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Chapter 1 - Summer Hill Court ResidentsEdit

Summer Hill Court, the wealthy and upper-class part of town. But, who's that pretty woman with a green shirt and blue skirt? It's Nancy Landgraab...Looking ready to start the day! "Honey, I'm going to Malcolm's meeting at school." Nancy exclaimed. "Okay, Love You!" The voice was coming from the kitchen. Nancy watches as the man walks towards her. It was Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy's husband! "Babe, do you want to come to the meeting?" Nancy asked nicely. "What if we run into those two imps?" Goeffrey says with a serious look on his face. "Well..." Nancy hears the phone ring before she could say anything to Geoffrey. "Hello?" "Why, hello... neighbor." It was Vita Alto on the phone, but Nancy stayed calm. "You ready to suck at meetings!?" "I'm not sure. I think it's you that's gonna suck at meetings!" Nancy laughs. "You know what Nancy, you're funny." "We should hang sometime!" "Oh, sure. Now, I'm waiting for the Evil insult." "There's no insult."Lol, I thought you were gonna..." "Ya, I know, but me and Nick have been thinking you and Geoffrey, maybe Malcolm, can go out to dinner or lunch or something." "We can bring Holly! We know how much they like each other!" "I guess, maybe Friday at 5:30 pm?" " How about Sunday at 10:30 am, for lunch at our house?" "That's a good idea!" "Okay Nancy, see you Sunday morning!" "Alrighy" Nancy says. "Bye Bye." "Bye." Vita says excitably. Nick Alto walks into the kitchen right after the phone call. "Vita! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!" "What? Nancy can actually be pretty nice at times." "WELL, YA KNOW WHAT VITA! I DON'T CARE IF SHE LOVES BUNNIES AND LOLIPOPS, I STILL DON'T LIKE GEOFFREY OR NANCY!!" "SO, YOU CAN GO EAT WITH THEM. ME AND HOLLY WILL STAY HERE!" "Right Holly Jolly?" "Dad... I think it's a great idea. I mean I know that you and Nancy act like imps sometimes, but I think you should lighten up. Just at least until after Sunday." "Ugh, FINE!" "But, I'm not gonna do anything, but say hi, eat, and then go somewhere else!" "DAD!" "FINE, I'LL SOCIALIZE TOO!" "You know dad, you and mom can be really evil sometimes, but I still love you guys!" Holly hugs him. "Ya Ya, I love you too." She hugs Vita too. "I love you mom." "Aw, I love you too!" "Vita I'm sorry." Nick says and shame. Nick and Vita hug each other. "Well, I'm sorry, too."

Chapter 2 - Sunday Morning BrunchEdit

Sunday, Week 1, 9:00 am.

