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Racheal Anita Hamming (née Smith), born August 12, 1994, better known by her stage name Roxxi, is a SimNation singer, songwriter, comicbook writer, and actress. Born in Twinbrook , SN, she moved to Bridgeport where she pursued a career as a singer. It was there where she met Lola Belle who introduced her to record producer Tom Wordy.  She signed a one album contract at age eighteen, but wouldn't release her first album until her twentieth birthday.

Roxxi rose to fame with her first album, RockShow (2014), which gained both positive reviews by critis and a commercial success which produced the chart topping singles "Can't Be Tamed" and "Vanity". Her second album, The Greatest Show on Earth (2015) was met with critical acclaim as well as commercial success and saw the singers sound change to a more pop-rock sound then her previous albums. The album produced the singers second number one single "Funhouse", the previous being "Vanity". She had since gone on to produce eight more albums as well as three greatest hits albums.

Life and CareerEdit

1994-2013: Early Life and Career BeginningsEdit

Rachel Elizabeth Smith was born at Twinbrook Foundation Hospital, in Twinbrook, SimNation, to parents Bob and Hilda Smith. She was an alone child and lived within Twinbrook for all of her early life, where her mother was Stylist and father an Architectural Designer. At age eighteen, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer and move to the city of Bridgeport and got a job as a club singer. It was there she was discovered by singer Lola Belle who introduced her to her producer friend Tom Wordy. After hearing her sing for him, he signed her to his record label with a one albm contract, which would continue if her dabute was a success. She it take two years for her dabute to record and be release.

2014-2015: RockShowEdit

RockStar is the first studio album by SimNation recording artist, Roxxi. It was released on August 12, 2014.
RockStar Cover

The Cover to RockStar

Musically, The RockStar is teen-pop,  electro-pop album. Lyrically, the album combines the topics surrounding the singer from her point of view. The album was primarily promoted through The RockShow Tour.

Both the album and the tour received positive reviews with Roxxi's vocal ability being praised throughout. Though, some critics criticized some of the lyrical content on certain songs. Though, Roxxi has since come out saying she had little influence with the musical content of the album. 

The first two singles from The RockStar, "Can't Be Tamed" and "Vanity" both gained success, with "Vanity" becoming her first number one single. After the release of The RockStar, two more singles were released, "Rockstar 101" and "S&M", both being controversial for both their lyrical content and their music videos. The song "The Fame" was also release as an promotional single.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist(Album)
1 Can't Be Tamed Miley Cyrus (Can't Be Tamed)
2 S&M Rihanna (Loud)
3 Rockstar 101 Rihanna (Rated R)
4 Vanity Lady Gaga (Unreleased)
5 Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Could Say) Lady Gaga (The Fame)
6 The Fame Lady Gaga (The Fame)
7 Money Honey Lady Gaga (The Fame)
8 Love, Money, Party Miley Cyrus (Bangerz)
9 Party in the U.S.A. Miley Cyrus (The Time of Our Live)
10 The Drive Miley Cyrus (Breakout)
11 Fly on the Wall Miley Cyrus (Breakout)
12 Robot Miley Cyrus (Can't Be Tamed)
13 These Four Walls Miley Cyrus (Breakout)

2015-2019: The Greatest Show on EarthEdit

The Greatest Show on Earth is the second album by recording artist Roxxi. It was released on October 29, 2015. Musically, the album is a departure from her previous teen-pop/ electro-pop effect to a more pop-rock sound.
The Greatest Show on Earth Cover

The Album Cover for The Greatest Show on Earth

Lyically, the album revolved around the topics of romance and events happening in the world at that time. It was around this time that she started dating her future husband, Matthew Hamming, who she would marry in 2018. The album was promoted by two concert tours. The first, The Greatest RockShow on Earth Tourm, being a combination of this album and her previous; with the seconding being The Greatest Show on Earth Tour.

The album was both critically acclaied and commercial successful, selling more than double her previous effect. The album was praised for her new sound as well as her vocals and lyrical content. Unlike her previous effect, she was given free reign of the sound of the record as well as writing.

The album produced five singles overal. The lead single was "U+UR Hand". It was praised by critics who saw it as amergion of Roxxi as the singer she was meant to be. The second single "Funhouse" become the singers second number one and was praised by critics for it unusual sound. Three more singles were released after the album's release "Try" and "Here Comes The Weekend" both received positive reviews but failed to match the success of the previous two singles. The last single "Don't Let Me Get Me" was used as a bridge between this ablum and her next album. Being released two years after the previous. It used the music video to show the singer changing to a more pop-punk sound and image which would be used for the next album.

