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Rose's War2
Name: Crazy
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Heels

Previous chapter: Life
Next chapter: Nightmare

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I just sat back and daydreamed, I'd forgotten my book so I couldn't do much else. Micheal asked me if I wanted to play his game but I didn't really feel like it, I just wasn't in the mood. Micheal didn't seem to mind my refusal, he just carried on playing with his toys. He didn't seem to have any cares at all. I wondered if I would be as carefree if I had parents who didn't disappear at a moments notice. I lay back dreamily, pretending I had a normal life but a crash shocked me back into reality. It was my aunt Sophie running into Micheals home. She looked afraid but not usual stunned expression, she looked like she'd been shocked into reality and was genuinely terrified.

I stood up, confused of what to do until Sophie shouted 'RUN BACK HOME! GO TO THE BASEMENT AND HIDE!'. Micheal dropped his toys and began to cry at all the commotion. I tried to stop him from crying. Aunt Sophie's expression seemed to say 'what are you doing' but I couldn't bear to see him cry. Suddenly there was a shot and Aunt Sophie fell to the ground. Dead but smiling. In a split second I realised what she had done, she'd saved my life. I picked up Micheal and ran away from Aunt Sophie's body. There would be no point staying here, the person who'd shot her would just come back. I ran to the bathroom and put Micheal in there and locked the door. His parents would let him out when they came back and he'd be safe, I wish I could say the same for me...

I began to run back to my house and I felt like the truth had suddenly hit me, Aunt Sophie had died for me. I felt bad for leaving her but if I'd stayed I might have been dead. Usually, I'm a terrible runner and coudn't run across my garden without getting breathless but I somehow managed to run the whole way. When I finally got to my house, it was so quiet. My dad wasn't talking on the phone, My Mum wasn't cooking, Aunt Sophie wasn't rambling endlessly. It was all quiet. I ran to the basement which was pitch dark. I hated it there but it was safe. I wished I'd brought I'd brought my book or something. If the killers didn't find me, I'd died of boredom. It seemed like I'd waited hours when the basement door opened. I crawled into a corner and hid but it was Mum. 'Rose? Rose? Oh, please be hear, Rose, honey? It's Mum.' She called softly. I crawled out of my corner so she could see me. 'Rose!' She ran up and hugged me, her Rose perfume intoxicating me. 'Mum, Aunt Sophie's dead.' I said when she finally released me. Mum didn't say anything just looked up for a split second and mouthed something. 'Now, listen Rose,' She said, her eyes suddenly serious. 'You must promise to stay here until I come back.' 'Why?' I asked, I was worried now, was it Dad? 'There's something we should've told you before...' I had a bad feeling, these conversation never ended well, 'I'm leaving for a while to find your dad. We're agents.' I had never been angry at my Mum before but now I was, how could she not tell me? Before I could say anything, she continued. 'All you need is here, in that cupboard there.' She pointed, to a corner and I noticed that there was a wooden cupboard there that I hadn't seen before. 'I don't know how long I'll be gone but you have to stay here. I love you, Rose but I have to leave.' She was gone before I could say anything. I sat back and thought back of what had happened. A normal day turned crazy.