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Rose's War2
Name: Prisoned
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: Gas
Next chapter: Rescue...

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I opened my eyes, I was in some thought of bed made of iron. I looked at ceiling it was rustic and makeshift. The room was very small and not vey homely. The floor was cold stone with a rug near the bed. Its was very simplistic colours and looked very old and used. The only objects in the room was the light on the ceiling and the table near the bed. The room in a few words was makeshift and old. I sat up and one word shot into my mind, "Michael!" I screamed.

The word Michael echoed through the room, there was no reply, I ran to do the door. It was bolted and locked, made of iron, I wouldn't be able to knock it down. I looked around the room, there was nothing useful to break out. I was trapped. Alexander must have captured me, he must know about my parents job. What has he done with Michael, I screamed help until my voice could not take it anymore. I looked on the table and saw a meal, I slowly ate it. I forget how hungry I was, it was not that nice but it was better than nothing.

I then noticed another thing on the bed a book, I open it up. It was my favourite book, what a coincident. I opened it up and starting reading chapter 1, Captured and waiting. I flicked to the next page, when I heard some footsteps. I could tell it was one person, male. There footsteps were loud but with no echo. Each footstep brought me closer to my fate. What was in store for me, did not look good. I listed in my mind all my achievements in life and what I would of done if I lived. I would of lived a long life and might of have kids. I then thought of Michael so younger than me, never been to school. I should of saved him, but how.

The key latched in the door and the strange figure entered the room...