Tack ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Chaos and P**s P!NK (The Truth About Love)
2 Just Give Me a Reason P!NK (The Truth About Love)
3 Paper Gangsta Lady Gaga (The Fame)
4 U+UR Hand P!NK (I'm Not Dead)
5 How Come You're Not Here P!NK (The Truth About Love)
6 Try P!NK (The Truth About Love)
7 I Don't Believe You P!NK (Funhouse)
8 Sober P!NK (Funhouse)
9 Funhouse P!NK (Funhouse)
10 Ave Mary A P!NK (Funhose)
11 Don't Let Me Get Me P!NK (M!ssundaztood)
12 Cuz I Can P!NK (I'm Not Dead)
13 Bad Influence  P!NK (Funhouse)
14 Just Like a PIll P!NK (M!ssundaztood)
15 Are We All We Are? P!NK (The Truth About Love)
16 True Love P!NK feat. Lily Allen (The Truth About Love)
17 Get The Party Started P!NK (M!ssundaztood)
18 Glitter In The Air P!NK (Funhouse)
Tear Cover

The Album cover for Tear

2019-2022: Tear and Red DressEdit

Tear is the third studio album by recording aritst Roxxi. released September 1, 2019. Continuing with the pop-rock sound, the album incorporates other musical genres of pop-punk, Alturnative Rock, and Post-gunge. Lyically, the album is must darker then her previous work and forcused on down points in her life as well as times she overcame these fears. The album was promoted by the concert tour, The Tear Tour; as well as an appearance at the iTunes Festival 2019 at the album's release.

The album was praised by critics who liked the more dakrer tone in music as well as the lyrical and vocal content. However, the album failed to reach the commercial success of the previous album, though it did sell the same amount of copies of her previous album, RockShow.

Dispit the poor sales, the album produced four singles, each seeing some commercial success. The lead single "Bad Girl" was praised by critics for it's dark sound and lyrical content. The follow up single "Unwanted" was  matched with positive reviews but failed commercially. The third single "Lost" was the most successful commercially and become the singers third number one. The fourth single "Fingerprints" also had good commercial sales and reached number five in the top 20.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Box Katy Perry (Unreleased)
2 He Wasn't Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
3 Numb P!NK (M!ssundaztood)
4 Bad Girl Avril Lavigne feat. Marilyn Manson (Avril Lavigne)
5 Unwanted Avril Lavigne (Let Go)
6 Take Me Away Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
7 Forgotten  Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
8 My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
9 Nobody's Home Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
10 I'm With You Avril Lavigne (Let Go)
11 Losing Grip Avril Lavigne (Let Go)
12 Long Way To Happy P!NK (I'm Not Dead)
13 I'm Not Dead P!NK (I'm Not Dead)
14 Lost Katy Perry (One of the Boys)
15 Self Inflicted Katy Perry (One of the Boys)
16 Fingerprints Katy Perry (One of the Boys)
A year later, Roxxi released her only EP, Red Dress, consisting of eight songs originally recorded for Tear but was 
Red Dress Cover

The Cover to Red Dress

left off the album. The EP was also paired with the Tear called, Tear: The Red Dress Edition. The EP gained praised from critics.

The EP shares a similar sound to her previous album, though some songs have a more pop sound. 

Though none of the songs was officially released as a single, Haunted received a music video and was used as the unofficial promotional single. Two other songs, Baba and All I Ever Wanted, also received airtime whilst I Do not Hook Up, charted within the top 20.

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Babe Alanis Morissette (Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie}
2 Together Avril Lavigne (Under My Skin)
3 Hauted Kelly Clarkson (My December)
4 I Do Not Hook Up Katy Perry (Unreleased)
5 Hole Kelly Clarkson (My December)
6 Whyyawannabringmedown Kelly Clarkson (All I Ever Wanted)
7 All I Ever Wanted Kelly Clarkson (All I Ever Wanted)
8 Long Shot Katy Perry (Unreleased)

Immature Cover

The Album Cover for Immature (With the original being Hand Written by Roxxi Herself

2022-2023: ImmatureEdit

Immature is the fourth studio album of recording artist Roxxi, released May 21, 2022. Continuing the pop-rock, pop-punk sound her previous album, Immature is a more lighter album then her previous and deals with less serious issues then it predecessor. Unlike previous albums, this is the first album to have a promotional tour around the release date of the album. A concert tour for the album, entitled The Immature Tour, was planned but Roxxi was forced to withdraw from the tour due to medical reasons, This was later revealed to be the pregnancy of her first child

The album gained mixed reviews from critics for it confusing sound, but received better commercial success than her previous effect. Many of her critics also criticized her stable backwards to an young artist sound found in her first album, with many calling it "An artist in their late twenties trying to sound like a teenager."