"Geoffrey are you ready?" Geoffrey complains about being tired. "Ugh, Nancy. Can't I just sleep for another hour." "No, we have to go to a meeting. We missed yesterday." "C'mon the meeting is at 9:20!" Goeffrey gets up, mumbling words that aren't actually words. "Nancy, I love you, but I swear you can be in the as I like to call the "I'm boss" mood." "Well, Geo, I did marry you because I love you, but you also need some help sometimes." They both laugh so much that Malcolm wakes up grumpy. Mom and Dad, why must you wake me up?" Malcolm asks. "Well, one reason is we were laughing and another is we have a meeting with the principals of your school and your main teacher." "Oh, in that case, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Malcolm runs into his room shivering. Geoffrey walks in just a minute behind him. "Colmie... is something wrong?" "Well... I think I shouldn't talk about it." "It's okay, you can tell me. I'm your dad." Geoffrey smiles caringly. "Okay. My principal... Principal Roverlard. He is mean to kids. I've literally seen him hit kids. I would be in the restroom and see him hitting kids across the face." "I hear them scream and if they scream, he..." Malcolm starts crying. "He starts slapping them around until they fall down and are knocked out. That's if they scream too much." "Then, he blames it on our teacher, Ms. Delaney." "I thought Mr. Orth was your teacher?" Geoffrey said. "He is now, Delaney got fired by the Superintendent in 2014. I cried when she left." "Well, I think we can enroll you in another school by computer or phone." "Geoffrey hugs and cuddles Malcolm." "I love you daddy." "Aw, I love you too." Geoffrey says, still hugging Malcolm. Geoffrey tells him just to sit there for a little bit and calm down. Geoffrey walks out of the room, after kissing Malcolm on the forehead. "Nancy, there's something going on with the school Malcolm goes to." "Geoffrey, what happened?" "It seems that Malcolm's old teacher, Ms. Delaney, was blamed for hitting kids and beating them tell they fell and were asleep." "Was it really her. I mean did Colmie say it was actually Delaney?" "No, he said it was the principal." "We should say something!" "No, Honey." Nancy said with a worried tone in her voice. "Geoffrey, if we don't say anything what do we expect we do!?" "Well, we gotta make sure it's true." "Well. I'm canceling the meeting and going to Vita and Nick's house." "Malcolm C'mon!" "Mom, I don't wanna go to the meeting." "Honey. It's okay we're not, we're going to Holly's house!" Nancy says excitably. "Yay, Okay Mommy!" They all run together to the garage. "Nancy can I finally drive." "Lol, I guess Geo!" "YAY!" They get in the car and head the Altos' way. Malcolm rings the doorbell. "I wonder if they will actually open the door or if they will just leave us out here!." Geoffrey laughs. Everyone looks at him weird. Holly Alto walks out and invites Malcolm in and the other two after. Vita greets Geoffrey and Nick is sweating and greets Nancy. "Malcolm, do you wanna go swimming." "Uh..." Holly looks at him funny, and laughs. "Okay Malcolm, lets go." "Holly asks her parents if they can swim. "Sure, but Malcolm ask your  parents." Nick says. Malcolm gets their approval. "THANKS MOM AND DAD!" Malcolm hugs them. "Wow, I can't believe a pretty girl like Holly actually wants to swim with me. Even if she's just over 2 years older. I still like her!." Malcolm's thoughts get interupted by Holly's question. "You coming Malcolm?" "Ya, Holly." "Okay" Holly smiles. "Hey Holly. Do you think we could go to the park tommorow. My birthday is tommorow. Maybe just us. Like after the party." "Sure, Malcolm, it sounds fun!" "Malcolm, I wish we were grown up. We could see each other more!" Malcolm and her laugh. "Kids time to eat lunch!" Nancy and Nick both yell at the same time before laughing about it. "So Holly, are you and Malcolm having fun?" Geoffrey asked Holly. "Ya, lol, we had fun swimming." "He's like a little brother too me or something." They all laugh along with Holly and Malcolm. "Well that's good!" Geoffrey exclaimed. "Ya!"

