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Rose's War2
Name: Rescued...
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Heels

Previous chapter: Prisoned
Next chapter: The Journey

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I was afraid but I didn't show it, stay strong for appearance's sake. I looked up expecting a guard or maybe even Alexander himself (although I doubted I'd get the 'honour'.) But it wasn't any of them, in fact I didn't even consider that he even knew I was here. My Dad. I ran over to him to hug him but he gestured to be quiet. He led me by my hand out of the prison. It was dark in the corridors, I used to be afraid of the dark as a little girl but that fear had gone long ago. I tried to catch my Dad's eye, to see what was going on, my Mum used to say you could see a lot from a person's eyes. He kept his head turned away though, only looking forward. A we were walking, I heard voices coming from a corridor ahead. Guards. Dad heard them too and reacted fast. He pulled us both into a small door on the other side of the wall which turned out to be a cupboard. I wanted to ask him so much but now wan't right. We waited until the voices had passed and then he got out.

Finally we got out of the prison after what seemed to be like hours even thoug it was probably less. 'Dad,what should we do.' I asked. He looked away and told me 'You need to walk away from here. Keep on walking north to the next town and find the safe house. You'll know it when you see it, it is distinctive from the rest. As for me, I have to go. Your mother needs me and I can't fail her.' He kissed me on the forehead and seemed to vanish leaving me alone in the moonlight. I did what he told me. I walked.