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Rosalinda was born in Appaloosa Plain and is currently living along with her Mate Milo in the house of the Family Jackson.

Rosalinda Labrador - Headshot

Rosalinda in "The Sims 3"

Sims 2 -Rosalinda Walking

Rosalinda in "The Sims 2"



Life in the Sims 2 Edit

Rosalinda was walking around the City and was about to be attacked by a Pitbull, but then a stray dog named Milo appeared and saved her from being attacked. She was later accompanied by Milo to her house, but because he was a stray her owners scared him away from her house. Rosalinda hanged a few nights with Milo and he showed how his life as a stray is and showed her much more other things. In a night, when they were coming home, Rosalinda's owner's house was on fire and Milo saved them from the fire. The Family was impressed and decided to adopt Milo. A few months later Rosalinda and Milo had five little puppies.

Life in the Sims 3 Edit

Rosalinda lives along with her Mate Milo, the Pups and the Jackson Family in Appaloosa Plain.