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Zombie Apocalypse: Dangerous Journey is a horrific, yet romantic, adventure-filled story that gets hearts pounding and tense moments. The journey between the four friends to two groups is filled with danger every mile, regardless of how pleasant the scene appears. Zombies are hiding in the forest, woods, fields, stores, and gas stations. They lurk everywhere; they know where humans are. No one's safe, no matter how prepared they are. Life is a gift; survival is the competition that everyone fights for.

Chevy and SabEdit

No matter what, they aren't safe. Chevy's in constant danger of her Lover turning to zombie-mode and getting harmed. Sab's constant danger is getting turned to a partial zombie zombie and getting harmed by others and his friends defensively. And yet, loving and protecting each other every 24/7 isn't always enough.

Allison and LeviathanEdit

The bonding of a loving relationship becomes close when stranded in the backseat, but now regression occurs; Allison's now working with a schedule in her mind as charms are made. Leviathan's full of regret, but protection. And he knows he must do everything it takes to protect Alliosn, himself, and his unborn child.