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Rose's War2
Name: Life
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Prologue
Next chapter: Escape

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The alarm went off, great I'm going to be late. I rushed down the long winding stairs with the toothbrush in my mouth and my school bag in the other. I quickly ran to the sink and rinsed my mouth and then went to eat breakfast. I will have to be super quick, if I don't want to get a detention. Ever since Alexander has claimed the town next to us, we have to go to school earlier has there may be an air-raid and they get so angry even if we are a minute late. I finished my breakfast and slipped on my clothes quickly. Quickly I rushed to the door, before my mum stood in front of me.

"Bye mum," I said.

"Bye, also i'm going to be late again," Roses mum said.

"Work again?" I asked.

"Yes unfortuantly," She replied. I hugged her and rushed  out of the door, my friends greeted me at the end of the street. They were all in a huddle in a corner, giggling and laughing. Urgh, they were talking about how they fancied Alexander and how handsome he was. In my opinion he was just plain ugly. I don't know why, I am friends with them either, I would prefer to be reading than talking about boys.

At school, we had to line up in alphabetical lines, in our year groups. My friends had similar surnames, they were all at the back of the line, unfortunately my surname started with G, so I was at the front far away from them. The teachers ran through the precautions in case of an air-raids, I don't know why they do there never been an air-raid.

Classes were the same as well, boring history with all the long dates, math numbers which I can't solve, drama and science. The only subject I look forward to is English and P.E. I can actually do those subjects. To my friends those subjects are horrible, we have no same likes and dislikes.

After school, I flicked through my diary. Great I'm babysitting Michaels again. I walked to his house and his parents gave me a warm welcoming. They gave me the usual lecture and left, I switched on the TV and Micheal plated with his toys next to me. Nothing really interesting happened today, what a normal day.