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The Known SimWorld of week 500, day 1 only had four prominent royal houses that ruled their kingdoms.

The timeframe is set counting down to the events of Sims 3, so week 500 would be the oldest, and week 1 the youngest.

As of week 453, day 1, the number of royal houses rose to nine, with two extra ones having gone extinct.

Trenthammondine Dynasty (week 500 day 1 - ............)Edit

FOUNDER Supreme Emperor Trentham of All Sims the Handsome

DOMAINS the SimEmpire

POLITICS Constitutional Autocracy

House of Simbon (week 500, day 1 - ...........)Edit

FOUNDER King Remelle Simbon of SimFrance


POLITICS Autocracy

House of Simaparte (week 495, day 7 - .............)Edit

FOUNDER Emperor Leon Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire

DOMAINS the SimFrench Empire, which includes SimFrance, SimGermany, SimItaly and SimPoland

POLITICS Constitutional Elective Autocracy

House of Vanderburg (week 500, day 1 - ..............)Edit

FOUNDER King Sebastian I Vanderburg of Hidden Springs

DOMAINS Hidden Springs

POLITICS Democratic Monarchy

Princely Family of Bridgeport (week 485, day 2 - week 460, day 4)Edit

FOUNDER Merchant Prince Theodore of Bridgeport, formerly Prince Supreme Theodore of All Sims

DOMAINS Bridgeport

POLITICS Constitutional Monarchy

LAST MONARCH Merchant Princess Emanuella of Bridgeport, Grand Duchess of SimItaly

House of Simbon-Simaparte (week 475, day 6 - week 457, day 2)Edit

FOUNDER Duke Orlande II Simbon of SimFrance & Princess Imperial Opheliette Simaparte of the SimFrench Empire

DOMAINS Manave (part of the archipelago that makes up Twikkii Island and Sunlit Tides)


LAST DUKE Duke Juan II Simbon-Simaparte, Viceroy of Manave

House of Simzellern (week 470, day 1 - ..........)Edit

FOUNDER Archduke Frederiche Simzellern of SimGermany, formerly Prince Imperial of the SimFrench Empire


POLITICS Archduchy

House of Von Simzburg (week 466, day 5 - ...........)Edit

FOUNDER Queen Astridinthe Von Simzburg of SimGermany, formerly Princess Supreme of All Sims

DOMAINS SimGermany

POLITICS Autocracy

House of Goth and by Simonom (week 460, day 5 - ..........)Edit

FOUNDER Baron Lester of Goth and by Simonom, formerly Count Lester of Crumplebottom Castle

DOMAINS Riverview


House of Simganza (week 455, day 7 - ............)Edit

FOUNDER King Dom Ferdinand Simganza of SimSpain, formerly Prince-Elector of SimGermany


POLITICS Autocracy