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Rose's War2
Name: Nightmare
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Green

Previous chapter: Crazy
Next chapter: Life

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I waited down there thinking of the events of the day, thinking "How much crazier can this day get!" I looked inside the wooden cupboard and saw normal food "Huh, I guess there's nothing crazy here." I noticed a pillow beside me and a duvet and thought. "That's where I'm sleeping tonight I guess" I had a big think about the day and then went to sleep...

I happened to have a nightmare that night... I saw my parents planning an attack on Alexander but Alexander's army and spies were there, I tried to scream to look out but no matter how hard I tried I was mute, silent, and I watched my parents and the people they were with die in front of me, I tried to cry but I was still mute.

I then had a view of my house, but there were planes coming near, and I heard a man say "Those people have a person in there that is also against us! Bomb this place and get rid of the person in there and get rid of all the tools in there that could be used against me. I realized that moment that Alexander was speaking without being there. I heard bombs going off.

I then had a view Michael's home, I was crying then "Please no!", but cameras and strange pipes were attached near that area, and then I had a view of Alexander, saying "Ha! By day this place will be mine too!" I woke up...