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[[File:Rose 7 0001|670px|link=|Rose family]]
Rose family
Rose family · Featured in: The Sims Icon The Sims Livin' Large The Sims House Party The Sims Hot Date The Sims Vacation The Sims Unleashed The Sims Superstar The Sims Makin Magic
Rose family
Name Rose family
Number of generations Three generations
The Sims Logo
Rose 7 0001
Members Michael Rose, Edna Rose, Jackie Rose, Ethan Rose
Lot 50 Ridge Road
Funds §12,444
Other Information
Game The Sims Icon The Sims
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Old Town

The Rose family consists of Michael Rose, Edna Rose, Jackie Rose and Ethan Rose. The story is that Michael and Edna were about to retire before Jackie returned home with Ethan. Jackie had run away and got pregnant with Ethan and his father backed out of the relationship. Hopefully, they can mend old wounds.

Life Prior to The SimsEdit

Michael worked in the Law Enforcement career as a Detective while Edna worked in the Musician career as a High School Band Teacher. The two planned on retiring and living out their golden years together until their daughter, Jackie returned home with a kid named Ethan. Jackie's story is that she ran away with some guy, screwed up, got pregnant, had Ethan, father abandoned her and she was forced to move back home. She may cook for the family, but she stays home rent free all day. Ethan's story is that he wants his family to get along, but he has problems of his own and he can't make friends.

Life NowEdit

Livin' LargeEdit


  • Rose-can be of English, Scottish, Irish, French, and German origin
  • Michael-Derived from the name Mikhael
  • Edna-Anglicized form of Eithne
  • Jackie-Derived from Jacqueline and French feminine form of JACQUES, also commonly used in the English-speaking world
  • Ethan-Means "solid, enduring" in Hebrew


Family treeEdit

Rose 7 0008
Rose 7 0007
Rose 7 0006
Rose 7 0003