out once a week to pick up food. I heard your song a few times, and it made me nostalgic for our college days. I always turned off the radio before they announced the artist, so I never knew that you had acheived your dream." He turned to the crowd, who were all in silence, not saying a word, just listening.

"Now, I want to continue my dream, your dream, our dream. We can be together forever, so Mona Hillson," he dropped down his good knee and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small box and opened it for Mona to see its contents. "will you marry me?"

Mona briefly looked at the crowd before turning back to Dustin. "Yes!" she whispered before picking up the ring and placing it on her finger. Dustin stood up and they hugged. The entire shop roared into life, cheering and clapping for the couple.

Lee heard the phone ring downstairs. Ripp answered before calling upstairs. "Lee! It's Richie!" Lee darted downstairs and took the handset from Ripp before putting it up to her ear. "Hey Richie, how is everyone?"

"It's all good. Dustin proposed to Mona, and she said yes!"

A smile spread across her face. "That's great Richie! Send them my congratulations!"

"Will do. Bye." And he hung up.

"What was it about Lee?" Ripp asked

"One of my brother's friends are going to get married." she replied

"Awesome! Who?"

"Dustin Broke and Mona Hillson."

Ripp grinned his geeky-grin. He'd just had his haircut, and he could tell Lee was starting to swoon a little bit. He glanced at his watch. "Ooh- looks like it's ten-past midnight."


Ripp, with a haircut

Marty was chilling in the town park with his iPod. He sat there listening when he saw Allegra Gorey walk by. "Hey Martin." she said with a nervous smile. Marty tugged out his earphones.

"Hey. What's up?"

"Not much really. What are you listening to?"

"Oh, just some stuff by The Shifting Paradymes."

"Oh my goodness! I love them!" Allegra sat down next to him. "I am now your new best friend and I am going to listen to your music with you." she announced as she put an ear phone in one ear.

Marty laughed. "Sure thing". Afterwards, they exchanged phone numbers before heading home for the evening.

Pictures of the ProposalEdit