The lead single of the album "17" deals with Roxxi coming to terms with growing older and remember her teen years; Whilst her second single "Rock N Roll" is a more fun album and has no real meaning. Though both singles received morderate reception when released it wasn't until the third single "Just a Girl" that the album reached the top 10. This was followed by two more equally successful singles "Don't Speak" and "Open the Gate".

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Rock N Roll Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne)
2 Here's to Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne)
3 17 Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne)
4 B***hin' Summer Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne)
5 Mobile Avril Lavigne (Let Go)
6 Anything But Ordinary Avril Lavigne (Let Go)
7 Just a Girl No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
8 Excuse Me Mr. No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
9 Don't Speak No Doubt (Tragic Kingodm)
10 Move On No Doubt (No Doubt)
11 Trapped In a Box No Doubt (No Doubt)
12 Open The Gate No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)
13 Snake No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)
14 Stricken No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)
15 Squeal No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)

2023- 2025: Parenthood, Writing, The Chronicles of Roxxi, Vol 1Edit

On February 2, 2023, a few months after announcing The Immature Tour, the singer was forced out due to "medical grounds". A few weeks later, the singer announced she was pregnant with her first son. On August 29, 2023, Roxxi gave birth to her first child, Alfred "Alfie" Archer Hamming. He was followed in January 4, 2025, by a daughter, Jenna Louise Hamming. 

Between pregnancies Roxxi worked on a number of projects. In 2024, she released her first Greatest Hits album entitled, The Chronicles of Roxxi: Volume 1, on the tenth anniversary of RockShow, Containing the singles from her first four albums; as well as preform as one off concert to celebrate her ten years in music.

Also in the same year, she began work on her comic book series, entitled The Stalker. It become popular and was introduced into the mainstream DC Comics community.

2026-2029: MetallicEdit

Metallic is the fifth studio album of recording artist Roxxi released September 22, 2026. Writing for the album began in 2024 unti Roxxi fell pregnant with her second child. The album's writing and recording contuined in early 2026. Musically, the album continues the sound from her previous album, Immature, but with a more mature, Indie Rock sound. The album was promoted with the concert tour The Metal Element Tour

The album was a critical and commercial success and become her second highest grossing album, until it successor. Though critics praised it sound and production, they criticized it shorteness compared to previous albums. 

The album produced seven singles, Though the first two singles "Looking Hot" and "Stand and Deliver"  received positive commercial and critical success; the third single "Too Late" become the singers fourth number one single. Four more singles were released after this, "Bathwater", "Artificial Sweetener", "Six Feet Under", and "Simple Kind of Life".

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Settle Down No Doubt (Push and Shove)
2 Looking Hot No Doubt (Push and Shove)
3 Stand and Deliver No Doubt (Push and Shove)
4 Hella Good No Doubt (Rocksteady)
5 Bathwater No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
6 Six Feet Under No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
7 Artificial Sweetener No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
8 Simple Kind of Life No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
9 Too Late No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
10 Comforting Lie No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
11 Staring Problem No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
12 Home Now No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
13 Big Distraction No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
SteamPUNK Cover

The Album Cover for SteamPUNK

2029-2032: SteamPUNKEdit

Steampunk (stylized as SteamPUNK) is the sixth studio album of recording artist Roxxi, released September 12, 2029. The album returns the singer to her pop roots. The albums also receives influences from power-pop, electro-pop, and EDM. The album was promoted by the concert tour The SteamPUNK World Tour, along with a performance at the iTunes Festival 2029 on the night of its release.

The album received mixed reviews from critics who criticized the sudden change in sound but praised it production. However, the album was a commercial success and outsold her previous effect, but chage fell short of her highest grossing album.

The album produced five singles. The lead single "Platinum Blonde Life" talked about her return to music and her previous album, when she died her hair a Plantinum Blonde. The second single "Legendary Lovers" gained mixed reviews from critics but was commercially successful just falling short of becoming the singers fifth number one. This was achieved with the albums third single "Aura". Two more singles were released "MANiCURE" and "Electric Chapel" with commercial success.

