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This is a table of Generations 1 through to 11, the current heir being Crown Prince Otto Mundane.

The Mundane Family was very popular and well known in Old SimEarth, holding the title for five generations. All members possessed blue skin, and often bred with other blue skinned Sims such as the Simmington Imperial Family.







Lord Albert Simmington

Gypsy Mundane

Lavynya Mundane, Edmund Mundane(Tamara Donner), Violette Mundane(Fawaz Zayat)

Lady Ingrid Mundane, Felicia Mundane(Edmund), Noretta Mundane, Vittoretta Mundane(Violette)


Lord Edmund Mundane

Tamara Donna

Lady Ingrid Mundane(Thornton Wolff+Emperor Leopold XIII Simmington), Felicia Mundane(Malcolm Landgraab)

Lady Estelle Mundane, Adellettessa Mundane(Ingrid), Kimberly Landgraab(Felicia)


Lady Ingrid Mundane

Fitzgerald Mundane(s.


Lord Reginald(Kimberly Landgraab), Svetlana Mundane, Anya Mundane

Lord Luther Mundane(Reginald)


Lord Reginald Mundane

Kimberly Landgraab(d.


Lord Luther Mundane(Marie Antoinette Simmington, g.d.Vittoretta)

Marie Therese Mundane, Lord Felix(Luther)


Lord Luther Mundane

Marie Antoinette Simmington (g.d. Vittoretta

Marie Therese Mundane(Emperor Leopold XVI Simmington), Lord Felix Mundane(Leopoldine Simmington)

Emperor Leopold XVII Simmington(Marie Therese), Queen Vivian of Aarbyville, King Stanlaus Mundane of the C.I.N(Luther)


Lord Felix Mundane

Leopoldine Simmington (g.g.d Vittoretta)

Queen Vivian of Aarbyville(King Ivan of Aarbyville), King Stanlaus Mundane of the C.I.N(Princess Ariel of Aarbyville)

Queen Aquata of Aarbyville, Princess Ariel of Aarbyville(Vivian), King Felix II Mundane, Princess Fitzgeraldine Mundane, Prince Crumwell Mundane(Stanlaus)


King Stanlaus Mundane of the C.I.N

Princess Ariel of Aarbyville, Queen Consort of the C.I.N, d. Queen Vivian of Aarbyville

King Felix II Mundane of the C.I.S(Augusta Goth), Princess Fitzgeraldine Mundane of the C.I.N(Caesar Rex Goth), Duke Crumwell Mundane of the C.I.N(Stephanie Schwarz)

Queen Nora Mundane, Countess Mia Mundane(Felix II), Agamenmon Goth, Mortimer II Goth, Hecuba Goth, Menelaus Goth, Helendetroia Goth(Fitzgeraldine) Dione Mundane, Mason Mundane(Crumwell)


King Felix II Mundane of the C.I.N

Augusta Goth, Queen Consort of the C.I.N

Queen Nora Mundane of the C.I.N(Jaoquin Simmington, /g.g.g.g.s Marie Therese Mundane) Countess Mia Mundane(Grim Reaper + Count Olav Simzellern)

Princess Charmaine Mundane, King Alphonse Mundane(Nora) Lady Grimebelda Goth, Count Fredirich Simzellern(Mia)


Queen Nora Mundane of the C.I.N

Jaoquin Simmington, Prince Consort of the C.I.N

Princess Charmaine Mundane(Mason Mundane/s.Duke Crumwell), King Alphonse Mundane(Countess Boudica Simzellern)

Rothbart Mundane, s. Mason Mundane(Charmaine), Prin Gretel Mundane, Prin Briar Rose Mundane, Prin Belle-Aurora Mundane, Prin Bianca Neve, Prin Ariel-Umbriel Mundane, Prin Pocahontas Mundane, Prin Ludwigalina Mundane, King Hanzel Mundane(Alphonse)


King Alphonse Mundane of the C.I.N

Countess Boudica Simzellern, Queen Consort of the C.I.N

Prin Gretel Mundane(King Leopold XXIII Simmington), Prin Briar Rose Mundane(Menelaus Goth), Prin Belle-Aurora Mundane(Mortimer Rex Goth), Prin Bianca Neve, Prin Ariel-Umbriel Mundane(Elliot Richards), Prin Pocahontas Mundane, Prin Ludwigalina Mundane, King Hanzel Mundane(Queen Fjorgyn of Kent)

Jalberta Goth, Roldenberger Goth(Briar Rose), Nero Rex II Goth(Belle-Aurora), Baldwinia Mundane(Ariel-Umbriel) Crown Prince Otto Mundane(Hanzel)


King Hanzel Mundane of the C.I.N

Queen Fjorgyn of Kent, Queen Consort of the C.I.N

Crown Prince Otto Mundane(Princess Flora Caesar Goth)

Hanzel Goth-Mundane


s. or d. = son or daughter of...

g. or g.g. = grandson/daughter or great great grandson/daughter

C.I.N = Confederacy of Independent Neighbourhoods