Chapter 3 - Malcolm's BirthdayEdit

C'mon hurry, Malcolm's coming! The lights are off in the kitchen and everyone hides. Nancy and Geoffrey behind the island, Nick and Vita behind the dining room table, and Holly in the corner by the cabinets and drawers. Malcolm walks in the kitchen and turns the lights on followed by hearing..."SURPRISE!" Malcolm starts to be excited. Malcolm hugs his parents, hugs Holly, and hugs the Altos. "Happy Birthday, Malcolm." Both Landgraabs say to him. "Ya, Happy B-Day!" Holly says excitably. "Have a good Birthday!" Vita says. "Yep same!" Nick says. "Nickie!" "What?" Vita laughs. "Nothing." Everyone grabs some cake. Malcolm gives the rest to his parents to share, after getting full. "Hey, Holly?" "Ya:" "Wanna go to the park?" "If our parents are okay with it." Holly replies to Malcolm's question. "Mom, can me and Holly go to the park." "Uh, by yourself?" "I guess. ya!" "Malcolm, I'm going to have to say no." "WHY!?" "Well..." "Nevermind, don't bother telling why." "It's fine." Malcolm hugs Nancy in shame. "Nancy, let him go." "But, Vita. I...I..." "Nancy, I was scared to let Holly grow up, but I got used to it. Malcolm won't want to do things himself, if you and Geoffrey let him live with you forever." "Are you questioning my parenthood!?" "No No No No." " I'm just saying Nancy, Malcolm may need to make some decisions on his own or with let help in the future. Like for example, paying bills or moving out on his own." "Nancy, please let him go. If something happens, I will take full responsibility." "Okay, Vita, I guess." "Malcolm!" "Yes Mom?" "You... You can go." "To the park." "YAY!" "Thank You Mom!" Malcolm hugs his mom and dad and gets Holly and leaves. "Lol, kids. They can be so different and awnry!" Nancy said in a nervous voice. "It's okay honey, he's a teenager. Plus! Him and Holly are just over two years apart!" Geoffrey explained. "He's thirteen and she's fifteen." Geoffrey also explained. "They could eventually marry eachother!" Geoffrey said as Vita walks in. "Geoffrey, please don't talk about their marriage yet. At least wait until your son is sixteen or seventeen!" They both laugh. "Okay, Vita." "Nick, you think we should go shopping?" "Sure!" "You two wanna come with us?" "I think we will come. But, just be sure we're home by 10:00 tonight!" "We will, plus Holly can get tired by 9:30!" "Sometimes even noon!" "Okay, Vita. We get it. Lol!!" Nancy drives off just as Vita and Nick get in their car and Vita drive behind the other two.

Chapter 4 - Malcolm + Holly = MalcollyEdit

"Holly you look nice today!" "Thanks, Malcolm." "Wow she looks hot! Wish I could have a load of her!" Malcolm's thoughts were interupted by a question from Holly. "Malcolm, have you ever had girlfriend?" "No, have you had a boyfriend?" "Not until..." Malcolm and Holly start to kiss. "Now" Holly finishes her sentence from before the kiss. "So, you have a boyfriend somewhere?" "No, silly!" "Lol" "I mean you!" "What about me?" Malcolm asks in confusion. "I mean you're my new boyfriend!" They both laugh. "That's if you're okay with it, Malcolm." "Of course!" They start to kiss again. Malcolm feels his heart beat. Holly sees Macolm is happy and she is the same way. Nancy and Geoffrey and Holly's parents come out of the store and can tell that the two were hitting it off. As in they knew they were kissing. They yelled their names. "Holly! Malcolm!" They stop kissing right away. "Uh, coming!" Holly said embarrassed. "Me too!" Macolm said excitably. Holly gets in Nick and Vita's car and Malcolm gets in Nancy and Geoffrey's car. The six wave at eachother before driving off.

Chapter 5 - Nancy's MemoriesEdit

Monday, Week 1, 9:47 pm

Nancy kneels down to Queenie Landgraab's grave, in the cemetery. "Oh mom, if only you were still here. You would've had the best son-in-law and grandson. If you were still here, maybe we still would have had the good times we always did when you were alive." Nancy says a prayer to God. Nancy walks over to a grave marked Chester Landgraab. "Oh dad, I miss you too!" "I know you didn't mean for mom to die in that fire." "Plus I know you were getting old at the time. Older people forget. I love you dad!" She begins to pray over his grave also. She does the same with her grandparents', Kitty and Kermit Landgraab's, graves.

Chapter 6 - Nick's MemoriesEdit

Nick walks over to a picture on his bedroom wall, showing a man with a resemblance to him. Nick has a tear run down his left cheek. "Oh Bert, I wish you lived here in Sunset Valley with me and Vita." Nick starts to sob a little bit. "Honey?" "She sees Nick looking in front of the picture of his brother, Bert Alto. "Oh, honey. It's okay. Bert is just too busy." Vita says trying to calm down Nick. "Plus, if he doesn't want to come visit his family, that's his loss!" Vita says. Nick begins to stop crying. "Maybe... Maybe... you're right. He never showed his love for our family. And, as you said, it's his loss and only his." Nick gives Vita a hug and a kiss. "Thanks and I Love You!" "I love you too." Vita replied back to Nick. Holly walks and hugs both parents. "I love you both." Holly says happily. "We love you as well!" Both Vita and Nick say at the same time.