SteamPUNK was released again in 2031 in the Steamplus (Stylized as Steam+) buddle, where it was paired a DVD of The SteamPUNK World Tour.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Platinum Blonde Life No Doubt (RockSteady)
2 Legendary Lovers Katy Perry (Prism)
3 Walking on Air Katy Perry (Prism)
4 Thunder Jessie J (Alive)
5 Artpop Lady Gaga (Artpop)
6 Aura Lady Gaga (Artpop)
7 G.U.Y. Lady Gaga (Artpop)
8 MANiCURE Lady Gaga (Artpop)
9 Hero Jessie J (Alive)
10 In My Head No Doubt (Rocksteady)
11 Unconditionally Katy Perry (Prism)
12 Swine Lady Gaga (Artpop)
13 Donatella Lady Gaga (Artpop)
14 Heavy Metal Lover Lady Gaga (Born This Way)
15 Electric Chapel Lady Gaga (Born This Way)
16 Marry Me No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
17 Suspension Without Suspense No Doubt (Return of Saturn)
18 It's My Life No Doubt (The Singles 1992-2003)

2032-2034: HeartBreaker and The Chronicles of Roxxi, Volume 2Edit

Heart Breaker (stylized as HeartBreaker)is the seventh studio album of recording artist Roxxi, released November 28, 2023. Musically, the album continues the pop influenced sound of her previous album but adds in a more power-pop and R&B sound. Lyrically, it deals with the singer's breakdown of her longterm relationship with hsuband, Matthew Hammings. The album was promoted with the concert tour, The HeartBroken Tour.

Critics praised praised it's writing as well as it's dark tone, comparing it to her previous album Tear; but found the albums continuing change in sound confusing. The album saw a good commercial sales but failed to reach the same sales figures as the previous two albums.

The album produced six singles. The lead single "Russian Roulette" was praised by critics for its dark tone and writing. The second single "Heartbreaker" also received good reviews and was compared to songs on her previous album The Greatest Show on Earth. "Firebomb" was released as the albums third single followed by "Breakin' Dishes" and "Alejandro". Though all three singles received good reviews and commercial success, it wasn't until the sixth single "Bad Romanace" that album sales reached their highest. The single became the singers sixth number one single.

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Original Arist (Album)
1 Heartbreaker P!NK (Stupid Girls - Single)
2 Brown Eyes Lady Gaga (The Fame)
3 Question Existing Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad)
4 Kisses Don't Lie Rihanna (Girl Like Me)
5 Fire Bomb Rihanna (Rated R)
6 Cold Case Love Rihanna (Rated R)
7 Breakin' Dishes Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad) 
8 Rehab Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad)
9 Unfaithful Rihanna (Girl Like Me)
10 Stupid In Love Rihanna (Rated R)
11 Te Amo Rihanna (Rated R)
12 Russian Roulette Rihanna (Rated R)
13 Fool In Love Rihanna (Talk That Talk)
14 Alejandro Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster)
15 Bad Romanace Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster)

On August 12, 2034, Roxxi released her second Greatest Hits album entitled The Chronicles of Roxxi: Vol lI; with the singles from her three previous ablums. 

2035-2036: Everything In TimeEdit

Everything In Time is the eighth studio album of recording artist Roxxi, released September 29, 2035. The album see's the singer return to a more Alturnative sound found in her previous albums Immature and Metallic as well as the singers return to music after the death of her husband, Matthew Hamming. The album was succeeded by a direct sequel "Dark Blue", six months later. Both albums were promoted by a concert tour "The Dark Time Tour".

The album was received positive reviews from critics who praised it's lyrical content and the decision to revert to a more Alturnative Rock sound. The album also saw good commercial success selling more than her previous effect.

The album produced six singles. The lead single "I Throw My Toys Around" was written about her daughter, Jenna, when she was a young child and received good reviews. This was followed by two more single "Under Construction" and "You're So Foxy" which both received good reviews and positive commercial success. The fourth single "Beauty Contest" was written and recorded for her fifth single Metallic but was left off due to the subject matter. However upon release, the single received critical acclaim for its subject matter and become the singers seventh number one single. Two more single were released after this, title track "Eveything In Time (Los Angeles)" and "New Friend".

