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Rose's War2
Name: Time
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Time
Next chapter: Prisoned

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I took out the paperwork, slowly looking at the date. It was old and had stains on it. I opened it up and the paper crinkled as it unfolded. I put it back, I didn't want to learn anymore of the truth about my parents. They had lied to me for all those years and I had believe them. Could mum be a spy as well? That would explain the late evenings and all those injuries. I needed to know the truth, it could be something important. I took it out, when I heard a window smash. Then a couple more, this was bad.

Michael fluttered his eyes open, "Whats happening?" he yawned. His hair ruffled, his eyes teary. He was so innocent, this war brought nothing but devastation. This was has to stop. "I don't know," I replied. I couldn't lie to him now, I didn't know what was happening. I heard gunfire, Michael looking more scared now, I was scared too. It then stopped, everything went quiet. I could only hear me and Michael breathing, had they stopped? I then looked at the door and saw this yellow gas crawl underneath it. "Michael," I yelled, this was panicking. It could be poisonous, how stupid could I be to forget the gas masks. I looked at Micheal he hadn't replied, he already looked half dead. It was too late, but not for me. I held my breath trying to get away from the gas. I couldn't leave him on the floor, I dragged him and held him by my waist. I grabbed a chair and stood on it, Michael face was lifeless.

I couldn't keep this up, I just wanted to give in. I was so tiered, the new truth about my parents kept haunting me. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep...