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Rose's War2
Name: Prologue
Series: Rose's War
Written by: Blue

Previous chapter: None
Next chapter: Life

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A little girl ran happily through the grass, her long blonde hair streaming behind her. She paused to look up at the sky, watching jets pass. She ran inside. “Mommy, what are war planes doing here?” she asked, breathless.

Her mother looked at her sadly. “Nothing, Rose. Nothing for you to bother about,” she said.

Rose giggled and ran back outside to play. Tears came to her mother’s eyes. She hated to lie to her daughter. The truth was that the nation was being invaded. Her daughter couldn’t be a carefree child for too much longer. A man calling himself the Watcher wanted the nation for his own, to hold every life, even that of little Rose, in the palm of his hand. A tear slid down the woman’s face as she watched her daughter dance. Even Rose would not be entirely safe again.