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Everything In Time (Los Angeles) No Doubt (Everything In Time)
2 Tragic Kingdom No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
3 I Throw My Toys Around No Doubt (Everything In Time)
4 Leftovers No Doubt (Everything In Time)
5 Under Construction No Doubt (Everything In Time)
6 Spiderwebs No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
7 Happy Now? No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
8 Beauty Contest No Doubt (Everything In Time)
9 One More Summer No Doubt (Push and Shove)
10 Different People No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
11 Underneath It All No Doubt (Rocksteady)
12 You're So Foxy No Doubt (Everything in Time)
13 Panic No Doubt (Everything In Time)
14 New Friend No Doubt (Everything In Time)
15 End It on This No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
16 Everything In Time (London) No Doubt (Everything In Time)
Dark Blue Cover

Album Cover for Dark Blue

20236-2042: Dark BlueEdit

Dark Blue is the ninth studio album of recording artist Roxxi, released March 9, 2036. The album is a direct sequel of her previous album, Everything in Time which was recorded at the same time and split into two parts. As such, it continues with the Alturnative Rock sound of her previous but with a more darker sound seen in albums Tear and HeartBreaker. The album was promoted with the conert tour The Dark Time Tour as well as smaller proformances throughout the two albums run.

Critics were divided over the album. Though the album was praised by some, others thought of it as an album with the songs left over from her previous album. Though the album was a commercial success.

The album produced five singles with "Sailin' On" as the lead single. The song received mixed reviews but her vocals were praised and were said to be some of her best vocal work of her career. The second single "New" received both positive reviews as well as becoming the singers eighth number one single. Three more singles were released after this; "Ex-Girlfriend", "Full Circle", and "Sunday Morning".

Track ListingEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Ex-Girlfriend No Dobut (Return of Saturn)
2 Dark Blue No Dobut (Return of Saturn)
3 New No Dobut (Return of Saturn)
4 Sixteen No Dobut (Tragic Kingdom)
5 Sunday Morning No Doubt (Tragic Kingodm)
6 Full Cirlce No Dobut (Everything In Time)
7 Cellophane Boy No Dobut (Everything In Time)
8 Total Hate No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)
9 Greener Pastures No Doubt (The Beacon Street Collection)
10 Sometimes No Doubt (No Doubt)
11 Making Out No Dobut (Rocksteady)
12 Don't Let Me Down No Doubt (Rocksteady)
13 Sailin' On No Doubt (Everything In Time)

2042-2044: E.N.D. and The Chronicles of Roxxi, Volume 3Edit

E.N.D Cover

The Album Cover of E.N.D

E.N.D. is the tenth and last album by the recording artist Roxxi, released January 2, 2042. The album, being the her last, is made up of unused songs from her previous albums as well as three new songs "Sweet Escape", "Applause" and "The Edge of Glory". As such. musically, the album is a mixture of pop, pop-rock, power-pop and electro-pop. The album was supported in the concert tour The F.I.N.A.L.Tour.

Upon release, the album gained positive reviews and was called a fitting end of thirty years of making music.

The album produced seven singles and is the only album to produce three number one singles, "Dreaming the Same Dream", "Thing of You", and "The Edge of Glory". Other songs released as singles were "The Sweet Escape", "Applause", "E.T.", and "Wide Awake", all receiving positive reviews and moderate success.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Original Artist (Album)
1 Dreaming the Same Dram No Doubt (Push and Shove)
2 The Sweet Escape

Gwen Stefani (The Sweet Escape)

3 E.T. Katy Perry (Teenage Dream)
4 Applause Lady Gaga (Artpop)
5 Thinking of You Katy Perry (One of the Boys)
6 Wide Awake Katy Perry (Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection)
7 The Edge of Glory Lady Gaga (Born This Way)
8 Baby Don't Lie

Gwen Stefani (Upcoming third Album)

9 Easy No Doubt (Push and Shove)
10 The Real Thing Gwen Stefani (Love, Angel, Music, Baby)
11 Is This Thing On? P!NK (The Truth About Love [Fan Edition])
12 Danger Zone Gwen Stefani (Love, Angel, Music, Baby)
13 Early Winter Gwen Stefani (The Sweet Escape)
14 Don't Get It Twisted Gwen Stefani (The Sweet Escape)
15 WInderful Life Gwen Stefani (The Sweet Escape)

On August 12, 2044, Roxxi released her third and last greatest hits album entitled, The Chronicles of Roxxi: Vol III, with the singles of her last three albums.