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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
Name: Rivalry
Series: A Pleasant Story
Written by: AsherEire
Release date: 6 April 2012

Previous chapter: Birthday Bash
Next chapter: Fate

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Richie was stressing out- Amy was here and he could tell Angela hated her! The last thing he needed was a fight between the girls! Before he realised what was going on, Angela dragged him by his collar into the kitchen. "Richie," she started "how on earth do you know her?"



Richie took a deep breath. "She and I were good friends when I lived in England. Why?" Richie cast her a suspicious look.

Angela breathed a sigh of relief. "No reason. It's just, you seemed to get along with her from the start. I thought you'd choose her and... And I wouldn't bear losing you..."

Richie laughed. "You won't lose me that easily!" He turned to great the new arrivals. The Goth/Lothario family had become family friends. Marty had always been shy, Donnie had always been charismatic, Cassandra had also been shy, Don had been a great father-figure to Richie since his own father's passing, Alex had been a mentor to the twins and Mortimer had always been supportive of his Simlish. It was the ideal family Richie had lost.

Lilith stumbled downstairs, with an acoustic guitar in hand. Dirk followed with another guitar. "Come on Richie! You too, Marty!"

"What are we supposed to do?" Marty asked Richie quietly.

Richie put a hand on Marty's shoulder. "Remember what we practiced?" Marty nodded "Great! Marty, this is your time to shine, OK?" A smile came to Marty's face.

As the two took their positions, Richie did the usual "I'm self-taught so I'm not that good" trash, which Lilith disagreed with. They took everyone by surprise.

Dustin was told to keep an eye on Tommy, his little two-year-old brother. Dustin could tell he was hungry. After Richie and Marty finished their little show, Tommy decided to attack. He crawled across the sofa that had been moved to the dining room and sunk his teeth into his unsuspecting brother.

"Tommy! No! Stop biting me!" Dusin yelled. Richie turned and what he saw nearly made him fall over with laughter- Tommy had sunk his teeth into Dustin and refused to let go! Eventually Angela came over to help. The sight of her made Tommy stop. When Dustin had recovered, he picked Tommy up and handed him to Angela, simply saying "He's yours now." before examing the damage.

When Mona came to check up on Dustin who had been in the bathroom for quite a while, she was surprised in the condition he was in. He was clearly upset, and it was not about his brother's hunger. it was clearly something else. "Dustin! What happened?"

"Tommy bit me."

Mona smiled. "I didn't mean that! I meant, why are you still in here?"

Dustin looked up. He really didn't want to tell Mona what had happened. He decided to. No lies. "Well, Amy was trying to make conversation with me, and the topic came to my family. I said something quite harsh, and I'm regretting it. I tried to apoligise, but she wouldn't listen."

Mona looked sypathetic. "I'll talk to her. See her side of the story, OK?" Dustin gave her a weak smile. That's all he could've asked for.