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Nellie Williams is a beautiful teenage girl with a lucky edge to life- she lives with her single father, Alexander Williams, in their small lot in the neighborhood of Sunset Valley. The bright girl appears to have quite a wonderful path ahead of her.. but she harbors a deep secret that has been locked within the confines of her heart. When knowledge grows to be too much, a path run with light, can be run with blood...

Chapter OneEdit

Alexander glanced over at his daughter, a heavy cardboard box lodged in the safety of his muscular arms. The single father and his teenage daughter had recently moved into a spacious lot nestled in the neighborhood within Sunset Valley, and so far, he was not disappointed in his house selection. The entrance to the house lead straight into an open kitchen, dining room, and living area- which, was connected to the bathroom, which, in turn, led into Alexander’s large bedroom. On the opposite wall, his own daughter, Nellie, would have her personal bedroom. If she had anything to gripe about, the situation would be that she had to share a bathroom with her father.
Meanwhile, the pale girl with honey-golden locks was gazing around suspiciously. One of her hands was placed on her side, while another was covering the corners of her perfect pink lips of her mouth. She appeared to be contemplating her surroundings cautiously: Alexander held no surprise to the given fact. Nellie had not wanted to move away from the comfort of their home in Bridgeport, and quite frankly, neither did Alexander. The move had indeed been extremely rough, yes, but Nellie surely would understand why there was such sudden necessity one day.
Turning to lock her almond-blue glare with her father’s, Nellie began to speak, clearing her throat prior. “I want to get a job,” she said calmly, dismissing Alexander’s annoyance rising in the depths of his emerald eyes. “I heard the Spa Receptionist has an opening.”
Heading over toward her already-unpacked cobalt bike, Nellie started to get on the black leather seat, tucking her red dress in behind her. Her well-muscled frame glistened in the sheen of the summer sun. As she prepared to place her black-sandaled foot upon the silver pedal, Nellie heard her father’s attempt at what she called, a “comforting voice”. Fury blazing within the confines of her once-innocent heart, Nellie turned slowly to face Alexander. Hope shimmered, as he tried to speak.
“Nellie, listen. Sunset Valley is-” he proceeded to begin, but was cut off when Nellie glared at her father. She was angry, all right. Nobody could have a shred of doubt when it came to Nellie’s anger. Hell hath no fury like Nellie Williams.
“I do not care, father. I have been forced to start completely over because of your mistake.” With that, the girl began pedaling away. Standing on his own, dumbfounded, Alexander bowed his head. He frequently wondered if he could ever truly redeem himself in his daughter’s eyes, even though the severity of his own sin would probably outweigh the scales of possible justice.
“Rebellious daughter, eh?” One of the movers chuckled, causing Alexander to sigh.
If only they knew…