Rose's War
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Rose's War
Rose's War2
Name: Rose's War
Genre: Fiction
Created by: Blue12porcupine, Slade81, Spell-Caster Jr, Chunkyheels and Xxgreenbunnyxx
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Dead

Succeeded by: Survival Island

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Rose Greene was an ordinary teenager. She was kind and loved to read. She had many friends and her life was peacefully normal. Little did she know her parents were spies, and her whole life was about to change. Now she must decide where she stands and if she supports the takeover of Alexander Goth.

Alexander Goth, calling himself the Watcher, wants to control all the SimNatians. He will strive to achieve power and to crush any opposers. When he knows there is a plot against him, he will kill them all with top secrecy.

The fate of Rose's parents and SimNation lies on Rose's hands. Will she achieve wonders or support the evils of the world? This isn't just a civil war for all, it is Rose's war...


Chapter # Author
Prologue Blue12porcupine
Chapter 1 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 2 Chunkyheels
Chapter 3 Xxgreenbunnyxx
Chapter 4 Slade81
Chapter 5 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 6 Blue12porcupine
Chapter 7 Chunkyheels
Chapter 8 Xxgreenbunnyxx
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